Reaper of Souls Pre-orders affecting players’ live licences

No doubt now that the release date has been announced you dashed to the store to order up your copy. There is a snag at the moment though with pre-orders of the expansion affecting some players’ live licenses.

We’re currently investigating reports from players who have indicated that pre-purchasing the expansion is affecting their live licenses, including for the PTR and Beta. If you have pre-ordered the expansion and have noticed something unusual occurring on your account as a result, please let us know in this thread so I can pass this information on for further investigation.

Have you pre-ordered and spotted something weird? You can tell Blizzard in this thread.

Update: Blizzard reports that the problem has been corrected.

Thanks everyone for your reports and patience! Players that have prepurchased Reaper of Souls should no longer be experiencing any in-game or website restrictions at this point.

If you are, try relogging first. If the issue or issues persist after relogging, please let us know.

Thanks all! For those reporting an Error 3003, this is apparently due to the PTR and Closed Beta being offline for maintenance (this particular maintenance appears to be and not directly connected with Diablo III). We’ll get the appropriate messaging up ASAP.

For those of you who were receiving an Error 3003 or Error 33 when logging into the PTR/Closed Beta, maintenance has concluded–which means the PTR and Closed Beta should once again be available. (May take a few minutes before everything is completely stable and error-message-free, though.)

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    10 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Pre-orders affecting players’ live licences

    1. I still donno if i get the normal or delux eddition, i wanna see how the extra items are IN-GAME…how the pet is animated, etc…Kinda sad there is HS items too…

    2. “Tell them in this thread.”

      Yeah, but now my account is marked as starter edition and I can’t post on the forums anymore lol.
      Anyway…bought normal. Had to swallow a tear or two because 40 euro…. 30 would’ve been enough.

    3. can’t they get anything right? judging from the quality in gameplay, server maintainence and functions blizzard is putting out the last years, one could assume 95% of their staff isn’t doing their work. at all.

    4. I recall incident when one friend had nickname something like Bekkkrikka and the system censured it because the kkk, so he called the support and they told him there isnt anyhting they can do ..really? Thats how company degenerate- there isnt anything we can do, fuck you.

    5. I pre-ordered standard digital edition – I can always upgrade later to deluxe edition with vanity items.
      My payment was authorised immediately and I don’t have any issues with my current acc

    6. Isn’t DRM fantastic! Licenses, server validation, online only, etc.

      Why do people put up with this ****. These shameful business practices do not deserve to be rewarded.

    7. so will a pre-order screw up my license? or should I wait till this gets sorted out before a pre-order.

      • the game doesn’t come out for 3 months

        why rush to preorder ?

        preordering doesn’t get you into the beta

        of course you should wait

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