Reaper of Souls New Level 61 Skills Demoed

All existing classes have been given a new level 61 skill in Reaper of Souls and Flux, having played three of these guys pretty extensively in the Beta so far, is pretty familiar with them by now. He’s shot a video for each demonstrating these skills and offering insight into how they work and their usefulness (or lack of). First is here the other two are after the break.


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  1. A Barbarian Demoeishion would be nice ^^P

  2. Empiphany is a useless garbage. Not surprised.

  3. Nice video!

    In the Piranhas video you completely miss that piranhas base skill also increase dmg dealt to enemies effected by piranhas by 15%. You seem to think that is a rune effect.

    I agree that it is kind of underwhelming skill non the less except for Pirahnado. Piranhado is basically Black hole. It has similar dmg, sucks enemies in for a longer time (I think?), and on top of that, it makes you deal 15% more damage for 8 seconds. I say it is slightly better than black hole, and black hole is really good.

  4. We’ll do them for the Barb and Wiz next. Haven’t had a chance to get those chars to 70 yet, but after the RoS patch and wipe I’ll level up those classes. And I’ll try for better narrative next time; I filmed these at the end of a long play session and was kind of zoning out. Also we’ll have more HQ on the visuals; I’ve been messing with the settings on my video rendering program to upgrade that.

  5. Thanks for the insights Flux! I agree and think they’ve really got to start showing the Monk class some decent love as I’m getting tired of inferior skills and passives. That new skill really needs reworking against tougher enemies as I’ll barely be moving between each enemy like a chargadin for example.

  6. Piranahs has to be the most stupid and boring skill compared to the skills of the other classes, and I see only see it

  7. @ Sulle.

    Piranahs has to be the most stupid and boring skill compared to the skills of the other classes, and I see only see it´s usefulness(especially piranado) with cloud of bats.

    Have to say I don’t like it either. I always liked the graspy hand one though, found it useful too. But this one is on par with the Monk’s bell. The aesthetics and behaviour are silly. The big crocodile I think is just in there to be a crowd-pleaser….”oh, cool, look a big crocodile. Awwwwesome!” No it’s not, it’s awkward and jarring.

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