Reaper of Souls Rumors: Ladders are Coming, Ironborn is Not

Since the Internet specializes in spreading rumors, here’s a fun one from our Diablo 3 Community forum. A new poster, in his first post ever, dropped the following:

I got some info from the guy who was at the meeting with blizz stuff, two things that i didnt find at www sites are:

  1. There will not be self found mode :/
  2. 99% there will be ladders, when he ask them all the blizz got the the big smiles but they couldnt confirm it yet, they probably will @ blizzcon

    Obviously this might or might not be true, but it matches up with what we’ve heard semi-privately from sources who know. Bliz has mentioned that they like the idea of the DiabloWikiIronborn play style and they appreciate that some fans are into selfies, but they’ve never said anything about supporting it fully, and they’ve made many comments about wanting to improve the economy with more self-found options for everyone, rather than just focusing on one variant style of play.

    As for DiabloWikiladders, the bliz devs have repeatedly mentioned possible ladder support, and they even sent forth the CMs to broach the topic formally:

    What exactly would you want from a ladder system? For example:

  3. How would you ideally like that system to work?
  4. How long would you like the resets to be?
  5. How many characters do you think players should be able to create for ladders? (Do you think they should take up the existing slots you have?)
  6. Should there be an auction house for ladder characters?
  7. Should there be any special items or perks for ladder-only characters? If so, what kind?
  8. What kind of restrictions, if any, should be placed on ladder characters?
  9. Do think players should be able to bring their ladder characters into “non-ladder” once a reset is complete?
  10. Is it necessary for ladders to be competitive, or is it enough for players to just see for themselves how far they can go on their own?
  11. Why would ladders improve your in-game experience?
  12. They don’t ask for that kind of detailed feedback for something that they’re just brainstorming on, since they know it gets out hopes up. Clearly they were working on Ladders for Diablo 3 at that time and wanted to seed the idea in fans’ brains and get some features feedback as well. Knowing that, it seems a pretty good bet that we’ll get an official update at Blizzcon, along the lines of the DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 and DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 info we got at Gamescom.


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    34 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Rumors: Ladders are Coming, Ironborn is Not

    1. After all this time with the RMAH really made me want a self-found mode, but to be fair, even if Blizzard doesnt officialy add one, they are at least trying to add alot of BoA items, making the game focus less on the AH, we donno if they’ll go harder on it and how things are gonna work, i just hope that the strongest/best items ingame arent buyable like they are right now.

      Also i hope the crafting cost gets reduced somehow cuz for pooor players like myself, its pretty hard to follow the bilionares.

    2. If there isn’t at least one game mode, be it ladder or otherwise, where the AH is disabled, I won’t be buying the expansion. It’s the single most destructive factor in the game.

      • It’s a shame — because the impact of the AH is far reaching to many design aspects of the game, most notably the item system, which is a hallmark of the Diablo franchise. It has a rippling affect.

      • I agree, having a non-Auction House mode is necessary. With it, all items are at the tips of players fingers. As the meme goes “Why not both”

        • It’s not necessary at all. After what you are going to get in the xpac (smart drops, loot 2.0, less crap and more better items, enchantress fixing unwanted affixes), anyone can play selffound and not feel wimpy compared to AH-users. At least not to the extent it is visible right now.

          • Those changes may fix the problems the AH has caused but regardless more band aid fixes making this game more of a frankenstein than a statue of David.

    3. So wait till blizzcon, and in the meantime toy around on console.

      Funny how both ps3 and xbox versions appeared on the *web* before the official release date.

    4. With ladders (> season > artificial item drain from the market > value stabilization) being beneficial and a self-found mode (no auction house usage) being detrimental to their highly developed AH money scheme, it doesn’t need much guessing what will happen, does it?

    5. If the loot 2.0 does what they say it should do, I’m ok with these rumors. From a HC perspective, where the community is thin as it is, the self-found mode would be very detrimental to public games (it’s hard to find any as it is, with the MP split).
      Every option (MP, ladder, SC/HC) splits the community to pieces, and while it’s good to have options, it’s better to have people to play with.
      The xpac will revive the game for many, but I don’t expect we’ll be in the millions ever again (not including bots, ofc ;P).
      So, if done right, the ladder option should suffice.

    6. One of the problems with ironborn mode is that different D3 websites have different definitions of the term. Another big site uses the term “purist” and they are really strict with what you can and cannot do.

      So what version do they implement? They can’t make everyone happy.

      Captcha Solve: Party BIG

      • Ironborn mode should be like hardcore mode in the sense of separate economy, different artisans levels, stash and no upgrades to it.

        Without this, is really hard to play ironborn, because if you use the blacksmith and he already is level 10 from the effort of other characters you already are cheating (as ironborn).

        You can’t play with other players without them be ironborn as well, because if you are playing with a full AH upgraded character you can’t keep up, and they kill every thing for you, you are just leeching.
        And it’s really hard to find people that are ironborn in public games for this reason.

        For me in ironborn you can use venders, you can trade with others self-found characters if the item is found in the same game you are playing, and the other characters should be like 5 levels lower or higher between themselves.

    7. I’m just wondering how much “self-found” mode would work. I don’t think most people will be able to agree because everyone has their own idea of what that means.

      1. Can you trade with other players? (Some people would say this would be okay, they just don’t want an AH).
      2. Can you run with other players? (If you’re trying to show off how self-found you are, maybe running with other players should be cut too because then you can just have a overly geared person help you, self-find…)

      In one of the recent podcasts, one of the members (I think neinball) said that although he plays self-found, he also uses the auction house to SELL items, but not actually BUY them.

      Pick an option and stick with it
      At this point, I think it’s clear, regardless of what Blizzard chooses to do, a certain percentage of the population will cry out that they’ve made the wrong choice. Much like a government I think Blizzard takes into account the opinions of the people playing the game, and filters through what they feel are the right choices. Once the decisions have been made, that is the final decision.

      Work around
      If I’m playing self-found mode with no auction-house, and you answered question 1 above with a “yes”, what is to stop people from doing what they did in Diablo II? Just go to an outside source and find the items or sell the items you want. The item’s value only increases because of the lack of an AH to show everyone what the item is valued at in a clear way.

      My thoughts
      All or nothing, if you’re going to give players a self-found mode, then that should be truly single-player. Essentially every man for himself, no trading, no multiplayer runs, a virtual lobby world would be the only place to view other players.
      This is most likely why you’ll never see an “ironborn” or self-found mode, because no one will be happy with whatever decision they make, and no one will like all of the rules.

      • “All or nothing, if you’re going to give players a self-found mode, then that should be truly single-player.”

        I would mind that if they took way the always online requirement.

    8. The God is not amused.

      NOW they want divine help? Not when they messed up making MPx, or Paragons 1.0, which The God advised against in a well-argumented posts?

      I, Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, The God, will answer in terms simple enough that Blizzard developers can understand it:
      – The ladder which is incorporated in SF mode

      Otherwise, it is a flipping/RMAH contest again, only over pre-defined time. Nothing is changed, and players which abused/payed the most will likely came on top – or perhaps bot will, The God is reluctant whether Blizzard would be even ashamed

      Ladders, as well as Mystic and Loot2.0 are features which stand extremely well with SF mode, and pretty bad with AH (as well documented by divine being in another thread – The God was a historian, after all). Mystic will ‘fix’ all those near-perfect item to perfect, so we’ll have moreof. Useful? Yes, for SF. For AH, either pay mystic, or buy it on AH. “Game changing” items are doomed to be useless without standard trifecta+main bonuses, so they are *slight* move ahead, but not as huge as represented – currently, only non-trifecta enabled item slots qualify for any kind of “game changing” title, so The God advises Blizzard to concentrate on those.

      However, all those features synergize perfectly with SF mode, where they can show their real value – improving not-nearly-perfect items to decent, better initial drops, actual usage of “game changing” items and actually making builds around them, and cheat-free ladders – ALL are nullified by AH.

      The God would leave Blizzard to learn from their own mistakes, but this process takes far too long – 4 years of making, now 3 years for expansion, learned nothing. Divine Being has unlimited time, but not unlimited patience!

      What would divine being want from ladders? All devs and CMs in them, playing and seeing how great ladder+AH is. And it will happen, only they’ll waste 2 or more years on it, then release Ladder 2.0

    9. so a brand new person comes onto the forums

      they make one and only one post

      the post says …

      “I got some info from the guy who was at the meeting with blizz stuff…”

      no names, no mention of when or where the meeting took place or even who was there

      yep, that’s definitely a rumor to put a lot of stock in

      but if you want to hear a something FACTUAL …
      I have a friend who was at GamesCom
      on Tuesday he went to the restroom and while he was in a stall he heard two people come in and start talking

      he recognized one of the voices as Josh Mosqueira’s

      the two men were laughing and talking about Act 5 and how no one had figured out that Act 5 is a non-AH Act
      nothing i-level 64 or higher can be traded in the AH

      sure, you can still use the AH in Acts 1-4, and you can even use the AH in Act 5 but only if the item is i-level 63 or lower

      my friend couldn’t believe it when he heard this !

      he recorded the conversation on his phone but he said its difficult to make out what they’re saying,
      all you can really hear are his bowel movements
      but I’ll try to get him to upload it anyway !

    10. I don’t want leaders ! I wont make any leader character anyway.

      I collect my items for so long and now I need to start over cause some of my friends start to play leader ? No way!

      • Yea, I’m a little conflicted about ladders now, I always played ladder on D2, I never really got attached to the characters so when a new season started it was easy to just start over. My concern is with paragon 2.0; I don’t know how many ladders I would participate in if I had to start paragon from nothing every time. For that reason, I’d be in favor of a self found mode, I would definatly play in that, but after sinking 100’s of hours in a charracter, building up their paragon level, I don’t think I could just delete them and start over again like I did in D2.
        Or maybe I’m just getting old and the idea of loosing 100’s of hours of gameplay just to keep things fresh is no longer something I look for in a game.

    11. If the AH is really just a place to trade globally with others then it’s affecting other parts of the Diablo experience, particularly itemisation and the quality of drops, this problem is also multiplied by the way character stats work now.

      Great that Blizzard are trying to change up their forumula a bit, but I feel it’s not working for me, the current changes will do little to improve the situation with the AH in place. I want to find decent drops, maybe modify them, not farm, visit AH, buy and then modify. Blizzard could make decent drops occur quite well, D2X & POE are pretty good item drop wise and I didn’t need to trade in D2X.

      It’s a shame D3 AH will make most of the changes not as effective as they need to be. I think this is because it makes BLizzard money and asking them to remove the AH is essentially asking them to remove a revenue stream.

      Slightly off-topic but where the trap-sin/ninja class? D3:ROS really needs more than one class and act. I’d also like to see more and improved skills to enable a lot more builds, there’s only so much one can do before one is bored with a whirlwind barb or fed up with a dodge monk that gets eaten by elites because of lack finding decent tri-fector gear and poor lat bound dodge mechanics.

    12. Couldn’t the ladders be their attempt at a self-found mode? Something like “people on Ladder X are not allowed to use the AH”?

    13. Gotta admit, ladders are extremely boring for someone like me that actually works for a living and doesn’t have the time nor the inclination to race up a silly ladder.

      However, ironborn sounded cool. When I played D1/D2 I would never bother trading with others. I just loved finding upgrades, got excited about items dropping because they could potentially be the one. I never got that feeling in D3 because it was just much easier to find upgrades in AH. Of all my time spent in D3 more than half of it was spent in AH looking for stuff and selling stuff rather than actual…you know… PLAYING!

      Whatever. I’m still likely to buy it. Unlike most I like the other changes they are making to the game. I just probably beat act 5 inferno, play around for a while with builds and then probably shelve the game until x-pac 2.

    14. Give me a ladder with zero access to any AH, non-ladder stash, and non-ladder paragon levels. Have ladder characters dump into the non-ladder pool when the ladder resets. Reset the ladder every 4-6 months. That’s all I want.

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