Reaper of Souls Trailer for BlizzCon 2013

The official DiabloWikiReaper of Souls trailer for this year’s BlizzCon has been released. It’s action packed showing off new game mods, features and system with a bit of gameplay thrown in for good measure.


Diablo 3 Player Avatars

Player Avatars Return

Guild chat interface has similarities with that from Diablo II, with the animated miniature character avatars at the bottom of the screen. (As seen on the right).

On the game modes interface, note the “Normal” difficulty mode and icon on the top right. Looks like the new system of 6 difficulty levels replacing DiabloWikiMonster Power is a go. Details from datamining here.

Good look at Adventure Mode and Bounties, which we’ll surely get a detailed discussion of during one of the Blizzcon panels. Surprised at how many bounties were active on that map from just Act One! I thought they would be much scarcer than that. Also, note the substantial gold reward of 136,000 for the completed bounty. Hunting those down would certainly help offset some of the new gold sinks.

There’s a quick look at DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts, (formerly known as Loot Runs) and some Hammer Time boss to complete the area. (You must complete them to earn the big golden chest reward.) Nephalem Rifts are very random in terms of tile set and monsters, and even the bosses are highly randomized. You can see a HUGE datamined list of the potential random bosses in our Nephalem Trial wiki article.

Nice gameplay footage at the end, but didn’t look like anything new from Act V that we haven’t seen previously. Alas.

Keep an eye on the BlizzCon 2013 Coverage section where we’re collecting all the BlizzCon news from around the net. Also, join us in live chat to discuss any of the new infos.

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  1. + The Siegebreaker fight seems to have been reworked.

    – They are still sticking with “10% IAS, +10% Crit Chance, 50% Crit Damage, 10% cooldown reduction” caps in the Paragon 2.0 system.

    That’s…. not exciting at all. It’s not a customization system, it’s a shinier Paragon progression system with a greater number of unique stat rewards. Why can’t we dump the crit chance to get +20% into IAS, for example? Pretty much all the arguments against manual stat assignment fall off since A. Freespecs, B. Max level game system.

  2. Adventure mode: officially excite

  3. thats a release date this weekend. i’m sure.

  4. Look in the top left corner of the waypoint map. Looks like jumping between acts is super in.

  5. Considering the removal of the ah , i did not see a ingame looby update. Anyone know anything about that ?

  6. Good catch, konfeta! Double woo!

  7. i am curious what normal (70) means

  8. Looking good, fingers crossed for a release date announcement at Blizzcon :nod:

  9. QUOTE

    Considering the removal of the ah , i did not see a ingame looby update. Anyone know anything about that ?

    That’s the new clan UI.

    I love that took the idea directly from d2lod, clan channels were the only thing that prevented spammers from coming in. Very very huge improvement IMO.

    Loving the new adventurer mode and rifts.

    @1.21 that’s one of the new maps isn’t it, and that fat huge thing just tried to leap at the crusader, wow!

  10. I love the clan UI. Reminds me of the Diablo 2 🙂

  11. – I don’t see any reference to monster power anymore.
    – so dark in the ethereal prison, love it. maybe light radius returns?

  12. this is sad not even a loot 2.0 ETA.

    -Took em’ this long to enable going act to act major LOL. Was hoping the leaked video was fake, but damn was real and is still disappointing.

    • A “features” trailer ist’t supposed to give away ETA of anything.

      • im not expecting RoS anytime soonnor care for a release date, but loot 2.0 they have been working on for what a year they should give a eta already or PTR. It needs to go to PTR, they are going to mess it up may as well get 3.0 started

  13. Buy new WoW expac, get a free level 90 character.
    That’s a pretty big deal. Diablo should consider that. I think leveling for the sake of leveling is dying in gaming.

  14. Most of the shit that was supposed to be in d3v in the first place, because most of it was in d2? Lol. Looks kinda excite, but let’s be honest here. All this is a silent admission of how big of a failure the original game was and the forced philosophy of rethinking the wheel. Price for stupidity? Heavily destroyed franchise. It will take a bit more that this shit to make me trust Blizzard again.

  15. Very interesting. Looking forward to hear some other news.

    Did someone noticed at 1:20 that the Crusader is using Unicorns as a spell/ability? lol

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