Video Guide to the Reaper of Souls Crusader #1


crusader guide video
Hello Crusaders. Drixx here with a quick update on streaming the Reaper of Souls Crusader. Tonight I streamed the first ten levels and showed off some of the new features coming with Reaper of Souls with a friend and fellow crusader in the beta. For those who missed the stream, you can find it embedded below. I am still working on a few kinks with the streaming and so the quality should steadily increase as we go forward. In this stream we progressed up to level ten and showed off the early Crusader skills along with some of the other changes and improvements which are coming to the game along with the Reaper of Souls expansion and its associated major patch.

We will be streaming again tonight for three hours in the early afternoon from 1pm to 4pm PDT (4-7 EDT), so be sure to join us live. We’ll be answering questions from the stream chat and showing off more of the design changes along with exploring the various crusader skills and passives. You can join us by clicking on the live streaming button on the main page or by visiting our channel on twitch. We will try to give advance notice as much as possible for each stream.

Future streams will be followed by lengthier articles from The Crusade along with links to the video in case you cannot be there live, so don’t worry if you can’t make it. If you have any questions you would like to see addressed in future streams or articles, please feel free to leave them in the comments or make a post in the Crusader forum.

Watch live video from IncGamers on TwitchTV

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 1pm PDT (9PM GMT) to the IncGamers Twitch Channel when I’ll be continuing to build my Crusader.


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  1. Your URL is wrong. It should be .tv not .com. The result is quite amusing.

  2. You shouldn’t dismiss the 5 wrath per attack as too small, it’s really not likely to be a problem. Other classes with generators deal with the same thing. Having a low number for attacks per second means fewer and bigger attacks. It’ll take you longer to build wrath, and longer to spend it, but each hit will be more powerful. It’s probably a tad more convenient to have fast attacks, because there’s less overkill, but really DPS should be all that matters unless your defensive skills are also costing wrath.

    Fast attacks: 10, 10, 10, 10, 100, repeat every 2 seconds
    Slow attacks: 40, 40, 40, 40, 400, repeat every 8 seconds

    One issue that could come up is that if you’re using a slow weapon with a single target generator, you might be overwhelmed while building up wrath. With a fast weapon this wouldn’t be a problem, because the time to generate is smaller. You might have to do your big aoe spender multiple times to kill off the large group, but at least you’re able to get it off and potentially reduce the size of the pack.

    Another potential issue is if crushing blow comes back. Slower attacks are worse for on-hit effects, crushing blow likely being the best of these.

    But given the state of 1 handed dps vs 2 handed dps, it’s probably a good passive to use.

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