Reaper of Souls Item Set Bonuses Evolving, Improving

Player comment about some of the still-lame Reaper of Souls Item set bonuses got a useful Blue reply.

The new 5 piece Natalya’s gives cooldown reduction to Rain of Vengeance. That is cool, but I recently found out there’s another legendary cloak that gives this very same affix. Which is quite a bummer because it just makes completing the set feel lackluster, when I could just equip that legendary for that straight up speciality affix.

My point is: players are essentially giving up 3-5 slots for a particular set, which could have been equipped by other legendaries of exciting orange affixes. AND these makes set items lacking in comparison.
Nevalistis: I know I’ve said this before, but I’d like to reiterate that Set Items have been going through iteration behind the scenes. Not all of these changes have made it onto the PTR/Closed Beta just yet, but there’s a bundle more of them coming in the next patch. =) As we approach the release of Reaper of Souls and more items are reviewed, you’ll see them pop up for testing.

My point is: players are essentially giving up 3-5 slots for a particular set, which could have been equipped by other legendaries of exciting orange affixes. AND these makes set items lacking in comparison.
Travis mentioned this during the Design a Legendary episode hosted by Twizzcast, but generally speaking the “crazier” Legendary bonuses are usually reserved for completing Set Bonuses. If something sounds really cool, but is a bit too much of a must-have for a single gear slot, then it’s a better candidate for a Set Bonus. In the same right, we also need to be sure that the cool things you get for completing a Set are worth not being able to equip other Legendaries in some of those slots.

In short, what you’re asking for is already being kept in mind. As we go into the next patch, I definitely encourage you to give us feedback on Set Item bonuses, because if something feels like it needs improvement, we definitely want to know!

For the Tal Rasha set, might I recommend that the (5% more to skill) is changed to added fire damage/added cold etc to all attacks. This way all 3 of the bonuses will work and it becomes useful if you use the passive elemental exposure?
I don’t believe we’ve shared the full details on the revised Tal Rasha’s set bonuses yet, so just to make sure we’re talking about the same item, here’s what the upcoming bonuses on this particular set will look like:

Rare vs. Set stat value comparison.  Because bigger.

Rare vs. Set stat value comparison. Green is bigger.

(2) Set:

  • Cold skills deal 5% more damage.
  • Fire skills deal 5% more damage.
  • Lightning skills deal 5% more damage.
  • Arcane skills deal 5% more damage.
  • (3) Set:

  • +100 Resistance to All Elements
  • Increases Arcane Power Regeneration by 2.00 per second.
  • (4) Set:

  • Damage enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire, or Lightning will cause a Meteor of the same damage type to fall from the sky. There is an 8 second cooldown for each damage type.
  • The 4 Set bonus will work quite nicely with an Elemental Exposure build where you use varying elemental types across different abilities, as the cooldown for each type of Meteor is independent of the others. To really maximize this set’s potential, you’re encouraged to switch up your damage type, and the 2 Set bonus also encourages this style of play.

    This is a pretty good example of an ability that, on a single item, would be far too powerful and a bit of a no-brainer, but as a reward for a 4-piece, feels like an awesome perk to work toward and build around.

    Obviously the general improvement to set bonuses is a good thing, though we can’t really judge without the final versions to evaluate. Any wizards with direct feedback on those Tal Rasha’s set bonuses?

    Bear in mind that set/legendary items have higher potential rolls to all the good stats; attributes, DPS, etc. When you go from a Rare up to a Set/Leg in the RoS beta now, you’re usually looking at maybe +100 to your mainstat and vit, a bit more damage on weapons, etc. Plus the special bonus properties found on most such items.

    One thing I’ve never heard word about yet… are their higher quality Sets, Torment-only drops? We know there are higher level Legs and crafting sets that can only be found on Torment+, but are any set items, or entire sets also so designated? Should there be? I think yes, with the lower quality ones dropping much more frequently, and on lower difficulties. The system in D3 is more forgiving than D2’s was, (where many sets had 1 or 2 items that were 1/500th as common) since you don’t need to equip the entire set to get the biggest bonus in D3.

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    1. More sets are always better than fewer sets. More sets being a carrot for Torment is also fine to me. Anything that encourages you to keep on pushing yourself harder is a great thing in my book. I like that they are doing Torment exclusive gear, it gives you goals to aim for, something that is really lacking in vanilla D3 for the most part.

    2. I agree with sutasafaia here.

      Ideally, sets would be the most powerful items (legendaries) in the game when completed, and some of them (either the entire set or just a few items off that set that are extra rare) would be able to drop only in Torment +, thus giving us something to collect and assemble… not unlike our runes back in the day.

      Now that the opening normal bags in T6 bug has been fixed, I really am excited to see what do players find in the next beta patch, and how do the new droprates affect such things as completing 5-6 piece sets.

    3. I felt Rares could have done w/ a few set bonuses; nothing fancy, just a few stat boosts here or there. Then save the weird, crazy, fun set bonuses for the “big” sets. And definitely, DEFINITELY have more than one set per class; there should be a Whirlwind set, a Seismic Slam set, a Leap set, etc. They can do more.

    4. As far as I know , there are torment exclusive set items that can’t drop from bags and drops only from Torment mobs.

      Philos(Streamer) was farming Demon Hunter set.
      Mannercookie I think farmed torment for Oxen Set(if I am not mistaken).

      I also watched a wizard use the Tal’Rasha’s set for the meteors and he used different elements on his buffs to give him all the elements and meteors were raining from the sky all the time.

    5. The first thing that pops into my head when I heard this reponse was “Item data we’ve exposed is by and large placeholder,” – Bashiok.

      Whatever, we’ll see….

      • In this case we’ll be able to verify what they said, because we actually have access to the whole game.

        • What? Before or after release? Kinda like, just wait it’ll be in the game. Like the beta? I’m hopeful, but twice shy…

          • I meant the PTR. In the original beta we could only test the first third of Act 1, so we couldn’t verify Bashiok’s statement, we only got his word. With the RoS beta we’ll be able to see how things change.

            • To be fair to Bashiok (Yeah, I know. It feels weird.) it wasn’t like he was freelancing those opinions and answers. CMs just tell us what the devs tell them, and obviously everyone thought they’d do another pass on legendaries before release, if not doubling them at least improving them.


            • Of course, I don’t blame Bashiok the least bit for what he said, for the exact reasons you mentioned Flux.

            • I probably should have said that we only got the devs’ word to make this clear.

    6. So, I played like 2 weeks with my wizz in beta.
      So long the skills and general play experience is way better than in D3 vanilla (such that I hardly determine myself to play vanilla for paragon lvls gaining).
      Sure we lost perma-archon but there are some cool skills synergies for each type of damage (cold/fire/lightning/arcane), that + a much tactic combat (monster synergies help as well), that we will forgot D3 vanilla builds very soon.
      The only complaining that I make are:
      – lack of any trade system (I post a possible solution here:
      – too generic rares (after lvl 70 and after finding the best rares you use all rare drops for salvage)
      – much lower paragon experience gain than D3 vanilla
      – inventory space
      – crafted legendary should have at least 2-3 stats guarantied

      As for Tal Rasha’s set, I think will be one of wizards targeting gear sets in RoS, the bonuses are looking good.

    7. Tal Rasha’s set not anymore only looks cool, it has nice bonuses at last. Definitely looking forward to check it out, even with my fire wizard (Ice aramor dealing ice damage and ThunderFury, Blessed Blade of the Too Many Words giving chance to deal lightning damage on hit will give even more power with this set).

    8. The God is amazed to see such a simple, yet ingenious idea! Set bonuses made better, and complete set bonus actually giving something, and that something is better than bonus from just two parts!

      It should be RoS-only feature (of course), and the person who came up with this idea should have his paycheck… doubled!

    9. With soul-bound items preventing trading, set items are instantly less interesting for me because I doubt I’ll ever complete one.

      • This is actually a very legit point. Set items are pretty much a trading game by design. They’re like the trading cards of the item game.

      • I’m still hoping that the drop rates will be increased. The current rate is universally disliked as far as I saw, people usually say that something between the initial beta drops and what we have now would be ideal.

        I’d fine with that as well, although with the slight change that ideally I’d want to see the gap between Torment and the other difficulties reduced as well.

    10. The God states that complete sets are indeed almost impossible to find in SF mode. After playing D2 exclusively in SF and LAN – so, very limited trade – for…ever, at least 20,000h, divine being managed to pair up most of the low-level sets (useless) and only Tal Rasha of the high-level (also had Disciple and Hwanin and some other medium powered with fewer pieces) – and that for playing with very high mf%.

      With trade, there would be more, for divine being had a lot for trade – but The God doesn’t barter!

      This comes to interesting branching:
      1. If the drop rates of sets are set too low, then collecting them in BoA is a lengthy process, since divine being, with a *great* passion for D2, hasn’t been able to collect them efficiently. In case of a game less… intriguing… Sets would simply not be obtainable in a satisfying amount of time – if player spent 1000h and got bored, chances are that he is not nearly close to completing even 1 set.

      2. If the drop rates sets are set too high, then it is possible to have it, and furthermore, they will rain from the sky, often filling the stash with incomplete set parts.

      Depending on this, final bonus should be determined – ideally, something game-changing, which comes even more naturally than in the case of legendaries, with the set parts of high individual value. This requires lower drop rates.

      Easy-collectables are, as said, of dubious value (or overpowered).

      In short, this is a highly sensitive question, influencing balance greatly, and divine being would hesitate to claim answer to this godself. Even far better balancers than Blizzard D3 team are considering this a delicate matter…

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