Reaper of Souls… Diablo 3 Expansion Revealed?

Blizzard has posted a sexy splash screen in a subheading on their Diablo 3 page. It’s not linked from the main page and it doesn’t link to anything else, but it’s pretty and fans are furiously rumoring that this is the Diablo 3 Expansion preview and title. More details coming very soon from Gamescom?

  • The page is here:
  • The full splash image. (Note the number-like designs on the lower right and left of the door. Release date clues?
  • The splash image of the page is below, in case it goes away.

    Reaper of Souls splash screen
    Reaper of Souls splash screen

    Update #1: In comments, bottlekott provides the full relevant quote from the Book of Cain:

    And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost
    as Justice falls upon the world of men.
    Valor shall turn to Wrath-
    and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
    Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all-
    as Fate lies shattered forever.

    Sounds like foreshadowing for an Angel of Death type scenario to me. Note the angels on the DiabloWikiAngiris Council hit all of those terms. Malthael is Wisdom who has been lost for long ages. Tyrael was Justice and he fell upon the world of men in D3C. Imperius was the Angel of Valor… now turning to Wrath? Hope is Auriel and Fate is Ithereal. There is no Angel of Death, unless one of them becomes that, driven by events in D3C?

    Update #2: Thanks to Chris via email for pointing out that if you paste the URL of that teaser page into your Facebook, you get this:


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    105 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls… Diablo 3 Expansion Revealed?

    1. In the CSS file for that site there is this interesting thing:
      “{ background: #0d1319 url(../../images/teaser-page/d3x_teaser-en-us.jpg)”

      Wonder what the d3x_teaser part means.

    2. *Raises finger*

      ohh I know I know…*hops excitingly in his chair*

      It means: Diablo III Expansion, teach…

      Do I get a cookie now?

    3. Says that “Reaper of Souls” is Trademark of Blizzard so I guess name is now 100% confirmed?

    4. From the book of Cain:

      And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost
      as Justice falls upon the world of men.
      Valor shall turn to Wrath-
      and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
      Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all-
      as Fate lies shattered forever.

      • And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost … malthael disappears when worldstone destroyed

        as Justice falls upon the world of men… tyrael falls

        Valor shall turn to Wrath-and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair. Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all-as Fate lies shattered forever… act 4, death is actually the prime evil here.

        I don’t think the prophecy extends to the expansion, other than suggesting imperius and malthael still have roles to play.

    5. 1st-Wait for actual features announcement, and dont buy into senseless hype machine for expansion to a currently bad game in comparison to predecessor.

      2nd-Rage on internet over realisation that at half of features were at some point promised for or cut from original, and the other half is taken from d2:lod.

      3rd-Rage on internet over realisation that Blizzard did 2nd the above on purpose to milk $$$ from consumers ( just like some were cut to put in later patches on purpose identify all and heal in 1 click ).

      4th-Cry inside cause none of it will actually fix the game, that is flawed at its core because of… Console oriented game design.

      5th-Make decision not to buy it. πŸ™

      Message verification was “take the cake”, how ironic.

      • Waaaa waaaaa, god i thought you whingers had got on with life already.

        Game won’t change.
        You will never like it.
        Go play something else.
        Or stop playing games.

        PS. can’t effing wait for the expansion.

      • While I agree that D3 is not fantastic game, I did end up spending around 300 hours in it. And I can’t wait to spend another 300 playing the expansion!

    6. I am just too old to get excited over one dull poster. When they give us details, ETA on realese date and so on, then maybe I will get excited a bit.

      • As far as Blizzard teasers go, this one really is very terribly lame.

        Maybe they’ll spice it up over the next few days, with the changing image and such.

      • Yep, since Diablo 3 being a Blizzard game is no longer enough…No more excitement on “Soon”s either…

        Enough trailers, desktops, webs, artwork…If you want me “wet”…give me the patch notes every user is asking since the F.** BETA.

    7. My prediction is that Farnham resurrected as Angel of Wisdom trying to seduce our brave heroes with cookies.

    8. *yawn*, so it will be the d3 expansion, who cares? i haven’t been playing for a 3/4 year.
      i’d rather see the actual game being fixed. an expansion at this time and day is just travesty

      • In modern times, gaming companies whiteboard a full, complete game. Then they split that game up into 3 pieces and sell it to customers 3x in the form of a “vanilla” version and two expansions.

        What this means is that D3 vanilla is a beta. D3X is ALSO a beta. D3X2 is actually the full game.

        Those of you actively playing are just beta testers.

        I have faith that Blizz will make a good game out of D3. But I also know its still in beta. They need 7-8 years to make a couple major beta patches and test it all to eventually get it where it needs to be.

        In the meantime, they keep beta testers busy by tossing in paragon levels and stuff like that. lol.

      • Just decoration? Looks a bit like the D2 A3 fallen shaman, actually. D3X going to the jungles? There are some jungle concept arts from pre-game…

        • Decoration for sure. But maybe a little hint about monsters.

          Honestly I doubt it’s a jungle. I guess Act 5 is gonna be a mix of citadels/castles with maybe aztec temples architecture like in Kurast or something much monumentally/heavy like on this sneak concept. They just have to make some act right, so they will try to reach D1 mood and atmosphere with D2 Act5 scope… Ghosts/devils and etc. I hope.

    9. I am very excited!

      Nephlam and Tyreal fighting through Heaven for defeat the Corrupted Angels!

    10. The pessimist in me says the expansion will start out good, and then slowly Blizzard will dumb it down to make sure my grandma can play. And then they will remove more features and “streamline” the UI so that it’s easier to play when ported to the iPad.

    11. Now, let’s hope that the content and itemization of D3X1 actually live up to its name “Reaper of Souls” (like once D1/D2). πŸ˜‰

    12. Man, Diablo lore is so damn cool. All that awesome story potential squandered on butterfly magic and TEHROOAARR…..

    13. Hmm, when you check Malthael’s image he’s wielding sickles, Death? I don’t think so, more likely Fate becomes Death, as we know death is fate of us all πŸ™‚

      • But Ithereal has no reasons for that. Imperius didn’t like what was going on, but his probably ok now. It leaves Malthael and his sickles only possibility? Can’t wait πŸ™‚

    14. d3 incgamers should release a handdrawn calendar. Little boxes on an afore piece of paper drawn by Elly. Complete with coffee taints and her tears when they miss the release date. I could put it on my pinboard.

    15. I am pretty sure that Wisdom will become the Angel of Death, had that suspicion that Wisdom will return in some form in the xpac for a long time. Hope(no pun intended) I am right.

    16. I have a feeling we’re going to be fighting a few angels gone bad in this expansion then. Whichever angel turns into the Angel of Death will be one of the bosses if not the final. I think Imperius will be another big boss as he is now ‘Angel of Wrath’. They honestly could make 2 full acts, one for Imperius and one for the Angel of Death both of them being the final bosses of each act but I would hope we’d be fighting a couple of the Lords of Hell also perhaps a male version of Diablo this time.

      Also, I like the concept art for for this teaser, it tells me a few things one of which, it is “dark” looking which leads me to assume Blizzard learned from their harsh criticisms about Diablo3 being “too colorful and WoWish”. So I like the vibe I’m getting from this “first” picture of their art for the expansion as setting the tone for the feel of the game. If they make it as dark as I’m thinking with very little “light sources” like in Diablo2 then I think as far as the art and style goes this will get the Diablo stamp of approval.

      • Oh also, who will become the angel of justice now that Tyrael is the Angel of Wisdom and what happens to the original Angel of Wisdom?

    17. QUOTE

      I can't read.  7533?   I'm not waiting that long, man.
      12/31/1996 (D1 release day) + 7,533 days = Mid August 2017. Nah, don't think that's it, then again... this is Blizzard we're talking about.
    18. It’s funny how they try to make it all so dark and grim after ponies, butterflies, pandas and all this hammering by community…

    19. “Imperius was the Angel of Valor… now turning to Wrath?”

      This is relevant to my interests.

    20. It saddens me that this expansion will again sell milions of copies, regardless how bad it is and how bad the D3 is.

      We gamers are really sheeps:|

      Haven’t bought sc2exp and will not buy D3exp.

      • I agree with you on D3 expack, IF you hated the game (since some actually liked it) you shouldn’t buy it.

        But, you’re an idiot if you miss SC2 expack. StarCraft 2 is literally the best, most old-school of the three Blizzard franchises right now and it is one of the best multiplayer games of all time.

    21. Stupidest name they could possibly come up with.
      Reaper of Souls sounds like Licker of Balls…

    22. Why are you guys discussing the story? Didn’t you learn from D3 Core that there won’t BE any story? Just run around clicking things –> AH –> follow some NPCs around –> AH –> Some useless NPC will follow YOU around — AH — LAST BOSS! –> Game Over Screen –> AH endlessly.

    23. The teaser site seems to match the description of Trag’Oul. (Trag’Oul is Trang’Oul). Based on this information, I think it’s safe to say, we’re going to see the necromancer introduced as a class. I suspect the necromancer will be a bit more dagger melee oriented this time around.

      I am thinking Malathel will play a part if we ever revisit the pandemonium fortress, but as of right now, I’m fairly certain this expansion title is talking about the dragon Trag’Oul, and not Malathel.

      • To clairfy what I said above (I don’t know how to edit a comment) Maltahel may still play a part and may be in fact the reaper of souls. But it seems Trag’Oul will play a part. The background image with the constellations just doesn’t make sense. Trag’Oul is described as being a constellation of stars (like we see in the background of the picture). Trag’Oul is also the instructor of the first necromancers.

        • if you want to edit your comment, go into the forums section and edit the post from there

        • Also I think you’re right about Trag’Oul because there was another picture of the teaser and you could see in the doorway the little light spots that look like stars in the night sky and then I read this The Books of Kalan describe this mysterious entity as a celestial dragon whose body resembles a constellation of stars.” I thought those lights in the doorway immediately to look like stars before I even read that which is interesting.

      • This has nothing to do with Trag’Oul. You aren’t seeing constellations or stars in that teaser. That’s dust particles floating in a beam of light, lol

    24. The Reaper of Souls will reap the souls of all the players, who want Self-Found mode, meaningful endgame, PvP features and more accessible items, while on the other hand will lick the balls of all the RMAH users.
      You herd it here first.

    25. Hmm.. cool, I guess. I still haven’t played the original game since december of last year. I’m not buying the hype shit this time.

      Diablo 3’s failure was like having your first girlfriend cheat on you with your best friend.

      the expansion is like her wanting to come back to you

    26. It seems a bit corny that we would be defeating death in the expansion. I would love to see an expansion story line where Imperius and others from the council go bad and it is Malthael who returns to recruit the aid of the Nephalem to bring death to these rogue angels. We become death with the guidance of wisdom.

      Whatever happens I’m excited. I’ve been a casual player of D3 since the release and have gotten more than my fair share of game time from this release and can only hope to continue with the expansion!

    27. Hyping for the sake of Hype is fine, that’s Marketing 101.

      I’m interested to see how they are going to dance around the game-breaking issues plaguing players since D3’s launch. Of course, itemization is first and foremost on players minds. How will they ‘add’ content? I presume there will be a couple new classes (I applaud that), but what about the Paragon System? The latest podcast alluded to Blizzard shooting itself in the foot insofar as how this particular feature might progress.

      I’ll wait & see!

    28. All I expect from this Xpack is a huge free patch like we got with D2X, these huge patch notes are as exciting as the new content.

    29. It’s clear that most of you are not familiar with the lore outside of the games themselves. Please read The Sin War Trilogy and The Book Of Cain.

      This is CLEARLY Malthael.

      “Malthael is an intelligent and noble being who was once said to cherish all life. It is said when he speaks, all are silent to listen. However, he came to be regarded as melancholy, evasive and even frightening. He rarely speaks, is slow to anger and can be ponderous and slow to act, but was revered by other angels for his insight. When he does speak, his voice is said to have enraptured other angels through its melody and the wisdom it conveys. However, as his demenour darkened, his voice became chilling and could provoke thoughts of forboding and feelings of angst.[2] Mendeln was one such example, Malthael’s voice filling him with thoughts of permenant, empty death”

      It’s clear that Malthael will be the main protagonist of the expansion. He is the only angel unaccounted for. It’s been forshadowed quite clearly that he was becoming the Angel of Death after the Worldstone’s destruction.

    30. QUOTE

      This has nothing to do with Trag'Oul. You aren't seeing constellations or stars in that teaser. That's dust particles floating in a beam of light, lol

      What you need to realize is that this is not some real life picture, ok? Blizzard is known for hiding hints and easter eggs in subtle ways. I AM SEEING what resembles a CONSTELLATION SO **** OFF you smart ***

      • I’m well aware it’s not a real life picture. The fact you have to point that out is pretty hilarious.

        Yes blizzard tends to try to mislead. But this is a classic case of you looking for things that aren’t there. I told you what it was, you just choose to see something that isn’t.

        Oh and relax man. You come off as a total jackass with your angry nerd rage reply.

    31. Will this finally be in the game?

      And mystic?
      And decent PvP?
      And all the other stuff they scrapped/cut to launch early?

      I remember when Blizzard was all about…
      “We’ll release it when it’s ready.” /sigh

      Has anything been cut from this expansion that will only come next one? Oh lord!

      What about the content that was on the D3 official anouncment, and made specifically for that video and then never appeared in the game?

      Will there be a similar video now with same fate?

    32. “Now a flaw has developed in the jewel. Through it, Dirgest can consume the holder’s life” Covetous Shen

      When I agree with Malthael being Angel of Death, I’m not so sure that Reaper of Souls points towards Death, quotation from Book of Tyreal certainly does but isn’t Death something more like physical?

      PS. Why when I was on main page, wanted to post comment I saw myself logged as alcovitch? I’m new to posting (first time on forum), so I’m curious πŸ™‚

      • I don’t think they are going to make an entire expansion based on a sideline story.

        The Jewel story will probably continue, but it’s not at all what the title refers to.

    33. Reaper of Souls huh? Well clearly this is a reference to Kotick. Flux queue the image of Bobby’s eyes πŸ˜€

    34. For the love of everything holy and unholy alike, please make a real “non-ah” mode for the expansion. PLEASE.

    35. QUOTE

      For the love of everything holy and unholy alike, please make a real "non-ah" mode for the expansion. PLEASE.

      I GOT YOUR NON AH MODE RIGHT HERE: DONT CLICK ON THE AH BUTTON. Your broke *** wouldn’t be able to “Barter” for the best gear anyways.

    36. I’m excited that there is an space coming, but this is the hype (damn marketing)!

      From a story perspective I think Maltael is going to want to wipe Sanctuary out citing the reason to have a clear slate for everything (or something along those lines). Blizzard seem to like massive plot lines these days and given that we’ve just saved the High Heavens we need to do something epic to “top” that.

      From a size perspective I’d hope that we get a decent act. Given you can blow through a d3 act in an hour, versus the size of the sc xpac, I’m hoping we’ll get something Malthael large.

      Overall, I just hope that they address some of the items, primarily the Prime stat issue which essentially means stack stat x which feels hollow. Also address the randomness of the maps (or lack of). I think Diablo 3 is a good game, not great, and I don’t really feel the desire to make a new class when I find a new item, because the items we find don’t necessarily allow this.

      Lets see what comes, because people will be looking critically at this and may not rush out and buy it and Blizzard know that to make recent money on the third space, this one is critical.

    37. Wake me when they start sending out beta invites in 2014/2015. And for the love of god, please beta test more than just the first 20 minutes of content.

    38. Flux, that Facebook link can be faked.

      If you pasted the link to the your Facebook, you can edit the video’s title and description simply by clicking it. I just tried it myself.

      The teaser may or may not be a D3X reveal, but stop posting things that are not credible.

    39. Malthael was replaces as the \Angel of Wisdom\ by Tyrael in the final cinematic of D3… I think he will become the \Angel of Death\ and try to destroy the nephalem as well as the high heavens and burning hells. I mean, he does wield a pair of duel sickles… seems appropriate.

    40. I’m not even saying I disapprove of the title, but “Reaper of Souls” is something my >so edgy 12 year old self would’ve come up with.

    41. Just to clear stuff up.

      Diablo 3 – Book of Cain: “And, at the End of Days. Wisdom shall be lost as Justice falls upon the world of men. Valor shall turn to wrath – and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair. Death at last, shall spread its wings over all as Fate lies shattered forever.”

      The part before “Death at last, shall spread its wings over all as Fate lies shattered forever.” has already happend in Diablo 3.

      #2. The name “Reaper of Souls” is registered trademark and can be used however. It is not 100% sure they will use it as a name of the expansion, even if it belongs to the expansion. It could be the name of the main villain.

      #3. Malthael, Archangel of Wisdom kinda lost it, he disapeared. Having two scythes as a weapon is a homeage to Death itself. He even talk in a “dead, cold voice”. *Spoiler alert: Tyrael took the throne of Wisdom, which means Wisdom has transformed into something else*

      #4. Reaper of Souls.. Death.. Deckard Cain and Leah are dead. Quest to save them across the space of reality? Shadowland? Maybe. The void? Maybe, but I doubt it since it feels more like a prison then an actual place you can move around freely. The Black Abyss? No, it’s where demons are spawned. New place? Yes..

      #5. Mini-quest: Adria will die.

      Bonus: Dirgest, the demon in the jewel is something I wanna see. A demon older then time itself!

      • Chris Metzen confirmed that we’d be saving Leah’s soul from the Black Abyss around the time of release last year.

        Remember that Leah is a host for Diablo and born of his blood so it makes sense that she would be banished to the Black Abyss upon death.

        Also, Adria dying will be anything but a Mini-quest, she is the one that orchestrated everything from the start in D1. My guess is that she is really Lilith and will be the sub-boss before Malthael or the final boss in the second expansion.

    42. QUOTE

      Flux, that Facebook link can be faked.
      If you pasted the link to the your Facebook, you can edit the video's title and description simply by clicking it. I just tried it myself.
      The teaser may or may not be a D3X reveal, but stop posting things that are not credible. 
      Please remove it now.
      Perhaps you have a point with that, I don't know, but that's quite a demanding tone, isn't it?
    43. So, this could be the Expansion of D3. Also, the guess that the name will somethning like “X of Y” was also correct.

      But I don’t want to keep my hype too high. When the D3 Beta started (and even more the years before), I was really hopeful, but more the release date was near, more the game has been ruined. After 15 months D3 is enjoyable in some aspects, but ofc is far from the game that everybody was expecting. So, Blizzard has to do some very very good changes/improvements to fix (partially) the game because it is difficult that thay will change the issues of the game core system (and I mean changes in practice, not on paper or the usual “we are considering”). That’s why this time I will stand with my feet on the ground.

      But speaking of the picture, the signs on the bottom of the passage/portal could be numbers. And they are specular, if someone hasn’t noticed. The first thing I have read on it (left side) was 1305, or 13-05(-2014?). So I checked the calendar and … the 13th of May is Tuesday! And it is also exactly two years (minus two days) from the release of D3. So, it seems a good guess.
      But in the end the symbols could be some generic runes/signs used normally in the game. Blizzard loves to troll, but to put the release date on the first background image of the expansion … maybe seems too much. Also, and unfortunately, May 2014 seems too Soon™ for Blizzard.

      Another guess (probably a bulls**t): I don’t know if it has been said what the App Beta Testers will recieve as a reward (something about a reward was written in the e-mail). But if it could be the access for the Beta of D3X? D3 Beta was from September 2012 to April 2013. With the release date mentioned above, make a perfect timing. But this is far from the reality, I suppose.

      Personal note: this title reminds me a lot of a game I have enjoyed quite a lot, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (and it’s sequels). That story was a hell of a story. And LoK is a game that really needs another sequel (to conclude the story, mostly).

      Back on topic: on another forum I have read another very good theory. If the image is just the entrance of the many times mentioned Endless Dungeon? The Reaper of Souls is just the name of the place/event, and the reference to the death means that sooner or later everyone who enters the dungeon will die. Even this one is an interesting hypotesis.

    44. It’s interesting to see that Blizzard just have to add a mysterious picture to their website and the community is totally excited, if not delirious about what it could mean, trying to predict the future from what could be confuused with hints. Almost like that chat gem in D2 πŸ˜€

    45. QUOTE

      It's interesting to see that Blizzard just have to add a mysterious picture to their website and the community is totally excited, if not delirious about what it could mean, trying to predict the future from what could mean a hint. Almost like that chat gem in D2 :D

      Well, then they’re putting more effort into their trolling since they registered the trademark. (I assume that that isn’t another level to the troll since it’s probably illegal in the US to claim to have a tm that you know you don’t have.)

    46. Why that stupid name tho? reaper of souls so clisjhe.

      Ever played Dantes Inferno? thats where that name should be lol!

      i get that they want the darkness to spread more instead of cleaning it up so go for some better name that suits it.

      ofc it can that is so we see that when its released but furhtermore i would call it around the lines of Reaver, Pony trail, defeat the legions / elits thats left. fuck knows but soul reaper? its same with pokemon they none creative lol but whatever pokemon black/white diamond pearl. etc so many games with same titles now from origin and now its starting to become hard too search for old copies.

      just my tought

    47. So they’re going to make us pay $60 for PvP?

      Yeah, I won’t be buying it unless people are raving about after 3 months. I’ll stick with D2.

    48. I don’t understand why tyrael doesnt want to destroy the soul stone. Its been awhile since I played, I know we destroyed a few in diablo 2. but why not now if ALL the essences are together in ONE stone?

    49. I’d guess a “lore-reason” culd be that the soulstones strength depends on whats inside, so this one is so strong that no one really has a chance of destroying it. Well, expect that good ol’ Angel of Death maybe, who obviously seem to be fairly strong himself.

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