We recently held a contest to win a pair of tickets to Blizzard’s launch party for Reaper of Souls to be held this coming Monday in LA, California. The winners have now been selected, confirmed and emailed by Blizzard by now and below are the winning entries for the poster contest and listed below that the names of winners in the other contests.

    Winners from the contest to name their ideal guest were:

    DD, Mahl Arannis, Philzer, Tabayrak, RabidDrake, Luke Clark, darkrider, Keith Gotter, FateVsDestiny, DannyCPW, Shootinallday, Hrant, BigDSmooth, Vyndion, Wolfpaq, SoulSpectrum, Susie, Gemi and angriwooki,

    Congratulations to all our winners and we hope you and your +1s have a great time on Monday night. Think on though, whilst you’re all rubbing shoulders with the shiny people, indulging in drinks and nibbles we’ll be on the servers playing RoS so stuff that in your pipes 🙂 Me, jealous? Perish the thought.

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