Reaper of Souls Live Stream Tonight with The Crusade

Reaper of Souls Live Stream Tonight with The Crusade


reaper of souls live stream

Hello Crusaders. Drixx here with a quick update on the Reaper of Souls Live Stream with the Crusader. With the launch of the expansion tonight, we’ll be live as soon as the servers are up from their restart at midnight EDT. The first bit of the stream will actually feature some of act 5 as we will be unlocking the DiabloWikiMystic artisan so that she is available for use to adjust affixes for our Crusaders. We’ll be streaming for three hours, so be sure to drop in and interact with us while you wait for your copy to arrive!

We will also be streaming regularly on Wednesdays at 8pm EDT, so be sure to join us live. We’ll be answering questions from the stream chat and talking about builds, gearing and any and all other Crusader and expansion related topics. Be sure to tune in or catch our video recaps for all the latest on The Crusade.

If you have any questions you would like to see addressed in future streams or articles, please feel free to leave them in the comments or make a post in the Crusader forum. We will be compiling build guides and suggestions in the forum, so be sure to check in for theory-crafting, or join in and do some yourself!

Watch live video from IncGamers on TwitchTV

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at midnight EDT to the IncGamers Twitch Channel as we get the expansion started off with a bang!

Update: Also Elly is streaming right now with her Demon Hunter as she works her way through Act 5.

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    2 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Live Stream Tonight with The Crusade

    1. I’m a bit confused here. You mentioned a server restart @ midnight Eastern, but Blizzard has been giving the distinct impression that there would not be a restart. Otherwise, why would they be encouraging people to be in game and time finishing Act 4 so that you can just seamlessly transition into Act 5 instead of getting stuck in a queue? (see™-launch-day-preparation-3-21-2014 then scroll down to “Launch Night Login”) If there is going to be a server reset, this suggestion makes no sense.

      Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. I was actually just about to start a full game play through so that my DH would be ready to roll into Act 5 right at midnight. If there is in fact a restart, that whole exercise would be a complete waste of time.

    2. Yes, you are correct. I reset quests saturday, and have been waiting to do act 4 about 25 mins from launch time. Then…BAM…seamless transition into act 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!

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