Reaper of Souls Hellfire Rings and Experience

Reaper of Souls Hellfire Rings and Experience

Two common questions knocked out by Blue posts today, so worth a quote here.

I don’t currently have any lvl 60 rings, so I’m wondering whether I should be grinding keys to get one or more before the expansion hits. If the rings can’t be equipped at the same time, then I just won’t worry about it, and will focus on lvl 70 rings when the expansion comes out.
I’ve been trying to get another level 60 Hellfire ring before the expansion launches, but my luck has been terrible. I’m not too worried about it, though, because the level 60 and 70 Hellfire rings don’t stack. They’re unique equip items, so you can only wear one or the other, and the 70 version has a better experience bonus. I hope this info makes your decision easier, and good hunting!
RoS rings: Rare quadfecta vs. Hellfire
RoS rings: Rare quadfecta vs. Hellfire

I have made a couple of Hellfire Rings during version 2 and while they are a bit bigger on the stat rolls, they are not anywhere near the quality of Reaper of Souls Hellfire Rings. Not only does Reaper upgrade the 35% EXP to +45% EXP, but the Smart Loot gives very good odds of you rolling your character’s mainstat. (Though you have to be sure you roll it with the char that’s going to wear it.)

However, Reaper of Souls Hellfire Rings are harder to make. You need 4 new types of keys (old keys won’t work at all, though they did buggy in the beta), one from each KeyWarden, and there are 4 different Ubers, so you need 4 organs. The one thing that’s easier is you make each type of Infernal Machine specifically, rather than just making one machine that opens a random portal. So in RoS if you have 3 organs and just need the 4th, you can keep running that single Portal/Uber until you get it. No more 5/0/6 useless organ stacks like you get now in D3.

I was wondering how experience will be done when RoS comes out. Will your exp stop going toward paragon and start going toward level 61-70 and then resume earning paragon levels after 70?
Grimiku: You pretty much nailed it. If you upgrade your account to Reaper of Souls then you can expect to see any experience you earn go towards leveling your character to 70 after the expansion goes live. Once you reach 70 then you’ll start earning Paragon experience again, and pick up where you left off.

It’s kind of weird starting in Reaper of Souls, if you’ve been earning just Paragon levels for a long time and suddenly you are leveling up quickly, but not gaining Paragon levels. In the Beta, it was quick and easy from 60-66 or so. The last few slowed down, and the game got a lot harder as your lvl 60 gear started to feel underwhelming. That shouldn’t be such an issue now, since most players have upgraded gear in Loot 2.0, with at least a lot more toughness…

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12 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Hellfire Rings and Experience

  1. One important thing I feel you neglected to mention about the hellfire ring difference is the fact that the lvl 60 one can be equipped on a lvl 1 char. Personally I really enjoy leveling alts with friends so this make the old hellfire ring amazing and I hope to get a second one with the new stats before the expansion comes, but it’s looking doubtful.

  2. I have enough organ parts to make about 10 more Hellfire rings. I was saving them to craft RoS Hellfire rings, but it sounds like they can’t be used for that. Do I need to use these up before RoS comes out?

  3. No, the level 60 Hellfire ring is staying around. It’ll just be impossible to farm the old keys with a level 61+ character.

  4. Wow. I started farming Nekarat in public games last night and have continued through this morning. At first I was underwhelmed but at this point I’m impressed at how many keys I’ve collected this way. There’s still the odd game where people don’t stick together or they lure 3 elite packs into Nekarat’s vicinity and a megawipe ensues, but most of the time it’s cool. I’m a little more uneasy about how public games with the ubers will proceed, but we’ll see. So far T3 seems to be the sweet spot for me, both solo and in group.

    • Tell me about it. About a week ago I was trying to finish off my spare machines, and hit five games in a row where everyone would drag 4 champ packs to me as I pulled the A3 warden (I was on my DH and just vaulted to it), instead of just teleporting to me. I got my keys, and that’s it. I won’t be farming any more pre-RoS keys, ever.

      • I actually enjoyed the whole experience. Met some nice players today, people were good about sharing machines, and I finally, finally got a hellfire ring. The drop rates really are terrible, especially for organs. But it feels good to have accomplished it before RoS.

  5. Does the Hellfire ring with +35 experience which I got from D3 (before RoS) work in RoS to accelerate experience gain?

    • Yes, it will still work. The new one just has a +45% exp gain and potentially better stats.

      I’ll be using one of the old ones on my crusader at launch. While I would love to have a new one instead, there’s no way in hell that I’m waiting long enough to farm one up (solo) before I get a chance to give the crusader a hands-on run through.

      Plus, the ones since the patch seem to be rolling VERY well in comparison to the originals.

  6. Such a hax item. I remember the first time playing open battle net on D2 and some guy totally hax’d his character so everything dropped mega runes. It was like, what’s the point you know. I guess its standard play these days that when u’r finished with the end game grind its hax time again :3 I totally get it though, that’s pretty much how i play L4D2 these days. God + infinite ammo time again lel. Zero effort kill everything! So much fun and now with 10% more experience. ^^

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