Reaper of Souls Live Chat March 23

Reaper of Souls Live Chat March 23

tavern talk march 23 2015Blizzard has announced a Tavern Talk live chat with three Reaper of Souls developers, scheduled for next Monday, March 23, at 4pm California time. This is our chance to ask all about Patch 2.2.0, Season 3, and other relevant issues, so be there or be slightly rectangular. As with the past Tavern Talks, we’ll be watching live and posting a transcript, or at least a bullet point summary, for those of you who prefer to read quickly than watch an hour of video.

Reaper of Souls Live Chat March 23:

As the 2.2.0 PTR comes to a close, we know you’ve probably got plenty of questions about what the next patch and season have to offer.

Well, good news everyone! To answer your questions and more, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A next week on Twitch!

Join Nevalistis and the following developers Monday, March 23 at 4:00 p.m. PDT:

  • Wyatt Cheng, Senior Technical Game Designer
  • Travis Day, Senior Game Designer
  • John Yang, Associate Game Designer
  • The four of us will be hanging out in the Blizzard Studio for a full hour, taking your questions LIVE from Twitch chat and digging into the design, iteration, and implementation of our upcoming patch and season.

    Unlike previous Tavern Talks, we won’t be pulling any questions in advance, so be sure to have yours ready to go when the show begins!

    A fan adjusted his shiny silver hat and threw up a question about the format, earning a Blue explanation.

    I think that it’s really cowardly that they will NOT be taking questions that are well thought out and well up-voted, and only ones that get spammed threw on the day of the Tavern talk. Feels like they don’t want to be asked any real hard questions. Basically… it feels like they are choosing a easy way to opt-out of being asked good questions…
    Nevalistis: Actually, this shift was in response to feedback we received that we took too many prepared questions in advance and that the presence of such questions made the show feel “staged” or pre-recorded.

    It’s an experiment with the format and not at all indicative of our willingness to take one type of question over the other. The right answer is probably a mix of the two styles, which is what we did with the last Tavern Talk (which still received the above feedback). This way, we have a basic litmus of each experience and can see what works best for our audience. πŸ™‚

    Tavern Talk is still undergoing iteration, and I appreciate all the feedback folks have been providing on it. We’d like to continue providing excellent video and stream content, and your thoughts about what works and what doesn’t helps us fine tune.

    Obviously fans who want to watch and ask questions can write them out in advance and paste them into the chat at the time, so pre-prepare all you like. Or submit/suggestion questions in comments here, and we’ll spam them during the chat next week, if you can’t be there live. What do you guys want to know about? As we’ve seen on past Tavern Talks and live streams, the devs tend to get into explaining theories and approaches when they’re speaking extemporaneously, so questions about “why” tend to yield good results.

    For instance, Mr. Yang, why is the new DH Unhallowed Essence set limited to just Multishot, when that skill already works quite well with Marauder’s and Natalya’s sets, and other skills like Rapid Fire, Strafe, and Impale don’t work very well with any sets? *cough*

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    10 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Live Chat March 23

    1. Will you adress the problem with ancient weapons being must-have's to compete at high level in any way this patch? Making more endgame weapons viable will take months and months again, and still won't fix all the problems.

      That's the question I want answered. If they fix the ancient weapons so that it's not ONLY luck getting the one you need for a certain build, then patch 2.2.0 will be awesome

      • This depends on what you define as high level. Monks have completed GRift 48 with non ancient Torches and there is a Barb that has completed a GRift 50 with a non ancient Furnace. Both of those performances put them into the Top 10 right now and would have been Top 30 results last season.
        So if you are going to push for Rank 1 then yes you need an ancient weapon. Is that a bad thing ? That may be a question worth asking.
        If you want to finish a GRift above , lets say, 45 then you certainly do not need an ancient weapon.

        This notion that ancient weapons are a must have to clear higher GRifts is just straight up false.

    2. Hi Flux,

      I’d like to let one question for the next Tavern Talk, please resent it to blizzard and receive my thanks in advanced.

      Wizard class, in the past they did a core change to channel skill add to them ramp-up damage while stand still, considering the 6pc set bonus being the focus, what is the future of channel skills?

    3. “Nevalistis: Actually, this shift was in response to feedback we received that we took too many prepared questions in advance and that the presence of such questions made the show feel β€œstaged” or pre-recorded.”

      People are seriously worried about staged/prerecorded responses? I for one just want the most appropriate questions answered to the best of their abilities.. That generally means some forethought being put into the response. Having all the answers being off-the-cuff just leads to possible misinformation which will anger the forum warriors. Good luck blizz!

      Prepare d3 forums for meltdown πŸ˜›

    4. Oh and in addition, not taking questions prior to the event basically removed quite abit of the world from participating.

      • I agree, a lot good questions will get lost very quickly. There is so much spam that goes up in the chat window during these that it makes things go by way too quickly. I'm not sure how they will even be able to do this and get good questions.

    5. " According to the philosophy laid out in a previous live chat, granting other classes another classes skill ( cross polinization ) is not a design goal. Do the " new " Death Watch Mantles that grant a DH Fan of Knives attack to other classes when they are hit fall into this category?

      Why are other Classes using a DH Fan of Knives attack through this item? , Considering also the new Sash of Knives ( granting an Impale attack every click) , will we see Barbarian and Wizzard abilities find thier way onto other classes like the DH?"


      At first I was really excited about the new Death Watch Mantles and the new Sash of Knives, but after reviewing an older live chat where the cross polinization issue was explained I began to start asking, what's going on?

      Does this mean that they changed their mind on this issue and we will see Wizzard and Barbarian skills find thier way onto other classes?

      An amulet that grants my DH a short burst of Wrath of the Berserker would be very welcome!

      Or is this just the Demon Hunter knife skills being thrown under the bus?

      • Throwing knives is a pretty generic ability. There are plenty of items that give out other classes' skills (there are couple of items that cast haunt under various circumstances for example), but they're all pretty basic skills. They're more concerned about not sharing the more iconic or class/playstyle defining skills, things like Wrath of the Berserker or Hydra or Cluster Arrow or Steed Charge.

        • It's not generic, The DH has had the skills Fan of Knives and Impale since the launch of the game.

          When Death Watch Mantles proc on another class, the graphic on the ground appears along with the same visual knifes and sound effect as the DH version, considering the fact that the damage can equal or exceed the DH Fan of Knives rune Knives Expert, It is the DH FOK skill being used by another class. It's even listed under the same name in the item text.

          This is a clear case of cross polinization.

          Are there any other items that use the same graphics, sound effect, damage range and skill descriptions of a particular class skill and make it available to another class?

          Not on this level.

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