A fan points out that in Reaper of Souls Legendary Gambling does not unlock the item’s unique graphic via the Mystic’s transmogrify capability. This is true, but happily it’s going to be fixed, says Lylirra.

    Gambled items do not unlock a new transmog appearance

    I don’t know if this is intended or not, but to me it doesn feel right. Has anyone encountered the same thing while playing by the way?
    Lylirra: Just confirmed with development that this is more or less a bug. I say “more or less” because, technically, transmogrification appearances are only granted whenever you identify an item — and, of course, items purchased from Kadala come pre-identified. However, the current functionality still isn’t intended; ideally, we want items from Kadala to grant transmogrification appearances same as normal drops, where applicable.

    Transmog in action.

    Transmog in action.

    We’ve put in a bug report and will be working on it for the next PTR/Beta patch. I can’t confirm whether or not the fix will actually make that milestone, but the idea is that it will be in place for the launch of RoS.

    Right now, for reference, we’re looking at having Kadala’s items still come pre-identified, but to have any associated transmogrification appearances granted on successful purchase. That functionality may evolve/change as we work on the fix, however, and we’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.

    For clarity: This fix would only apply to Legendary appearances granted by items purchased from Kadala, since non-Legendary appearances unlock as you level up the Mystic.

    The issue here is that most legendary items have unique graphics, and once you identify that item the “look” of it becomes available for Transmog via the Mystic. So you can make another item of that type look like the Legendary, even without wearing the Legendary. However, legendary items that you gamble appear already identified, and thus do not unlock their Transmog looks.

    I don’t care much about Transmog since I don’t spend much time/worry/attention dressing up my dolly. I do think that the process of gambling a Legendary items needs more pizzazz, though. Currently the items just appear in your inventory, as if you picked them up from the ground, and on the rare occasions that you roll one legendary, it’s noticeable only by the orange background. There’s no *CLANG* or sparkle graphic or anything. (Though perhaps we’ll get the “new transmog unlocked” pop up once they make the fix Lylirra spoke of?)

    The system now is functional, but it’s boring and a missed opportunity for some excitement. When I hit a legendary gambling, I want some visual and aural payoff! It’s a win on a slot machine; there should be some bells and sirens, even if modern technology has ruined that delicious sound of coins clanging into the metal dispenser tray.

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