Patch 2.2.0 PTR community buff.

    Patch 2.2.0 PTR community buff.

    Blizzard hasn’t announced it officially yet, but the PTR is now online and playable with Patch 2.2.0. There’s even a special bonus to help us gear up into the new items…. the return of the +2000% legendary drop rate! Reaper of Souls PTR Live: Patch 2.2.0.

    It’s not a new season on the PTR, and if you had PTR characters from the last testing period for Patch 2.1.0, they are still there. (I was surprised to see the P550 softcore chars I built in S2 during the previous testing period.) Or you can copy over your current account from any realm, though be aware that accounts are only backed up once or twice a day, so the last few hours of play time might not be included.

    The PTR servers are already showing delays on creating games, so if you’re going to get in some testing, hop on quickly and try not to leave your game or you might wait a while to get back in. (This crowding on the limited space of the PTR made gearing into a RoRG really tough last time, since you couldn’t create new games.)

    All the new sets bonuses are enabled, though they’re not all finished and functional yet, as you can see in the garbled text on the six piece Sunwuko bonus in the attached screenshot. Also note that sets now show which item slot each piece fits into, which is a handy QoL improvement.

    A few quick observations:

  • DiabloWikiProgress globes now drop from DiabloWikiElites in normal Rifts, just like they always have in Greater Rifts. This is great, and makes the Rifts go faster (1% each orb adds up) plus it’s helpful to show you a boss/champion pack has died. I often lose track of them on crowded screens.
  • Demon Hunter’s Sentries have a buff icon showing how many are active. Unfortunately no second hand rotating to show how long until the oldest one expires, though.
  • Blood Shards display moved to the left side of the Inventory. A little easier to see it at a glance that way. Looks like there’s space on the bar for more displays, but no point holding breath for auto-pickup materials going entirely virtual instead of wasting stash space.
  • Gifts of Ramaladni do indeed stack. Up to 100, though I’m a bit short of having enough to test that.
  • Existing item sets show the new 4/5/6 piece bonuses. All sets show the slot the item name fits into, and the newly-added items are dropping. You can see a shot of the new Natalya’s Leggings below.
  • The three new sets were not dropping when the PTR first went live… at least I didn’t find any of the new DH set, while finding dozens of pieces of all the other sets.
  • Cosmetics window is a new thing you can access via the main interface from chat, or from in-game hotkey, or from clicking the Wardrobe mirros you see standing in each town area.
  • Some minor changes to the social interface, with a new social button that opens up buttons to access your Friends List or Clan interface.
  • Click through for a bunch more screens of the new stuff:

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