Reaper of Souls Launch Time: Monday @ Midnight EDT

Reaper of Souls Launch Time: Monday @ Midnight EDT

Diablo III launched at midnight, worldwide. Literally; the game became playable at midnight in each region, which gave Asia a 16 hour lead and put the game live on the European realm eight hours ahead of the US, since the Americas realm went live at midnight Blizzard time, which was 3am on the East Coast. We took advantage of IncGamers’ location in the UK by live-streaming as soon as the EU realm was live, 8 hours ahead of the US launch.

Europe might get a few hours headstart again for Reaper of Souls, though Blizzard hasn’t confirmed that yet. What they have confirmed is that the Reaper of Souls launch time is Monday @ Midnight, East Coast time. That’s 9pm on the West Coast — 3 hours earlier than D3 went live on the Americas realm.

Will we need to wait for 12am PST to be able to play or will we be able to play based on the earliest time in America (being 12am EST). Or are we gonna have to wait for a 19 hour patch that night and then have to play on wednesday?
Grimiku: I can confirm our intention is for Reaper of Souls to go live after 12:00am ET, which is 9:00pm PT. We’ll also be starting a live Q&A with Josh Mosqueira and Wyatt Cheng on Twitch after 9:00 pm PT, too. It’s going to be a very exciting evening! We’re looking forward to it, and hope to see you all in Sanctuary.

That time puts the launch squarely in the middle of the Reaper of Souls launch party in Los Angeles, which I and a good number of our site contributors and podcast regulars will be attending. (Confirmed attendees include: Flux, Waterfiend, Nizaris, Neinball, Katniss, Wolfpaq, and some others I’m forgetting.)

Diablo 3 launch flashback.

I’ll be at the party, so no live stream from me at launch hour. And why would you watch someone else play when you could be playing yourself? That said, if RoS goes live on the European realm at midnight, that’s 5 hours ahead of the US launch, so perhaps maybe Elly or some of other EU clan members could get in and broadcast some early Act Five and Adventure Mode action.

When we thought the launch was going at midnight California time, I was planning on tweeting a bunch of live updates and pics from the launch event. I’ll still do that as I can, but like that interview… none of you guys will care after 9pm, since you’ll have RoS to play.

What are you guys planning for launch night? Have you taken a sick day for Tuesday so you can play all night? Will you get to bed early and start playing at dawn the next day? Have you sacrificed a virtual goat to ward off any Error 37 type death spirals?

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26 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Launch Time: Monday @ Midnight EDT

  1. “Have you taken a sick day for Wednesday”

    As is often the case, I’m confused. When I see “live at midnight on Tuesday” I’m thinking that’s “really” Monday night. So wouldn’t it be Tuesday that you’d want to take a sick day? Cruelly, Life has synced up the RoS launch with a major upgrade to our ERP at work; so no vacation day for me on Tuesday or Wednesday. 🙁

    • You’re correct. The OP mentioned waiting for a patch to play on Wednesday, and I just repeated that w/o thinking. Edited the days now.

      • Hey Flux, are we having a meetup at the Launch Party for the Crew & Fans to take a Pic for the Site? 😛 Maybe hang out? Looking forward to the Event/Launch!

        • Still know nothing about how they’ll arrange the interior. Tables or are we all just milling around, with chairs in front for the panel presentation things? Which makes it hard to say “meet at X.”

          But yeah, the goal is to meet up at some point at some location. I’ll post some details over the weekend or on Monday, when we know more about what’ll work.

  2. Since I’m not sure I’ll actually get the CE boxed game on Tuesday, I guess I’ll be playing 2.0 for a day or 2 more before hitting RoS.

  3. Yes, as with the first comment, wouldn’t you be taking off Tuesday in order to play all night. Doesn’t the game launch at 12am Tuesday (Monday night).

    Now my real question is this…. What were the launch problems last year? Was it even possible to play on launch day? Would i be better served letting everybody test and crash the system monday night / tuesday. And then take off Wednesday to get in on the actual game time?

  4. Since I live on the West Coast, and I’m buying the collector’s edition, would that mean that the Gamestop’s out here will open at 9pm Monday night rather than 12am Tuesday? I would hate it if I show up to Gamestop and have to wait until midnight if they said it would be available at 9pm….

  5. IF the servers are stable and working, I may drop a few red-eyed hours on the game after launch. I’m expecting problems, but will be extremely pleased and surprised if it goes well.

    • I couldn’t get past the “Create Character” screen on the D# launch day. I finally gave up and went to bed.

      When I logged in the next day, I had five new characters all with the same name.

      • The devs have repeatedly said they’ve learned from D3’s launch and that things will go smoothly this time. They do have more server infrastructure now, and I don’t think they’ll sell 10m copies of RoS in 24 hours, so I’m cautiously optimistic. (And I won’t get to play until Tuesday evening anyway, with travel time to get back home.)

        I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  6. Expecting Blizzard to once again underestimate the server load, and the usual shenanigans that follow. So I’ll start playing RoS Wednesday afternoon when I get back from work.

    I will be leaving work early for an “appointment” though… 🙂

    • You cannot simply understand the playerload and act to it. That could mean buying tons of servers which becomes useless hours/days afer.

      • This is completely true. It’s the same reason login issues have happened with games like simcity 5 and battlefield 4. The devs have to accept a certain amount of problems in exchange for not having to buy $10 million in servers that aren’t needed after 72 hours.

  7. There most likely WILL be problems, so waiting a few days seems smart. There have already been problems with all the returning players straining the servers, imagine on launch.

  8. I’m also confused about the time. Is it Monday night, or Tue night that we’re starting ROS?

  9. The launch party is on the 24th, so I think that the people posting comments are correct and should take Tuesday off.

  10. Oh look, I’ve got to take a day’s holiday carried over from last year before the end of March…

  11. Yea, the wording is a little confusing. If the game comes out the 25th (Tuesday), the servers should go live at midnight on Monday, right? I’m pretty sure it is always done this way, so it must just be confusing wording.

  12. I woul very much prefer RoS EU date be 5 am then 0:00. I think the server load may be lesser, with people having to go to work and kids to school, than launching it at 0:00 when practically anyone has few hours to spare to hammer Blizzard servers, before going to work/school.

  13. I shuffled my schedule around so I work Sunday-Wednesday, then a nice 3 day weekend to kick back with the game. No, I won’t be able to play those first 2 opening days (well… maybe a little, late in the evening, after work), but I figure they’ll be working the kinks out the first 48hrs anyway.

  14. It would make no sense to make us europeans wait until 6am in the morning or so (for CET at least) in order to start playing, so I have no doubt in my mind that the game will officially go live at 00:00 CET during the night between Monday and Tuesday, whatever you want to call that night 😉

    As for me, I have already taken 3 days off, Tue-Thur, and am ready to get my beloved DH back into the RoS madness that she’s experienced all throughout the beta! Bring on the good times! 😀

  15. What about server maintenance on Tuesday? Will we play for a few hours after midnight EST and then get booted for a 6 hour (or more) maintenance cycle?

  16. All of these people crying about having additional servers and then being useless after launch… You do realize that blizzard has enough revenue to have floating excess servers for high availability and load balancing I’m confident their infrastructure is virtualized. For how long Blizz has been in the gaming/tech world I would like to think that they would have a slight idea of how to front load resources for big launches…

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