Reaper of Souls Crusader Skill Calculator Now Available.

Blizzard has blogged to alert us that their Crusader game guide has been updated with lots of new infos about the class, including a functional skill calculator with all active and passive skills available. Now you just need to invent a plausible excuse to allay the suspicions of your current Main while you sneak off to fiddle with your new shield boy or girl.

Crusaders are unbending champions of faith and law. These living fortresses use impenetrable plate and towering shields to wade through scores of foes, leaving demonic bodies smoldering in their wake.

crusader-progressionThe thick of battle is unforgiving, but crusaders rush in without hesitation, relying on holy magic and heavy armor to guarantee victory. Well-trained crusaders are adept at deflecting attacks entirely, often shrugging off massive blows that would fell lesser combatants. If pressed, they can sacrifice speed and mobility for pure staying power.

Bone-crunching flails and wicked shields are perfect for melee, but crusaders are hardly limited to extinguishing evil at close range. When one of these divinely empowered warriors joins battle, blazing fire and blinding light follow, smiting entire packs of enemies who dare to resist judgment.

This is a good place to repost our recent and still-live vote on your Crusader plans. Will the Paladin 2.0 be your first choice when the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday the 25rd? Or are you bad person who wants evil to triumph and JoshyWoshy to have a sad?

Your Crusader play plans for Reaper of Souls?

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31 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Crusader Skill Calculator Now Available.

    • If you get a few key legendaries in RoS, it should be possible to make a very good WD that relies on pets and DoTs, with much less frantic clicking required.

      I’d really like my skelemancer back, but thematically and mechanically there’s too much overlap with the WD now, so it’ll probably never happen.

      • Wouldnt it be cool though if they did make a necro and his base stat was vit, but it was split into two globes evenly and he used it for all his skills? And when your one globe ran out it would start drainging your actual life.. or something along those lines. Blood magic kind of stuff.

          • Yes and no. It’s more making it work with current itemization. I mean we get a lot of items with vit only. This would also allow for other stats to be used interestingly, perhaps your strength score dictates golem damage and health, DEX could improve skeletons attack and dodge or armor, and int for summoning ghosts and wraths or whatever… letting you. The issue is balancing it so the necro isn’t obscenely tanky or absurdly weak. Maybe have the minions he summons decreese his overall vit

    • The witchy is very underwhelming imo and as aesthetically unpleasing. I don’t really want to go back to ranting on this game as it seems to be turning a corner now for the better but yea I agree with you and hear u’r pain.

      • Have to say I agree. The WD is so much like the Necromancer there’s no sense in bringing the Necro back in a D3 expansion, yet the WD is nowhere near as cool (for me), and it’s 90% aesthetics. Bone Spear would’ve been a nice primary or secondary, too, come to think of it.

        I still think there’s room for a Druid/shapeshifting class if they do another expansion. Normally 6 acts would be a bit much, but thanks to Adventure Mode, it becomes more reasonable since you don’t have to replay the story unless you really want to.

  1. Wasn’t there a passive that knocked a second off your cooldowns almost every time you blocked?

  2. I’m going to roll a crusader with two friends of mine who also wanna do crusader. We’re gonna take our time and share our loot and experiment as we go. I’ll be playing wiz or monk when they’re not around, though 😀

  3. What are your opinions on the Crusader not having the 30% melee DR that the other two melee classes have?

    Personally. I’m finding the argument that the Crusader is not a melee class to be laughable. The Crusader is a melee class with ranged capability. I do wonder if it’ll be rock solid enough to live up to the ‘tank’ mentality that Blizzard has sold it as though.

    I get the feeling that without the 30% DR for the Crusader, there is going to be future balance issues where by adjusting the damage of the elites (ie, Plague or Lightning Enchanted) will result in the Barb / Monk damage taken will be different to the Crusader’s – all because 1 of the 3 hasn’t got the 30% DR. I can see it creating a lot of issues down the track.

    I also remember reading an interview with ZappaFan here suggesting that the Crusader was ‘squishier’ (my words) than the Barb with similar gear. I don’t like where that might lead.

    On the bright side, I’d rather playing a class which isn’t the flavour of the month and is under powered as it’s likely to get favourable attention over the coming months.

    • I think the reason is that since crusaders can use shields, which usually gives a player more than a 30% increase in toughness, without loosing any dps ,it would be too much for them to also have 30% reduced dmg taken.

      Many abilities requires a shield to be used, block chance is calculated into some skills dmg and the crusader can use 2-handed weapons in one hand together with a shield.

      I think that they should add a 15% damage reduction though, simply because crusaders should feel a little bit more tanky than the rest of the characters.

      • Yeah I’ve heard a lot about the shield compensating for the 30% DR as valid reason for the Crusader not having the 30% DR. I’d love to see some math by those who know how it works as to whether a shield actually does compete with a flat 30% DR. I suspect it doesn’t come close, but I don’t know the math myself, so maybe it does.

        Maybe someone who does understand the math around shield damage mitigation can enlighten us to what level of effect it has on DR for the Crusader?

        A 15% damage reduction has been circled around too, and I agree with that idea. One of the big issues I see coming in the future however, is elite affix damage re-balancing in upcoming patches and I believe the lack of 30% (or even if it had 15%) DR will result in different effects for the Barb / Monk vs the Crusader.

        For instance, if the damage of Plague is cranked up because they conclude it’s too weak, then the Monk and Barb will still get a 30% flat reduction on whatever amount it gets changed to, but the Crusader will feel it’s effect far more than the other two while still being in melee range. So I can see that becoming a balance issue of the future. I also believe that the Crusader’s shield does nothing for damage like Plague, but I’m not totally sure on that.

        • Well, it easy to check isn’t it?

          If a shield increase toughness by 30% it is equal to having a 30% damage reduction.

          So just log on any char you have and compare the toughness increase of your current offhand to any reasonably good shield. It should be high since a shield usually comes with 3 items worth of armor. Then you can add stuff like block amount and block chance to that as well.

          • It’s not just the flat math either, since Crusader has many skills and gear that ups blocking %, or procs off of blocking, and that has to be factored into the overall benefit. And his ability to use a 2H weapon with a shield is a huge DPS advantage, etc.

            Also, he doesn’t have to play melee. In fact he’s better as a mid-range char, with a lot more magical ranged type attacks than Monk or Barb has.

  4. First, everyone can use shields. Second, they’re like +15%. Third, with two handers and offensive offhands nerfed, a cc shield doesn’t necessarily sacrifice much dps.

  5. I’ll probably be rolling a crusader after I play my DH to level 70 before doing Act 5 as I want those legendary drops at lvl 70!

    I’m on a roll with my DH right now and I really only need to find Kridershot to be golden (hoping the RNG gods wait for lvl 70 before dropping it for me!)

    Also, I can’t login since this adblock banner started appearing (I whitelisted the site) but still can’t login even though it logs me in, but on page refresh I’m still not logged in. Cleared all cookies and started over and it still doesn’t work.

  6. Im not excited about crusader. He feels slowish.
    Waiting for another expansion. Maybe they’ll add another stat, something like Spirit (adding individual resource) and then introducing Necro with Spirit as a mainstat. And then another expansion – maybe a Druid (relying on Spirit), so that each stat has 2 chars relying on them.

  7. Seriously, guys? A banner saying to disable AD block?

    Very sad to see such thing. I would do that, if the banners weren’t larger than the useful site itself…

  8. Playing around with the calc. First idea:!aWYi!Zccbaa

    Am not sure about two things, thou…

    a) I’m a bit reserved about Heavenly Strength, because of the reduced movement speed. Wrathful, Long Arm of the Law or Finery could well replace it…
    b) Laws of Hope, although consistent with the general idea, was not my first choice. I’d rather take Laws of Valor/Invincible, but fear of missing out on the running speed. If Heavenly Strength gets dropped, then I’d probably drop it for the latter.

    Does this look like a build that could play out well to you?

  9. Not really. Some wasted slots. Why are you generating so much wrath when you have nothing to spend it on? I would get at least 1 wrath spender or ditch some of your wrath generators. Righteousness and Blunt seem somewhat wasted.

    Here is my build:!UYgf!bbYbbZ

    Law gives 10 seconds of +100% crit damage. Bombardment always crits and is on a shorter cooldown. My generator also crits often.

    • The rune he’s chosen for Heaven’s Fury removes the cool down and adds a 40 Wrath cost to it. That’s where he’ll dump the Wrath.

    • Beforehand: Sorry. Am a bit drowsy.

      Although Frantic is right that you’d overlooked the Fires of Heaven Rune changing Heavens Fury into a Wrath spender, you’d kept me rethinking over the core of the idea: Getting amount of life as high as possible, while keeping damage mitigation at a point, where the crusader will still take massive damage but is able to sustain himself for a dozen seconds (or so) through constant healing to be able to use Condemn/Reciprocate as the ultimate finisher. (All in all the build is aiming for solo play, by the way …)

      I concluded that Justice was the wrong choice of Primary to begin with and, as I want to be hit in the crucial 3 seconds before Condemn goes off, using a shield may push damage mitigation too high. (Not to speak of an attack blocked also means less damage taken in that time.) So I reworked the build and would call him the Firesurgeon:!YWeg!bcacab

      Justice/Crack would have only healed up to 3% of the life pool on attack. And as only the secondary effect provides holy damage in itself, while the primary hammer simply confers weapon damage, this includes limiting oneself to a weapon with holy damage. Totally unnecessary through smite, which provides healing up to 4% of total life on attack having innert holy damage. And for healing up the damage (, as lifeleech plays no role in the game anymore – at least at lvl 70) and reclaiming enough Wrath to get going with the big gun again, the damage is irrelevant.

      This big gun is Heaven’s Fury. Its rune “Fire of Heaven” is described as a beam, which probably means that it’s constantly burning its 40 Wrath each tick. And with just a blank Wrathful passive skill, this also means another 6.6k life healed each tick – on top of the 1% of total life each time the skill generates damage. Primary function, though, is finishing off big mobs of whiteys real fast and precooking boss and champion groups, so that ideally one use of Condemn would be enough to close the deal. Thus, if not really necessery to complement Healing from gear, Consecration, Law of Valor and Holy Cause, I’ll drop Wrathful for Finery, as the sockets will probably all be full of amethysts for maxing out life as the characters mainsource of thebuilds Toughness (, although a diamond in the helmet might be the exception, despite the great boost to life an amethyst would provide there…) and each additional point of strength that can be accumulated, will be a bliss.

      For the last slot I’ve chosen Akarat’s Champion as just a safety net to speed up healing, whenever necessary becaues both Law of Valor and Consecration are on cooldown or are simply not able to heal the incoming damage fast enough to get the mob finished before it finishes the crusader. Counting in cooldown reduction and doubled Wrath regeneration, it’s simply the perfect “oh shit”-button to get the character back into the game again and on top of the situation.

      To finally finish my line of thought for today, some words on gear:

      Both Holy Cause and Wrathful are essentially providing life on hit, which makes this a neglectable affix when choosing items. Through the innert bonus of 8% from Laws of Valor and the situational boni of 15% over 10 seconds when empowering the law or 25% oder 20 seconds from using Akarat’s Champion, attack speed is also one of the less important affixes to look for.

      What is needed, though, is life regeneration. This affix, gain from items and paragon points combined, should always be able to heal enough on its own, to be able to survive being frozen (or similarily incapacitated) while stuck in a hard hitting boss mob, exiting with a big enough life bulb to overcome the possible five to ten (, respectively twenty) second cooldown, that may still be running before being able to fire up consecration and/or Law of Valor again.

      This also means that accumulation damage mitigation is a double edged sword here: Not enough Resi/Armor, and one dies fast. But any, tiny bit more than that just unecessarily robs the finisher it’s juice. Therefore, wherever the same amount of Toughness can be gained through life instead of allres/armor, the mitigation affixes should be refrained from. Only when lifepool and life regeneration can’t buy enough time anymore, should these two be considered.

      This opens up plenty of space for any other affix one would want, with none being really for the build to work. On the damage side I’ll aim for a blend, prefering holy damage before Condemn damage before Strength before critical damage before critical chance before damage to any other skill before attack speed, which, coming from items, I’ll probably mostly neglect anyway. (Critical chance and critical damage may swap in priority, though, as long as the item pool is not big enough.) The main goal there is as big a damage number as possibe in a singular use of a skill. (Upping life and life regeneration is more important overall than damage, though.)

      Puh… That was quite a load of thoughts sucessfully escaping their mental prison. You have my apologies for the amount of concentration I’ve demanded from you today.

      ’til then


      • “Edit”:

        “(Upping life and life regeneration is more important overall than damage, though [edit:] and a bit of cooldown reduction here and there will not want to be forgotten, either… [/edit])”


  10. Still hoping for some number tweaking before I even bother with Crusader, still feels like a sluggish barb with nowhere near as much DPS and tanking ability. Sure crusader can be built into a mean tank but they lose so much DPS in the process you may as well just play barb and get the best of both worlds.

  11. I’m worried on how they’ll implement the druid. D3 heroes are rather binary in what they’re meant to be. A Druid could be played as both a pure caster or pure melee and I fear both sides will suffer if Blizzard wish to implement it.

  12. I still would like the one or other opinion on the viability of the character idea excessively expressed in the big raw stream of thought found above, playing around with the calc inspired. (Already in first revision after a first misunderstanding from dgray; wherefore I’m thankful to you, Sir! Hope you’ll be hopping back into discussion soon…)

    Opionons from people with actual on hand experience through participation in the RoS-Beta, will be prefered for obvious reasons. But I don’t really mind just staying in the distorted field of wild speculation, just clashing our individual imaginations of what may be working and what definitely won’t against and/or/[else] in corroboratively acknowlegement of one another. Just declare speculation as such, thus letting me know, if I can’t take the opinion as built upon the reliable information of first hand experience.

    ’til then


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