I called Imperial gems a lie in my recent patch writeup since the difficulty tooltip says they can drop at Master and above, but I’ve never even seen one on Torment, where I’ve found literally hundreds of Marquise gems. Commenters agreed that Marquise (virtually) never drop, though some people claim to have seen them pop from goodie bags in Torment 2 and higher. (This refers to recent patches; Imperials dropped all the time earlier in the beta, even on the lower difficulties.)

    A fan asked about Imperials dropping today and got a confirmation of the issue from a Blue.

    I searched but do marquise gems drop in the expansion? I told my friend it doesn’t pay to buy them right now. Does anyone have a link or know if higher tier gems drop in the expansion?
    Grimiku: I double checked this (personally, I didn’t find any until Torment II), and it turns out that Imperial gems dropping in Master difficulty is bugged. We’re going to correct it in an upcoming hotfix, but I don’t have an ETA yet on when that will happen. We’ll be sure to update the Closed Beta Hotfixes thread, though, so keep an eye on it if you’re interested.

    What’s on that list, you’re wondering?

  • Rewards (gold and experience) granted by bounties reduced*
  • Correcting an issue where the unique Belagg Pierceflesh would not spawn for his bounty in Adventure Mode*
  • Fixing an issue where the Aspects of Hell were using the incorrect loot table*
  • Resolving an issue where Imperial Gems are not dropping on Master+ difficulties*
  • Me wonders how that first point will work out. I don’t think gold is excessive, since I have been and continue to be broke (in softcore) and unable to afford gem upgrades, but the exp bonuses from bounties are perhaps too large. Too large in comparison to the exp you get from killing monsters especially, since that puts all the emphasis on completing the events, rather than just killing things because it’s fun and you might find a cool item.

    As we’ve discussed lately, experience gain in the new patch is tremendously buffed over what it was previously, to the point that some players feel it’s too fast. I played a couple of fun games with HolyKnight last night, just fooling around on Expert difficulty, and in the process of clearing both double-bounty acts and a couple of Rifts, I progressed from Paragon 148 to 151. Arguably, that’s too fast. It’s fun on a per-game basis, and the Paragon points aren’t really *that* valuable, but looking long term if you can gain 2 or 3 levels in an hour+ any time you want, there won’t be anything that special about having a high level account, long term.

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