Blizzard has blogged to alert us that their Crusader game guide has been updated with lots of new infos about the class, including a functional skill calculator with all active and passive skills available. Now you just need to invent a plausible excuse to allay the suspicions of your current Main while you sneak off to fiddle with your new shield boy or girl.

    Crusaders are unbending champions of faith and law. These living fortresses use impenetrable plate and towering shields to wade through scores of foes, leaving demonic bodies smoldering in their wake.

    crusader-progressionThe thick of battle is unforgiving, but crusaders rush in without hesitation, relying on holy magic and heavy armor to guarantee victory. Well-trained crusaders are adept at deflecting attacks entirely, often shrugging off massive blows that would fell lesser combatants. If pressed, they can sacrifice speed and mobility for pure staying power.

    Bone-crunching flails and wicked shields are perfect for melee, but crusaders are hardly limited to extinguishing evil at close range. When one of these divinely empowered warriors joins battle, blazing fire and blinding light follow, smiting entire packs of enemies who dare to resist judgment.

    This is a good place to repost our recent and still-live vote on your Crusader plans. Will the Paladin 2.0 be your first choice when the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday the 25rd? Or are you bad person who wants evil to triumph and JoshyWoshy to have a sad?

    Your Crusader play plans for Reaper of Souls?

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