Reaper of Souls Pre-Order Goodies Revealed

The Wings of Valor were datamined and then confirmed by Josh a couple of days ago, and now the official info has been posted.

Behold! Two epic new bonus items have just been spotted in the mortal realms, both of which will be granted in the future to anyone who pre-purchases the Reaper of Souls™ expansion digitally on, or anyone who redeems a Reaper of Souls retail game key on or before March 31, 2014.


  • Wings of Valor: Summon the radiant wings of the Archangel of Valor for your characters in Diablo III.
  • Valla the Demon Hunter: Unlock Valla the Demon Hunter in Heroes of the Storm—our upcoming free-to-play online team brawler featuring iconic Blizzard characters, fast-paced combat, and epic battlegrounds.
  • If you’ve already digitally pre-purchased the Reaper of Souls expansion, either as the standard edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition, then you’re all set! These bonus items will be granted to your account as follows:

    The Wings of Valor will be automatically sent to your existing and any newly created Diablo III characters via an in-game notification starting March 20, 2014.

    If you pre-order Reaper of Souls at a retail store—either a physical standard edition or physical Collector’s Edition—be sure to redeem your Reaper of Souls game key via your account on or before 11:59 PM PST on March 31, 2014. If you redeem your game key after that date, your pre-order loot will be consumed by the fires of the Burning Hells and lost forever. While you have six days from the time the expansion launches on March 25 to the time you must enter your code, to be safe, you should secure your preorder today and be ready to input your game key on launch day.

    Interesting no WoW prizes for RoS pre-order, and instead moving on to the next and the new. I’ll echo the other comment/request I’ve heard; these wings should add to the Spectral Ratdog Hound you get with the RoS:CE, since it remains tiny and needs all the help it can get.

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    18 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Pre-Order Goodies Revealed

    1. I have NEVER, EVER seen Blizzard offer this last minute goodies in a pre-sale.

      I guess this xpac is sellin really bad.

      This makes me kind of happy. Its Blizzard fault.

      Hopefully this painful lesson helps this company to open up their eyes and never repeat the mistakes they did with Diablo:
      1. Release an unfinished game
      2. A boring game
      3. Most important. NEVER turn back to a formula that has already proof extremely succesfull. In this case: storyline in game, character customization, level dificulties, gameplay mechanics, atmosphere in game… ALL OF THEM DESTROYED IN THIS BEAUTIFUL FRANCHISE…

      • In terms of your #3 mistake, I’m guessing you’ve never heard of the Final Fantasy series. Changing the formula is not a problem; the problem is doing so badly. D3 changed the formula, and the new formula was inferior. Other games, such as the afore-mentioned Final Fantasy series, also change the formula, but since they are done better, the result is much less unfortunate.

      • First of all they made two crucial mistakes.

        1) Destroying Blizzard North

        2) Bring Diablo series near to Warcraft universe – storytelling, atmosphere, visuals.

        In my opinion these are the most problems of Diablo 3.

        • I have no problem with storytelling in games, it’s just when said story is so bad as to have all the characterisation & plot twists of an accountant in a beige paint factory in Blandsville.

          And yes, I’m an accountant, I know bland tedium when I see it.

      • People wanted wings, Blizzard gave them wings. Simple as that.

        And I find most mechanics to be improved. I played and enjoyed Diablo 2 plenty but it has got plenty of flaws. Just some things weren’t feeling quite finished and they are now.

    2. Shame there is no way to determine a box copy pre-order so the rest of us can benefit from any last minute goodies.

      • Maybe it’s just me but it sounds like all copies activated before March 31st will unlock the preorder bonus, regardless of how you got them. As long as you have a CD key to activate and tie the game to your account before the time is up, you should be getting the bonus.

    3. “Valla the Demon Hunter: Unlock Valla the Demon Hunter in Heroes of the Storm—our upcoming free-to-play online team brawler featuring iconic Blizzard characters, fast-paced combat, and epic battlegrounds.”

      If it’s free-to-play why do you need to unlock the Demon Hunter with money?

      • I’d guess it will work something like League of Legends. In LoL, you can either unlock champions with a lot of in-game currency, or buy them with real money. However, sometimes a promotional event happens, and you can get a free champion or a free skin by doing something with the LoL community, like voting for something, or liking something on the LoL facebook page. I’ve gotten a few free characters/skins in League from doing stuff like this.

        I’d imagine it’s like that. Once HotS comes out, you will probably be able to unlock Valla the Demon Hunter in game, but it will cost you in-game currency or cash. On the other hand, if you preorder RoS, then you get it for free due to the promotional event.

    4. Didnt Blizzard north rather destroy itself, by the leading designers leaving. Sure Blizzard could have kept the name and replaced everyone, but would that have made a difference for you?

    5. Hmmmm that HooS preorder is nice but I´m leaning towards the PS4 version. I hope they offer her at least as part of the preorder bonus for the PS4.

    6. These wings are almost as good as the originals and looks like I’d like them more than the SC2 zerg wings. I suppose I’ll pre-order. =P

    7. Glad they are giving it to people who pre-ordered the standard edition like myself instead of only the collectors.

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