Tempered by zombieland.

    Tempered by zombieland.

    Since DiabloWikiSeason Two began there’s been a big surge in the number of players online, and at least in our US and EU IncGamers Hardcore clans, there have been 40+ people online almost all day and night. Most players are profiting and progressing, but of course there are occasional setbacks. (Especially to Monks. The lure of the new DiabloWikiGungdo Gear seems to be spurring a big resurgence of interest in the class, though it’s come with such a price in Monastic blood you’d think Pie Mei was once again inconsolable.)

    When someone dies and vows to rebuild, there are often offers of Power Leveling. The easiest way is simply to join a higher level character’s game and leech off of them. I powered several people from 1-70 in Season One, simply by having them stand by the entrance stairs on each level of a Nephalem Rift in my level 70 T6 game. It’s cheesy but effective (just be sure no stray monsters are left near the start of each level, or they’ll one-shot the leecher), and in about the time it takes to clear 7 or 8 floors (not Rifts, just floors within each Rift, so it’s basically a Rift full clear plus another 2-3 levels) the leecher will rise right back to level 70.

    The more common way to get the power level done is to take some more agency and seek out your own level opportunities, and the best way for that is to seek the CC trick. People have been doing that non-stop so far in Season Two, ans since people in the clan keep asking about it, it’s clearly not universally known.

    The trick is pretty simple; the low level character just keeps creating games on Torment VI, looking for the DiabloWikiCursed Cellar bounty in Act One. That’s the zombie-spawning Cursed Chest event in one cellar along the road to Old Tristram, and when the low level character finds it, they sit in town of that game and hit the clan (or public) chat, asking for someone with a strong level 70 to clear, and often for more leeches to fill in the game, thus to bump up the exp earned.

    Reaper of Souls Power Leveling the Cursed Cellar. Typically the messages look like this:

  • CC T6 (34), 1 cleaner and 2 leeches needed
  • This means they’ve found the Cursed Cellar quest, in a Torment 6 game, they’re level 34, and they need someone strong to come and kill stuff, and would like two other non-70s to come sit and soak up the exp.

    The method to do it is easy; the cleaner just takes the Old Tristram waypoint and runs to the Cursed Cellar. Inside it they pause so the 1-3 leechers can teleport to them. The leechers stand near the doorway while the cleaner runs down to the Red Chest and starts the quest, killing the hapless zombies and sharing gigantic experience to the leechers.

    Low level characters can pick up 7-15 levels per bounty doing this, and with 2 or 3 people simultaneously creating games, it doesn’t take long for someone to find the next CC bounty, and then everyone to rally to him. And if you do it with Cain’s Set, a Ruby in your hat, and a Gem of Ease in your weapon, it’s even that much quicker.

    Pick up all but One in a Stack

    Unrelated, but I recently learned this trick. If you want to pick up all of a stack of anything (in stash or inventory), here’s how to do it quickly. Just shift+left click and then type in a number that’s larger than the entire stack. The value will then default to 1 less than the total stack.

    So if you have 43 Realm of Trial keys and you want to put 42 of them into your stash lest you perish and lose them all, just shift+left click, type in 6666 (or any number larger than 43) and the value will auto-set to 42. Handy!

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