Reaper of Souls Legendary Items: Beta Gallery #2

Orange bonus themed to set bonus.
Orange bonus themed to set bonus.
We posted our first gallery of Reaper of Souls beta legendary items last week, and here are more freshly-found legs, almost all at level 70 for the end game comparison. The comments on the last batch were fairly critical, but as someone who is actually playing Reaper of Souls I don’t really agree.

If your bar is held firmly at “must be build-changing” then no, you’re not going to be amazed by most of these items. (You’d also have hated 98% of the uniques and Runewords in Diablo 2, by that standard.) Most of the RoS legs are equivalent to very good Rares, often with higher values on their bonuses than you can get on Rares of the same item type, and there’s (almost) always that orange text legendary-only bonus, many of which are partly-randomized, and most of which make changes to how you play the game, or at least add a fun flavorful effect to your gameplay.

My Hardcore Monk has essentially permanent triple-stacked Nephalem Glory thanks to the affix on his Gift of Silaria + Blinding Flash. If you watched some of the gameplay on our last podcast you saw that in use, as well as the constant showers of gold courtesy of Neinball’s Gladiator Gauntlets. Another interesting one is the Danetta’s Revenge my Demon Hunter found today. It’s thumbed up above and note the orange bonus and the themed set bonus which could completely change how Vault works for that character. (I don’t know the new orange bonus on Danetta’s Spite. Another something to Vault?)

Around my HC Crusader's neck.
Around my HC Crusader’s neck.
These make it rain.
These make it rain.

Click through for the full gallery of 46 new legendary screens. Note that these are all real items that have been found in the Reaper of Souls beta. They’re not just hypothetical items created via datamining, which may yield deceptive values or incomplete stat displays. (Trivia! 1) You can see the possible “roll” on an item by holding the Ctrl key and legendaries often have higher potential values for their stats than Rares of the same item type; 90-100 for res all vs. 70-90, up to 950 on DiabloWikimainstat vs. 750 on rares. Etc. 2) In the Mystic’s DiabloWikiEnchant window you can see all available affixes and their potential range, and these ranges often cap out at a number *lower* than what your legendary actually has. This might be a bug, but I think it’s related to point #1; that the roll when a Leg drops is better than the Enchant replacement roll.)

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25 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Legendary Items: Beta Gallery #2

  1. 3 wolves, Yay 😀 Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan looks nice. Bonus increase while moving, decrease while standing still. Some builds gonna love it 🙂

      • Not a lot, but some pretty big ones: WW, Strafe, Hydra, Tempest Rush, Blizzard. It’s geared toward a very specific type of character, but that’s ok. The Ion Cannon the Crusader has is also an option, but it’s kind of funny because it makes players run around in circles every time they casting it.

      • I love how this comment got +4 and the positive original comment got nothing.

        That’s just … I don’t know, it’s just funny.

        I’ll give you +1 just for fun too. Don’t ask me why.

        Somehow your name and image makes it even more funny. Again, don’t ask me why.

  2. Both the 3 wolves and the Mr. Yan’s pants were used to perfection in a stream I was watching on twitch, together with the 1h unique x-box which removes the hatred cost of strafe.

    Pretty much my #1 MUST HAVE build upon RoS release for me! Always loved strafe, from the days of D2C!

  3. The first thing for Mosqueira to do if he wants to change loot 2.0 from a horribly disastrous mistake to a disastrous mistake, is to get rid of the +900 attribute bonuses from legendary items. Rares should be for the high damage numbers and attribute bonuses, while legendaries should be solely for crazy modifiers, not massive stats boosts too. This would make rares more viable and be a first tiny step for real build diversity.

    • Not gonna happen. This dev team just moves from one extreme to the other.
      Everyone complained at classic because legendaries blew and nearly every one was trash. Even with their legendary rework most of them still sucked and the only reason some were BiS was because of stats.

      Now what we are getting is a “OK OK GUYS LOOK!!! BiS legendaries all over!” there are a few utterly brokenly op ones, a handful of really good ones that are in fact build changing, and a heap of shitty ones still. The biggest problem with RoS is that they have put all their eggs in the basket of legendaries, have come up short, and still there is no end game.

      RoS plays out like a glorified console upgrade of d3 vanilla and lacks in every respect for longterm playability. If they can’t get something in place and it ships as is, they will have killed the diablo franchise. 🙁

      • Still has no end game, wtf kind of end game are expecting from a DIABLO kind of game ? All A-rpg like Diablo have the same ‘endgame’, grinding for exp and loot, that is IT.

        You people are STILL expecting an MMO kind of end game, go try PoE, Diablo 2, TL2, they are all the same, infact in D3X we have alot more now, specialy with random dungeons to play around (Rifts) and test ourselves on T6, specialy when they TONE DOWN the broken OP legendary/skills.

        • They are not the same at all.

          While d2 didn’t have an endgame, the endgame was character customization and permanency. D3 still has no character progression and attachment. Having played RoS it’s apparent the game doesn’t have any lasting longevity still and I’m already getting rather bored of it. D2 also had pvp, which is an endgame in and of itself. d2 also had ladders, which d3 will also probably get thankfully. The point being that d2 had depth and complexity where d3 has none, which makes the \end game\ or \lasting play\ non existent. PoE also has pvp, ladders, races, massive customization and diversity, endgame maps with a meaningful grind and an insanely good item hunt etc.

          Ignoring your absolute ignorance or willful stupidity, lets discuss why d3 doesn’t deserve an endgame? Endgame isn’t an MMO exclusive element. D3 is suppose to be a new generation arpg form d2, meaning that it should have the core elements d2 had and more. It’s lacking in all regards except the pristine combat. Why do you insist on arguing that d3 shouldn’t have a meaningful endgame experience when the entire core design of d3 revolves around the max level? Your logic is amazing.

        • Path of Exiles endgame consists of Races, leagues, closed pvp, all world pvp, endless dungeon, capture the flag pvp etc…

          Diablo ain’t got shit yet. Blizz really needs to start unfuck things.

    • Part of the reason stats are so big is so that D3V gear won’t remain better in some slots. In rings/amulet/glove slots: RoS items have 7 or 8 top quality affixes, all of them Primary: IAS, CC, CD, CB, LoH, mainstat, vit, all res, regen. But you can never get more than 4 (5 is ultra rare) primary affixes, while most of us have D3V items in those slots with 6 of those stats.

      The CC/CD/IAS figures are not any higher in RoS, and are often lower, hence the stats need to be MUCH higher or RoS rings/amulets/gloves would not be upgrades over top D3V rares, and that’s not even counting possible improvements to D3V gear via enchanting.

      I easily upgraded my chest, legs, boots, wrists, and shoulders since there are only 4 or 5 desirable mods on those items in RoS, so it’s easy to get 4 of them on the same item, and 500-700 mainstat/vit rolls blow away any D3V gear in those slots. Weapons are an instant upgrade since the much higher DPS. On the other hand, I have yet to find any amulet upgrades and have only made parallel moves on rings and gloves. Top rare belts are arguable upgrades vs. Witching Hour (vastly higher toughness at the cost of some damage and the IAS), and I’ve yet to find any helms anywhere near as good as my Mempos.

  4. > Rares should be for the high damage numbers and attribute bonuses,
    > while legendaries should be solely for crazy modifiers, not massive
    > stats boosts too.

    They can’t do this because you can trade rares. Other than looking for that one leg with a crazy modifier to complete their build, people would get the best items (rares) via d2jsp and chat channels. That’s both against their stated goal (people get items via playing not trading) and not fun.

    I’m guessing you are on the side of “bring back trading” but that ship has sailed. I, for one, am happy that it has.

    • You make it sound as if the existence of trading in Diablo 3 forces you to do so. Seems the developers have successfully brainwashed you. The existence of trading doesn’t mean it can’t coexist with self-found progressing, only because those developers are unable to get it right.

      I’m kind of upset because of guys like you who want a Diablo game without trading, while Diablo IS about trading. The fatal thing is, the developers are on your side now, as their AH attempt failed. Seems the only people left in this world who know what “Diablo” means are the D2 veterans and Brevik & Co.

  5. I like many of the unique special effects on legendaries , but rares need to compete with legendaries aswell , if rares are always inferior then why even bother picking them up after 1 month ?
    RoS will become like D3V is at the moment , first month after rares got buffed and legendaries were reworked , everybody started upgrading but now nobody even picks rares off the ground except for very select rare items which may still be BiS because no good legendary is in that slot.

    I want rares to still be competitive and sometimes BiS , we don’t want D2Lod all over , we want balanced itemization where rares still have a chance , trading shouldn’t be taken out of the game completely , playing should still be rewarding if they pull off the crafting and enchanting but trading should allow me to get something for the items that I find and don’t need but somebody else might still use them.

    • “we don’t want D2Lod all over”
      Um, yes, yes we do. D2Lod had a great balance between Uniques, crafts, rares, and runewords. Often times Crafted/Rare gloves/rings/ammy were BiS while a mix of runewords and uniques filled out the other slots.

      We don’t have runewords in D3 but a mix of crafted/rare/legendary items would actually finally get D3 back to the balance that D2LoD had which sadly doesn’t appear to be the case with the drive towards BiS gimmicky BoA Legendaries.

      • “Often times Crafted/Rare gloves/rings/ammy were BiS while a mix of runewords and uniques filled out the other slots.”

        Not only this is true, but also some blue and even white items had a certain value. For example a 15ed 4so Ancient Armor for LLD or various Jewellers Armors of the Whale. Also wearing Sets partially has always been an option, but i guess it still is in D3.

  6. I love you Flux.

    One reminder to everyone: while items are indeed directly from the game, they may still change a lot or be excluded from the final game. In this way they are no different from datamined stuffs.

  7. Those Gladiator Gauntlets are just the best thing ever. I will use them forever, forget everything else. Won’t even touch Frostburns.

  8. >(You’d also have hated 98% of the uniques and Runewords in Diablo 2, by that standard.)

    Shots fired.

  9. ‘Reaper’s Wraps – Healing wells replenish all resources’
    This should be default behavior of wells, not a legendary stat.

    ‘Ancestors Grace – When receiving fatal damage, you are instead restored to 100% of maximum life and resources’
    This should also include all cooldowns reset.

  10. QUOTE

    Path of Exiles endgame consists of Races, leagues, closed pvp, all world pvp, endless dungeon, capture the flag pvp etc...
    Diablo ain't got **** yet. Blizz really needs to start un**** things.

    Lulz what.

    Races aren’t endgame, they’re basically a time-delimited variant of the actual game. While you’ll do better if you know the game well, it’s hard to call them endgame content. Leagues, well, sure, there are two additional leagues, but they’re not really endgame either. GGG hasn’t added any kind of custom paid leagues yet, so… no. PvP isn’t really all that popular (very few people are playing), partly due to desync. Endless dungeon – I assume you’re referring to descent or descent champions, but honestly, those are races and not really endgame content. They’re only available at certain times, only run for an hour or so, and that’s it. It’s telling that you didn’t mention PoE’s actual endgame system of maps, which while a legitimate endgame system, is incredibly grindy and abuses low drop rates to force grouping and discourage players to play self-found.

    • Agreed. The literal definition of endgame is END of the GAME. No further expectations are needed. But since this is diablo we need something.

      I believe the game savior will be pvp with a leaderboard plus decent rewards, and ladders.

  11. so no one found windforce or natalya’s set yet(I really hope they haven’t changed the +20 discipline on nat or the knockback/hatred reg/IAS on windforce)

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