Reaper of Souls Season Two Ending Soon

Blizzard posted notice this afternoon, apparently using the word “DiabloWikisoon” in unironic fashion. Reaper of Souls Season Two Ending Soon:

Season 2 Ending Soon

We’ve been thrilled to see so many players actively participating in Season 2 as well as on the PTR for our upcoming 2.2.0 patch. Your feedback has been integral in the great strides we’ve made towards not only our next patch, but our next Season. As we previously mentioned during our most recent Tavern Talk, we want to ensure our patching schedule provides the best player experience possible while allowing us to provide updates in a timely fashion. To facilitate this, we’re moving towards the following model:

  • End the current Season
  • Launch our latest patch
  • Begin the next Season
  • We received a lot of feedback during Season 1 that thirty days was too long a time frame for an end of season announcement. For Season 2, we’d like to instead provide a two week notice. At the time of that notice, we will also provide the exact times that Season 2 will end as well as the date and exact times that Season 3 will begin.

    Please note that this post is not the two-week warning. While we don’t have that information to share with you today, we want those of you participating in the current Season to know what to expect moving forward so you might plan accordingly to meet your Seasonal goals.

    In the meantime, we wish all Season 2 challengers the best of luck, whether it’s knocking out a Conquest, putting together your perfect set of gear, seeing how high you can get in Greater Rifts, or wherever your adventures may take you.

    While I was part of the majority that felt Season One dragged on too long, this feels much too soon. (Not “soon.” Just soon.) DiabloWikiSeason Two began on February 13th, which my calendar tells me wasn’t even a month ago. Season One went for 5 months, but I figured S2 would run ~3 months, giving everyone time to build up a main, experiment wit a few Alts, try some diff builds, experiment with the next Patch on the PTR and then go back to Live, etc.

    Apparently Blizzard is operating on a much more accelerated time scale, and I can’t see why they’d give us notice of this “two weeks notice” and then wait two months to deploy it. Which makes me expect that S2 will run for 2 months, or even less. Does this seem too soon to you guys? Or just right? And given this announcement, when you do expect Season Two to end?

    Lots of this, today.

    Lots of this, today.

    Update: Season Three testing has begun on the PTR, with all current chars merged together into non-seasonal. (Though it seems like Bliz just force melded them, since there’s not Paragon Points added up or item email stash issues.) You can only be Seasonal now on the PTR by creating a new character and starting fresh.

    Update #2: Lots of PTR tech problems trying to play a S3 char. (Me and two others did brand new Barbs, which are a lot of fun with 300% exp and 2000% legs.) Twice in under an hour the entire game locked up and the only escape was to alt-tab and shut down D3, and then when trying to log back the system couldn’t load my characters.

    Putting the “T” back in PTR, unfortunately.


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    1. Season 2 really didn't offer us much of anything and I think they are happy with the most of the sets on ptr so I personally welcome this change. Plus gearing is so easy now I was to rebuild 4 monks in HC and still have excess gear I can only imagine the rut the SC players are in searching for that one perfect item.

      I would like to see 3 month seasons though since that just feels like a good number. Or like you mentioned seasons will just be find 1 class and play it since you really won't have time for alts.

    2. Actually, I think month and some change is ideal. Because really, there is no reason for Seasons to drag for long like in Diablo 2, where getting level 99 took forever and getting decent gear even longer. In D3, the season is basically done and dusted in two weeks tops, and after that point, there is really no meaningful room for improvement or progression.

      • Done and dusted in two weeks for you, maybe.

      • i really love playing seasons because they give me a fresh start. however, i work about 50 hours a week. for the season to be already done and dusted for me, i'd have to play basically every hour that i'm home and able, AND for another several weeks. 6 months may be a little too long, but a little over a month is basically a slap in the face to anyone who has a full time job and doesn't want to devote every waking moment to diablo. i'd be happy with 3 months, but even that i feel is a little short.

    3. I view season 2 as more of a season 1.2 – a fresh start at stale content. I would be more than happy for season 2 to be abbreviated and for season 3 to last the full 3 months or longer.

      That said, I only want season 2 cut short if the new content is polished and ready for it. The new/improved sets look neat and all, but it is clear they need a lot of work. From what I’ve seen on the forums it sounds like a few are overpowered, most are underpowered relative to current top sets, and some need the entire concept overhauled. If anything is rushed out in a poorly balanced state it could be a long long time before the developers get back around to it.

    4. Seems just about right to me but in saying that, I believe we should have more time in between seasons.
      Otherwise our normal toons seem redundant.

      • I think they're meant to feel redundant. Replaced/recreated/upgraded by Seasonal chars, or if you don't do that class you play your Era chars just for a couple of weeks when a season ends and the new patch goes live, to prepare for the next season?

        It would take a crazy amount of play time to do multiple classes to high quality gear each season, so if they're going with 2 months rather than 5 months, it seems like we're pointed to playing 1 or 2 classes each season, and then trying some others next season.

        • I already self-impose a limit of 2 classes per season, which so far each time has resulted in one solid character and one I can dabble with.

          At first glance I thought this seemed far too short for a season (especially because I've been without internet for a week and a half)…but in the context of focusing on classes and builds, it actually works out just about right for my playstyle. I can see though how it may be pretty short for anyone who doesn't log a good chunk of hours each week though.

      • When seasonal characters roll over into non-seasonal, i consider then complete and delete them. save one for paragon epeen’ing.

        End of season is a good excuse to have a break from the game and reload for the new season.

        just my 2cents.

    5. It could be fairly argued seasons in D3 serve no purpose, but even if you don't think that it's just like the base game after one week max so 2 months is still excessively long.

    6. 2-3 months is fine.
      I dont care about seasons but if you were to have one every month you would need so many new legs.
      Sounds cool first but I dont want any useless or OP legs cause of ideas running out or so.

    7. 2 Months total is a good time frame (including the 2 week notification in the middle of the second month).

      So roughly every 8 to 9 weeks a new season begins – great!

    8. And yeah… seasons in D3 are a joke. In D2 ladder seasons were meant to achieve the following things:

      – Fresh Start
      – Direct player access to Ladder-only items and runewords that roll over into the non-ladder pool after the season.
      – Economy reset (which was awesome)
      – Players would race to get geared so they can be efficient at farming gear to trade because rare uniques are ultra-seldom at season start

      Unfortunately the 3 main points dont exist in D3, so yeah, seasons in D3 are pointless other than “fake new access” to new legs instead of giving them to all game modes lol.

      • All of those things apply to D3 seasons? Fresh start and season-exclusive items. The economy is reset, although there is no trading. (There's no one to get rushes from at first.)

        The ladder exclusive items in D2 (which rollover into non-ladder) are the exact same in D3.

        • 1. D2 ladder items were only ever findable for ladder characters. In D3, when S1 ends, all Era characters can now find S1 legendaries. When S2 ends, they will be able to find S2 legendaries. This is not the same as D2.

          2. D3 doesn't have an economy, so there is nothing to reset.

          3. There is no trading in D3, so racing to level up your character and deck yourself out in MF items, so that you can find rare items to trade for other rare items, doesn't exist.

    9. good, very good.

      if 2.2 is good to go then no point holding it back. can’t wait to mess with the new raiment of thousand storms!

    10. Obviously 5 months is far too long, but….it hasn’t even been a full month yet and we’re already essentially on notice. The truly gung-ho competitive types are always going to burn through content at a rapid pace. But there are many people (the majority) who only get to play a few hours a night 2-3 times a week. Not everyone does 4-player rift marathon sessions to get Torment 6 viable in 24 hrs. I think 3 months is a great timeframe, though I’d be on board with 10 weeks as a compromise. 2 months seems a bit short.

    11. I hope the season ends in 2-3 months as well. With all this new fun stuff coming up it feels like my s2 character is silly. I got her to 70 and then dropped her because I’d rather work on my normal character to make her better able to farm the new items. I think if we didnt have such a good patch coming up I’d be more happy to say seasons should be 3 months because they are fun for me.

    12. Ergh. time to suck it up and slog out a S2 to get the transmogs and instantly abandon.

    13. just end it now.

    14. A month is way to short. Two-three months feel much better. I want to try at least 2-3 classes each season and a month will enable me one hero barely….

    15. If I had to make a reasonable guess of what they're aiming for, I'd say Season 2 will end around April 28th with 2.2 going live the following Tuesday 5th May. Season 3 could then launch on the 3rd anniversary, 15th May. 🙂

      I'm really enjoying season 2 by the way. Around 3 months feels like the right length for a season.

    16. Whatever time-frames Blizzard have in mind we will have to put up with but I don’t see it ending well for them if they do push seasons in month long bursts due to design decisions they’ve made so far:

      1) There are a dozen or so new legendary items per season. These roll into the Era pool at the end of the season.

      2) There are 3-4 new legendary gems per season. These roll into the Era pool at the end of the season.

      3) There are a couple of pieces of transmog to be gained each season. These may, at some stage, be rolled into the Era pool according to blue posts.

      If they do month long seasons with a week or two break between them then there could easily end up being 8 seasons in a year. That’s 8 batches of new legendary items being added to the item pool every year, on top of the new non-seasonal legendaries they are introducing anyway in the coming patches. That’s quite a lot of bloat in the legendary pool which many people think is already bloated as it is.

      If you’ve already got a M6 demon hunter and you can blast through T6 rifts in a couple of minutes then it doesn’t really matter if it takes twice as long to find a new set as it used to (because there’s twice as many sets in the game for your class, not including when you don’t get smart loot drops). But for the ability of players to get high greater rift scores in seasons and for people to actually build up new characters, especially in hardcore, then the size of the legendary item pool really starts to matter.

      The design decisions have already been made so they can’t change that because they’re too far in but it is going to make things difficult for them further down the line. I’d rather they were a couple of months each and, if they insist on adding new legendary items for one or two month long seasons then make them the existing naff legendaries with re-worked affixes. That way you can kind of do away with the extensive PTR testing – if something is massively overpowered on the seasonal rotation you’ve still got time to tweak it before it goes to Era characters and you can benefit from the largest pool of available players you’re going to get at the start of each season.

      If they won’t do that then they need to bring back some kind of trading.

    17. 3 months feels just fine. Just started playing again the game, btw! I had quit a few months after initial release. Glad to see how much improved it is nowadays!

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