Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition Pricing and Features Controversy

Blizzard reps have made a few posts replying to fan comments, questions, and critiques on the Reaper of Souls pricing and RoS:CE features. (There’s a soundtrack included as well, which is not yet listed on the official page.) See the FAQ for official info, and see updated in some blue quotes:

Correct! The only thing that isn’t listed at present for the Collector’s Edition is the soundtrack.

Digital Deluxe:

  • 6 Malthael-inspired item appearances that can be used for transmogrification
  • Infernal Helm item appearance
  • 3 extra character slots
  • A Treasure Goblin pet for World of Warcraft
  • Crusader-themed portraits and Malthael-themed decals for StarCraft II
  • Collector’s Edition:

  • All the digital items included in the Digital Deluxe version
  • Reaper of Souls hardcover art book
  • Malthael mouse pad
  • Behind-the-scenes DVD/Blu-ray pack
  • Reaper of Souls soundtrack
  • Players who purchase the standard edition of Reaper of Souls will receive 2 additional character slots by default, for a total of 12 character slots. (This functionality is currently implemented and live for Closed Beta). Players who purchase the Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of Reaper of Souls will receive the base 2 character slots (for purchasing the expansion) plus another 3 character slots (for purchasing the DD or CE), for a total of 15 character slots.

  • Base game = 10 characters slots
  • Standard edition Reaper of Souls = 12 character slots
  • Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Edition Reaper of Souls = 15 character slots

  • Clarification on what the Spectral Hound does:

    So what does Spectral Hound Minion do?
    reaper of souls collector's edition spectral hound vanity petLylirra: The Spectral Hound is just a vanity pet at present. It’s fully animated and has its own unique personality (scratches its ear, sniffs the ground, digs up zombie bones, etc), but it doesn’t provide any character power.

    Can we “unsummon” it (like the wings)?
    Lylirra: Yup. The Spectral Hound minion will be an item in your inventory which you can summon and dismiss at will (very similar to the wings). I don’t know off-hand if the Hound will persist through death or show up in the main Hero select screen, though. I have that question out to our QA team. 🙂

    Does the Spectral Hound: Persist through death?
    Yes, and it currently persists across logouts as well.

    Does the Spectral Hound: Show up on the main character select screen if he’s active?
    Not presently.

    Bobby's Red EyesA larger point of contention is the price point for the expansion. While $40 is fairly standard for an expansion, some fans and semi-mainstream gaming sites have criticized the amount of new content, arguing RoS is more like a DLC pack than a full expansion. What do you think?

    Your opinion on Reaper of Souls price and content?

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    That’s the vote; click through for blue posts and commentary on this issue:

    Blizzard a bit nervous RoS a bust? Locked Threads..

    The proof is in the pudding. Several threads locked as of late, some of them regarding people showing dissatisfaction with the quality/price, or just simply trying to gauge if we intend to buy or not.

    If I had to speculate, they might be a tad worried about the reception. Maybe they see now their price is too high for an expansion? Or maybe they realize the didn’t provide enough unique and interesting content to justify an expansion?

    Maybe I’m wrong, those are my thoughts anyway. Wouldn’t be surprised if this thread gets locked.
    Lylirra: “Wouldn’t be surprised if this thread gets locked..”

    You’re right! Recently responded to a similar theory here (take a look):

    Recap: We’ve no issue with players sharing negative feedback or saying they don’t like something provided that they’re generally constructive about it. We also want to make sure we’re seeing that good, constructive feedback, so we’re locking down discussions that don’t contribute to a healthy forum atmosphere (in so much as we can without moderating players unfairly).

    RoS has a release date so I come on to check talk about it, and almost every thread bashing it or talking bad about blizzard is locked?
    Lylirra: Not even remotely true. There are many active threads discussing the price, value, and contents of the Reaper of Souls digital prepurchase, including the Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions. And those threads will remain untouched so long as the conversation therein remains civil.

    Example threads have been locked:

  • >.>
  • Example threads that are still active:

  • Big difference in the threads types. We’ve no issue with players sharing negative feedback or saying they don’t like something provided that they’re generally constructive about it.

  • I’m not going to quote them, but there are also numerous posts complaining about the RoS-themed makeover to the forums. Perhaps I have a brighter monitor or something, but I honestly hadn’t noticed any real difference. The forums used to be red and black and now they are blue and black, with gold highlights. Those complaints make me think many people are just hanging around to complain and to delight at the sight of Blue CMs who have to humor their whinging.

    So, what do you guys think about the RoS content and price point? Too pricey and not enough? I’ve asked friends who play WoW and they say RoS is maybe 2/3 the content of a typical WoW expansion… of course WoW costs $15 a month on top of $40 per expansion, and that does buy a larger team and more regular/sizeable updates. I think RoS compares pretty well to D2: Lord of Destruction, if comparisons to products from 13 years ago, before the days of small DLC updates, are even useful?

    D2X added 2 classes and a new act, plus tons of new items including charms, jewels, runes, new uniques, etc. D3X adds 1 new class and a new act, but new skills for all existing classes, a higher level cap, lots of new items and item-like things that really overhauled the economy. D3X is not adding so many big changes to items as D2X did, but there are many major systems changes that D2X did not include. RoS is reworking the whole combat system with all the changes to healing and life leech and monster damage, plus Loot 2.0, Paragon 2.0, and things like Adventure Mode and Nephalem Rifts.

    That stuff doesn’t fit real neatly into a “new content added” type bullet list, which might be why some players are saying that Reaper of Souls has not enough content. I can see their point, and requests/demands for that all in free patches make some sense, but on the whoel I think RoS is a pretty good amount of content for the price, especially as it’s not an MMO with a monthly subscription fee, or a cash item shop that you pretty much have to buy from in order to play the game properly.

    You guys may disagree, and I guess we’ll find out via the vote and comments. So let ’em rip, in the best almost-Xmas spirit…

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    68 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition Pricing and Features Controversy

    1. Seems fair to me

      “numerous posts complaining about the RoS-themed makeover to the forums”

    2. first 60E for d3 beta now 40E for 1.0 patch? not cool blizzy, not cool.

      i’ll just wait till price goes down like I did with pandaria.

      • Same here. 40€ is totally unacceptable for a game that sold like fresh cookies and an expansion that only adds ONE act, ONE class and they’re cutting features left and right.

        I’ll definitely will be waiting for a sale on RoS. I’ll try the Loot 2.0 patch in Vanilla, definitely, but I don’t think it’ll change the game that much that I’ll be craving for more Diablo 3, particularly considering it’s just another act and just another class.

    3. Well yeah 40$ is kinda expansion price, but 40euros in EU which is 54$ in my country , sure is not.

      • Agreed. It won’t change my purchase, since I’m buying from American dollars, but it’s pretty bad that the cost wasn’t changed for different places. That said, since I live in China now, it makes me really sad that I can’t buy the game for 40 RMB, since that’s the equivalent of 7 USD. That said, I definitely sympathize.

      • Since when $40 = 40€ ?
        As BohemianStalker said 40€ are worth $54. A fair price would be 30€.

        I just had a quick look at Blizz shop from EU and US: this $1 = 1€ is the rule with only one exception : WoW monthly fee: $14.99 and 12.99€ ($17,76).


        • For comparaison with D2 LoD:

          before € we had FF:
          – D2 LoD : 200 FF = 30.50 €
          – D3 RoS : 262 FF = 39.99 €

          What justifies this increase for a “digital” version ?

          • Acumulated inflation of 10+years?

            ##Meh. The price is too high for the amount of content.##
            Hardly Meh since some features will come for free in 2.0… and others stink of rehashed content. (mystic)
            And then there is that one that was promised doesn’t even come! (decent pvp)

            Also, digital sales by own “producer” tend to be always higher then retail.
            Wich reminds me of behaviours of product diferentiation to create a semi-monopoly amongst a segment of target buyers… though in this case, its just perception of diferentiation. /facepalm

            • According to INSEE, the accumulated inflation on manufactured products for this past 10 years have been 2%, far from this 31% augmentation.

              You’re right about the fact that digital sales by own “producer” tend to be always higher then retail.

              Reminds me of what GOG stated at the launch of The Witcher 2. Basically they were forced to price their game higher for EU customers even though their prices are in $ to allow concurrence for retailers.

              But, they didn’t stop there. They added two coupons to redeem on their catalog for the equivalent of the difference between $ and € (~$15). That was a nice gesture.

        • Don’t forget that prices are all tax included in EU. Yet, for d3, the digital version was more expensive than the box version at amazon or

          • Yeah, and quite a bit more (20€ more).

            Though I ended up buying it digitally and cancelling my preorder just to not have to wait 2 more days.

            Thankfully I managed to play at 1:30am GTM, and, though Diablo 3 ended up not living up to the quality of its predecessor, in my view, I don’t regret the added price and the 1:30h of error 36.

            But I’m not falling for it again. Because there WILL be a new error 36 scenario for RoS and the price is too high.

    4. Personally I think the price should be $5-10 lower than it is, but that would never happen. To be honest, I’d have been surprised if it was announced to be lower than the $40 they’re charging for the standard edition of the xpac. The pricing seems consistent to me.

      Though, seems most people feel like there’s either not enough content for the price, or that this expansion fixes would should have been fixed at game’s launch… and if not either of those, then they’re happy with how it is 🙂

      And also, many of the people on the Blizz forums, as usual, are just full of nonsense. Seriously, LOL at so many of those posts/threads… must suck to babysit that garbage, but at least they’re paid to do it.

      A little hard for me to weigh in since I don’t have beta, but isn’t this expansion more or less a do-or-die situation for them with this franchise? Okay, that’s probably exaggerating a bit… but they’re banking on box sales here. And this is an expansion to a game that’s arguably one of the biggest sequel letdowns in gaming history. They’re already limping their way into this one.

      • I wouldn’t call it the biggest sequel let down in gaming history , but it was somewhat of a letdown but still very enjoyable when there is something to do other than just farm gear , every new patch gave me months of enjoyment.

        But I voted that it is overpriced because if you look at what exactly this expansion gives on its own you might see that really there isn’t much to it.
        Paragon 2.0 , Loot 2.0 and Combat are all things for Vanilla and RoS because they should have been in Vanilla long ago , Adventure mode also should have been in the game since release.

        New Content : Crusader , New Act and Mystic with Bounties and Rifts.

        Doesn’t look like much to me when Rifts simply use game engine to create random layout and adds random mobs to kill , the concept still needs refinement , Bounties simply directs you to Mobs/Events around the world and rewards you for killing/Completing them, again Not much of content as much as using what is currently ingame.

        I love the content and love diablo but if you compare between D2X and D3X , D2X changed the whole itemization system not just from stats but also how you look at the items and added alot of crafting and 2 new amazing classes , charms , jewels , runes , runewords , ethereal items , Class Specific Items , what D2X did in a year was insane and that is why it is still played today after 13 years of no new content ? I doubt D3 can survive this long without new patches and Content because the base is still not complete , D3X seems like it is trying to fix the damage that was done by the first team(Jay Wilson?).

        Honestly I don’t mind paying 1$-5$ a month or every few months to have constant support for this game to get the ideas from the community implemented , it doesn’t even have to be something you must pay , just some kind of premium membership that gives you extra cosmetic features while adding the new content to everybody who bought the game , I waited for this game for 13 years , I want it to be the best game ever but I don’t see enough support for the game from Blizzard , at one point Diablo was probably the biggest franchise at Blizzard now it feels like it is left behind after WoW and Starcraft , even Hearthstone is getting more love, a game that is still in Beta.

        • Those nostalgia glasses must be very nice to wear 🙂 Either that or you’re simply misinformed.
          D2X was very good, but it was hardly as it is now when it was released. Runewords were mostly useless before 1.10 came in 2003, 2 years after the expansion was released. Most of the runes were just a waste of space… Gems as well unless you got the duped ED+ ones.
          There wasn’t any endgame content until 2005, and even then it was just a single event in the form of Uber Tristram.
          The 2 expansion classes… Well IMHO they were broken messes before 1.10, consisting of poorly fleshed out skills copied over from other classes with minor changes. They improved vastly after that, but the first impression of them ruined it for me.
          And Diablo was hardly their biggest franchise, ever. Maybe before WoW it had a bigger playerbase than SC and WC, but both of those were a lot more important to Blizzard due to their competitive online and modding community that spawned DOTA.
          The one thing I think D2X nailed right from release was act 5. It’s simply the most enjoyable and graphically immersive act in the game IMO.

          Don’t get me wrong, I love D2 and D2X to death and played them for years on end. But I’m sick and tired of people acting like the game never had any problems or any post release development. It’s not like the game erupted fully formed from the mind of David Brevik or something.

          • one might think they would have learned something from a 8 year old of their own game – granted almost nobody of d2 worked on d3 but they still all rights and have all necessary information available.

            but nawww – lets throw all systems of d2 overboard and start from scratch.
            the affix and attribute properties + skill interactions are in many ways less refined than even World of Warcraft – so they can’t even steal from their own intellectual property without creating something worse than either WoW or D2’s affix- / attribute- properties.

            I don’t expect them to do everything perfect on the first try – but this isn’t the first try. they took no mechanics or systems from d2.

            they didn’t try to refine existing mechanics – they straight from the start have gone: “naw we don’t need to build upon d2. we know better than that.” – except they didn’t … and they don’t admit or see it either. they blame loot acquisition rate statistics , “dumb loot” and the auction house for a fundamental lack of mechanics and depth that they created of their own accord.

            and they wont fix the game unless they change some core design decisions (eg. dumb attributes of which 3 attributes serve exactly same purpose. except that each class can only take benefit of one of the 3).

            however Blizzard is adamant on their stance that they are irrefutably right – and that problems must originate from somewhere else.
            maybe the ones in charge don’t care enough anymore because it doesn’t really matter for the sales anyway.

    5. As a spoiled rich kid (and in my understanding basically everybody who can affort a computer on which Diablo runs, falls into this category) it doesn’t really matter if I pay 30 or 40 bucks. Hence I’m going to buy it …

      The problem is not the money, but what Blizzard promised to us (and I use “promise” rather losely here). I still feel that D3V is still missing features which were in one way or another suggested to be present (like proper PvP). D3X is perceived by me as a bug fix or a patch if you will and as such I do not think Blizzard “deserves” any money for it. This is the major issue: During the development of D3V and D3X I only saw content cuts and never innovation, accompanied by some ridiculous way of monetarization (AH, D3X price) and some dubious arguments why features were removed (“They are not fun.”).

      In the past I thought Blizzard makes games which are worth their money. Now, not so much. And that’s the problem.

      • Well, not everyone, I’m not a kid, for starters, and I buy my games and my computers with my own money.

        Besides, in first world countries, just about any computer will run Diablo 3. If a kid doesn’t have AN computer, then he’s hardly considered normal in this day and age.

    6. Hmm none of the options are what i actualy think.

      To be honest, the price is alittle much for “one new act and one new class’, but that’s not being completly fair, the Wizard for example, it has SO many changes that it’s ALMOST a new class, so much so that i’m willing to ignore crusader for launch to try my Wizard again, not to mention the loot 2.0, paragon 2.0, adventure mode, etc.

      Of course i’ll say i wish we still got a competitive mode some where, either pvp or ‘pvpve’, a way to compare power between players, SPECIALY a ladder system, so for this reason i’m quiet disappointed.

      I’m gonna have to HOPE (as always) that devil’s hand, pvp, pvpve, ladder and other modes are coming soon after launch, and that being the case, i dont think the price is that horrible, 29,99 seems better, but i’m ok with 39,99 cuz i know Blizzard never stops supporting their games.

      • Keep in mind that, like with WOW expansions, most of what you just said was added is added for everyone, regardless of if they buy it. The class changes happen for everyone, and is like WOW in which is an occasional class overhaul – usually once per expansion. The problem with it is that the ONLY stuff people will be locked out of using if they don’t pay for this expansion but keep playing the game are too few.

        If you were to not buy this, if EVERYONE were to not buy this, we’d still get half of the features in these “new stuff” lists people throw around. What comes exclusively in the pack is fairly minor, or arbitrarily locked to having bought the expansion.

        There is little reason for them to lock out rifts and bounties to expansion-only buyers, other than to drum up cash. They are “overhauling” the end-game by… adding stuff that people at level 60 can’t get for no reason.

    7. I was the Baron asking on Bnet asking if we can unsummon the dog. I thought we could, but I had to be sure. Having that thing following me would be a deal breker… Unsummon was between commas because I meant:

      “Can I get rid of that fugly dog and never look at its mug again for god sake?” 🙂

      I’m considering digital deluxe for extra character slots. Who knows, with all this BoA talk…

    8. I like D3 and specially the PTR changes but I must say that the content of the expansion is a bit low on the new content side. They said they are doing a very early closed beta so I was expecting the beta to be longer than usual AND

      that they would actually add some new features during the course of this long beta. Instead…this is it, it seems.

      I think 40 is a bit too much, 30 would be ok. Since the release announcement is just in time for holidays it would be also ok to release it for 40 with a 10 discount for holidays (or discount for pre-purchase or whatever).

      Loot 2.0 = “Loot 1.0 DR”
      If they did Loot 1.0 right we wouldn’t be needing 2.0. We would instead be getting loot “expansion” not a redoing of the 1.0 aka “Loot 1.0 Done Right”. We are getting like 2 or 3 new affixes if we disregard a pile of affixes that only

      legendary items get (cost reduction, splash damage, crushing blow). And crushing blow is currently disabled (who’s to say it won’t be coming back if Blizzard doesn’t find a solution…remember the skill rune inventory issue?).
      So basically they are selling us the same thing twice.

      Paragon 2.0
      After playing a few hours on the PTR I think Paragon 2.0 is ok but not really something to be excited about. We are complaining about the lack of character development/identity and Paragon 2.0 seems a step back since you can still

      instantly reset all the points and reassign them. And of course now you get all of the points on all your characters, so again every wizard is the same. And since the points are divided equally into 4 categories you can’t really

      customize your character that much.

      Combat system
      Kinda the same as Loot 2.0 – if they did it right the first time, we wouldn’t need the whole healing and life leech reworking. And they had so much time before the D3 release there is really no excuse to not test the high end game.

      The Mystic
      You can look at the Mystic page on the DiabloWiki and see this blue quote from 2010:
      “The Mystic creates scrolls, potions, magical weapons, spell runes, and charms, and can also enchant items.”

      And then the reasoning for removal from 2012:
      “… As we look at the big picture, the Mystic simply wasn’t adding anything to our customization system. …”

      It is funny (and sad) that they have reimplemented her with basically 1 feature (enchanting). I’m not counting transmogrification because it doesn’t bring anything in terms of gameplay changes (but it is a cool feature anyway). So in

      2010 enchanting and all the other stuff she could do was not big enough reason to leave her in the game but now only enchanting is good enough. Granted the enchanting from 2010 was not the same as enchanting now but still…seems like

      another in a long list of Diablo 180s.

      Even in PTR crafting is still…not really interesting. In RoS it seems that we will get at least one great legendary in every slot. So even crafted amulet and shoulders won’t make much sense. All the focus on legendaries makes

      crafting in the end game moot except for possibly set/legendary crafting. In all my time playing D3 I have never gotten a legendary crafting plan. Even if you got one or bought one on AH I don’t think there was a single item really

      good in end game. Hopefully RoS will change the plan drop rates and also improve end game crafted items.

      Other minor gripes (based on PTR)
      The monster density feels very low, like playing first few levels on normal. Not very fun coming from D3 to PTR. Yes currently the monster density is so high that all AoE skills are preferred over single target skills. But now it

      seems the other way. I think they should randomly mix the two (single enemies and groups of enemies) in each level.
      Removing of Nephalem Valor stacks means that we can change skills from encounter to encounter (and also redistribute Paragon points). So another blow to the character permanency/identity.
      Auto identified rare items is kinda silly move since a) there is A LOT less dropped items overall b) rares are can actually be an upgrade a lot more frequently. If anything rares should be auto identified now before Loot 2.0.
      Consolification – there is a new setting called “Show Icons for Dropped items”…(ok to be frank it’s not that bad)

      Missing features
      I was expecting a return of the Talisman and the “charms” that go into it at least. It was already implemented in D3 beta at some point the same as the Mystic.

      Skill runes were the coolest thing when they were implemented as dropped items. I’m still very sad that they cut them out because they couldn’t find a solution for the inventory issue. It would be great to see runes return in some

      form (not necessarily the same as they were in D2 or at least without the broken rune words).

      Jewels would add a bit of diversity to the socketing game. D3 has already so little compared to D2 in terms of socketing. D3 removed jewels and runes and even 3 of 7 gem types (sapphires, skulls, diamonds). RoS is adding back diamonds

      but that’s it. So at this pace maybe in another 2 expansions we will finally be at the D2 level…yay!…NOT!

      We get fully randomized Act 5…too bad the other acts are staying static (that was another disappointing thing they did in D3).

      Another new class would be nice. Some kind of shapeshifter is still missing.

      Not that I am into it but…PVP…yes, it is STILL “coming as a free download” sometime…maybe…

    9. I think people have to stop defending Blizzard and compare RoS in the current market and fixing something that should have been in Diablo 3 is not new content. The price is just too damn high especially, when you consider $20 extra for some ingame items.

      As of right now I am not intending to buy the expansion, even though I played D3 for over 500 hours.

    10. Since I have to pay in € instead of $ the price is way too high. I bought the base game for not that much more. I’d have to check but I believe I payed €45 or €50. This x-pac is not 80% of the content of the base game, but it is 80% of the price.

      Half the things Flux mentions as being added features of RoS are also being implemented as a patch to the base game. Some of the fixes are nice while others are just fixing what was broken in the first place and should have been patched long ago. If you take a good long look at it you’re not really getting that much more than 1 act, 1 class and 1 new artisan.

    11. Yeah, I’m buying it regardless but the price is definitely too high. The $40 is mostly buying you the Crusader, 1 act, and the lvl 70 skills. In this day and age that’s not much for the price as there are full DLC products with much more content at half the price. $25ish seems a far more reasonable price point.

      I’m also gonna call BS on charging so much extra for the new slots. Those should be standard for everyone if they refuse to increase stash space. Adding a bunch of new items but giving us zero new space is a really crappy thing to do and people just want those slots for muling.

      • I also think it’s worth pointing out that Torchlight 2 costs $20. Sure, D3 has far higher production values but the comparison makes the $40 xpac seem ridiculous.

    12. i feel only commiseration for anyone who purchases or even preorders this abomination. but hey, i guess getting screwed over and then regretting it is an experience one has to make on his own.

      • You don’t have to feel bad for anybody.

        We are not getting screwed nor are we regretting buying D3 , I have put more than 1500 hours in D3V and I think 200 hours would have been enough for me to say that the game is worth every $ I paid for it and I bought D3V 3 times , 2 Accounts for me and 1 Account for my friend and 1 of them is CE.

        I think the game is overpriced for content true , but am I not gonna be spending another 1500hour ? I sure as hell am , so I got Deluxe Edition , would have been nice if it was cheaper and it should have been, but it is gonna be worth the money I paid for it because I can get enough out of it to justify the price.

    13. Gee, some of you are spoiled brats, are you?

      For reference: Monkey Island II has cost 120 DM (~60 USD) here in the EU back in 1991. That included a box, a small “manual”, a cardboard disc with protection codes, and some disks with the game on it. And now tell me that – after over 20 years incl. inflation and much higher production costs/value! – Blizzard games/addons are expensive!

      • Production cost/value? Why are you making arguments out of thin air? How many people worked on MI2 how many on D3xpac? And how much of copies both sold? Efficiency..

        Do they really need a big team for umm like 20-25% of the original content? I thought about 100 people wordked on d3 this is what 20-25 people team? Giving us ripped content and fixing items which should be the main selling point of the game from start?

        20% content for 60% of original price? And they already had engine, the tools, the people…

        Well nobbie…wake up

    14. My biggest gripe is that preordering the digital deluxe doesn’t get you into the closed beta. =/

      That said, I do think this is a bit overpriced.

      Paragon 2.0, loot 2.0, that’s all stuff that is just trying to fix the original game, not ‘new’ content. That should be, and is, a free patch.

      Adventure mode should really be in vanilla as well but they’ve decided to throw it into expansion-only, possibly because that’s like the one thing that people actually want in the expansion. If there wasn’t an expansion on the horizon, I could see this as being added into the core game in a patch, much like the ‘pvp’ was.

      New character class and new act are standard for an expansion pack and take a lot of work, true. But maybe $25 worth, not $40 worth. The Mystic and its system again, not really much work there. It’s like the one ‘new’ system to go with the expansion. Maybe bump the price up to $30.

      So I don’t think they’re overcharging by much, but I do think they’re overcharging simply on the whole “this is what expansions always cost so we know people will pay it” instead of actually providing enough content to warrant that price or lowering the price to reflect the amount of content.

    15. QUOTE

      You don't have to feel bad for anybody.
      We are not getting screwed nor are we regretting buying D3 , I have put more than 1500 hours in D3V and I think 200 hours would have been enough for me to say that the game is worth every $ I paid for it and I bought D3V 3 times , 2 Accounts for me and 1 Account for my friend and 1 of them is CE.
      I think the game is overpriced for content true , but am I not gonna be spending another 1500hour ? I sure as hell am , so I got Deluxe Edition , would have been nice if it was cheaper and it should have been, but it is gonna be worth the money I paid for it because I can get enough out of it to justify the price.

      Would it not be true that even without the expansion you would play 1500 more hours anyways?

    16. QUOTE

      For comparaison with D2 LoD:
      before € we had FF: 
      - D2 LoD : 200 FF = 30.50 €
      - D3 RoS : 262 FF = 39.99 €
      What justifies this increase for a "digital" version ?
      10 years of inflation?
    17. QUOTE

      20% content for 60% of original price? And they already had engine, the tools, the people...

      That is how the expansion business plan works though. Much higher profit per copy sold (not necessarily overall, depends on how well it sell obviously, as an expansion obviously sells worse than a full game). Lots of game companies end up not really earning much on their original game, knowing that if the game succeeds, they can earn some on expansions/dlc.

      I bet the D3X team is a lot bigger than 25 people though 🙂
      Sure its 20% of the content, but it is also like 20% of the development time.

      • Their team is bigger than 25 people because they are incompetent, when it games to game design. They dont know what are they doing, they had all these years but in the end of the day you just read the blue cm: we gonna adjust the legendary drops. Like they couldnt figure this out in 20 years of diablo. I bet they had the statistic and feedback and all. Or did the human psychology changed? Do you have to reinvent the treat? I see a big incompetence in the background. Same with PvP – so much went into that, we can be pretty sure of that..yet all wasted.

        20% content simpy doesnt equal 60% price. Even if it were 5% time. I dont give a shit about that.

    18. ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa So, we who live in EU, have to pay 54$ for just 1 act+ 1 class. As far as I remember,mystic should be in D3V with PvP and much more. And correct me if I’m wrong we won’t get any PvP anytime soon, atleast untill x pack 2.
      Thank you Blizz for the opportunity,to have my hard earned money,but no. I will wait until the price goes down alot!
      I’m completely satisfied with free games like PoE and Dota 2 atm. 54$ for 3 additional slots is a great joke!

    19. Definitely should have been 30 dollars. A lot of the improvements that come in RoS are actually being patched in for free, so what you’re left with is kind of underwhelming.

      While I’m still excited about the changes/improvements, mystic, rifts, etc, it would have been good policy to knock 10 dollars off to appease the more disgruntled fans.

      Or maybe Blizzard is still confident in the “they’ll buy it anyway…” policy.

      If in the future, they just added new features and game play modes instead of spending development time on the story, I think they’d be able to sell it at a more reasonable price. All the new assets they need to create, not to mention CG movies for a mode people play through once then forget about, seems to be a big waste. (Sorry, lore fans.)

    20. For the amount of hours I’m going to sink into that game, $40 dollars doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    21. Wait, most of the runewords we know and *cough* love, were 1.10, which didn’t come out for a long while after LOD. Also, synergies, Ubers, etc weren’t in at LOD ship. 1.10 was the “real” expansion, at least what most people think of when they think of LOD.

      WoW xpacs have spoiled us; they give a lot of stuff out w/ each xpac, plus a few big patches over the following year. D3, especially w/ the RMAH shutdown, will never get that kind of ongoing support. It’d be okay to pay $40, knowing that a few months down the line, something big and new was coming (a small new zone, a new boss/event, a new set of crafting plans, etc). D3C had Ubers, Paragon, and *gag* Brawling, but never flat out new content (art, sounds, animations, tiles, etc). WoW patches (big ones) give content. New art, new quests, new items, new monsters (most of the time), new dungeons/raids, sometimes even small zones. D3 isn’t that game, and w/o an RMAH, DLC or sub fee, it will never have that potential. That’s why that $40 seems too much.

    22. I really felt let down a good bit by some aspects of D3 when I compared it to D2. D3 should have been all of what d2 was but, with more. I’ve heard the argument that D3 is a different game … whatever.

      With D3, the game was released with LESS; less shrines, les gems, no jewels, no runes, no rune words, no ethereal items, no charms and less storage space by A LOT (because in d2 we were able to create endless characters to use as mules).

      But, did I enjoy it? YES … I did … because, it’s a diablo game. But, I still felt some resentment when I hit those brick walls; months of abysmal drops and endless farming without finding a single legendary item. (I’m talking months)

      So, I feel that this patch and the expansion should really be about trying to fix what was broken about D3 so to speak. This expansion will be seen by many as an apology to the diablo player base who waited over 10 years for a sequel and then got a dud. A wait that went on and on … while we watched other communities, WOW for example, get expansion after expansion after expansion.

      I don’t care what the price is. I know a lot of work has gone into fixing D3 with this expansion. But, don’t give it to us with bound legendaries, no AH, and neutered character classes. Don’t take away things that the players like. Wouldn’t that just be stupid? Especially if you’re going to charge us again?

      And there had better be a freaking ton of storage space … forget 3 new unlockable characters … make it, pay one price and it’s unlimited. Then, I’d pay $90

    23. Even if RoS was a free patch, it’d still be too expensive. The core game is broken and they have not fixed it. The majority of people griping feel that they already overpaid for D3 core, and RoS is doing nothing to alleviate that. RoS was Blizzard’s last chance to start over, reboot things, and deliver on the game they promised back in 2008. Instead they’re just applying a new coat of paint to the game they released in 2011, and rushing it out the door, pretending they did a full reboot.

    24. Blizzard’s own store is usually going to be the most expensive because they don’t want to undercut third party vendors. If you’re only interested in the base game, just buy it from a different store.

    25. If you weren’t getting 3 additional character slots, then I’d say the DE/CE are not worth it. but I’d have now problem, and in fact have already, purchasing the Deluxe edition. i would have done it for nothing more than the slots (in addition to the base content of course).

    26. QUOTE

      Lots of game companies end up not really earning much on their original game, knowing that if the game succeeds, they can earn some on expansions/dlc.
      a problem they created for themselves because apparently they can't stop themselves from pumping enough cash into development and marketing to bend reality.
      Their team is bigger than 25 people because they are incompetent, when it games to game design.
      sure, fixing bugs and glitches post-release is one thing, but creating band-aids like paragon, MP, ubers, etc or work they never anticipated pre-release costs money. it shouldn't take any AAA company almost two years to release secondary digital content. they were so far behind schedule in RoS due to the problems of D3V and delays in a company of that size also costs big money. there is no sub price to defray costs and RMT is going away soon. of course, the cost to pay the piper is not going to come out bobby's pocket. ultimately, it's going to come out yours.
      While I'm still excited about the changes/improvements, mystic, rifts, etc, it would have been good policy to knock 10 dollars off to appease the more disgruntled fans.Or maybe Blizzard is still confident in the "they'll buy it anyway..." policy.
      bobby would probably strangle the accountant who suggests a $10 discount.  anyway, why shouldn't they be confident? it's like i said in another thread. the era of paying for a complete game up-front and never reaching for your wallet again is practically dead ( what do you think RMAH was about). years ago, the accountants at these companies must have threw up in a paper bag when they looked at the amount of time players spent online effectively playing for free. today, companies like EA and others build micro-transactions into everything it does. the new generation of consoles is making it easier for microtransactions on their systems.
      CoD:BO sold 18 million map packs and users spent an average of $76 on the game. MW2 sold 11 million at $15 each. FIFA 10 generated $30m in DLC sales. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team generated $70 million with their weird MtG-like system. BL2 generated over 10 million in it's first year. GTAV is projected to make $93 million in microtransactions and $344 million for DLC over it's five year life span. there's a lot of money to be made beyond the initial box sale in secondary digital content and the demand is driven by players. players aren't exactly proving them wrong either by opening up their wallets like trained doggies.
    27. QUOTE

      Any chance Blizzard will hear the cries from the EU realms and adjust the price, after realising that one dollar does not equal one Euro?
      Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk

      Sadly no. Being jerks to Europe when it comes to exchange rates are normal behavior.

      • I’m sure they know 1 dollar isn’t 1 euro. The issue is that they have to pay currency exchange taxes/fees most so they have to sell it for a higher amount to recoup the cost of doing business.

        My opinion based on my own job experience with an international company.

    28. I, for one, am completely pleased with the price and content value in RoS.

      Given, I am a grown up now, with responsibilities, a job, a relationship.. and sure, I’ve only played about 500-550 hours of D3 throughout the last year and a half, but you know what? It was worth the 59.99 euros I paid for it, and the expansion is going to be worth the 59.99 I paid for as well (deluxe edition).

      When you really think about it, for 60 euros (or 480 norwegian crowns, here locally), one can barely eat at a restaurant for two, or shop some groceries for a couple of days. It’s really not that big of an expense, for a game I willl surely sink at least another 500-1000 hours into again, throughout the years.

      Sure, I can understand why people feel it’s little content, and it surely is not much NEW per-say.. especially when listening to the podcast of flux, archon, monstrous and the devs, and hearing them say over and over again, they do not want to “burden” the other teams with creating new effects, new levels, new animations, new anything at all”.

      Basically, they are only recycling the animation, tiles, affixes and systems we already have in the game today, just in a much more sophisticaed, interesting and eventually FUN way.

      I, for one, can accept that. And cannot wait the remaining 94 days until the expansion is finally in my hands! It will be a blast! 🙂

      • I’m in the exact same situation. Job, wife, house, responsibilities. So I don’t log the time that most people do, but I get in my fair share of play-time. To me, the amount of fun I have playing the game is worth it. I can’t name another game that I have gotten as much replay-ability out of, regardless of price.

        On the other hand, for the people who are upset about the price and content being added, there is one easy way to send a message and that is to simply not buy the expansion. I know it’s probably difficult for some that are so passionate about the game to just give up on it like that, but it’s really the best way to show Blizz how unhappy you are.

    29. It should really be either free or 6.66 in whatever unit of currency your country uses for anyone that preordered the original game. Just for the symbolic nature of rewarding those who were loyal since day 1 and were let down.

      Only reason I’m not a lot more annoyed about this is I’m not paying a dime even if I do deem it worth purchasing as AH flipping got me enough for it.

    30. Any pictures of the extra stuff in the RoS physical collectors edition?

      On a side note: still no xbox360 and no xbox1 development (we only know about PS4)…what’s the deal with that??

    31. Anyone have a link to where we can pre-order the CE in Canada (tried Amazon, Bestbuy, Futureshop and none of them have it listed)

    32. They didnt talk about 360 for vanilla-console D3 either. I bet it is the same deal.

      Or maybe they just realize how much better PS4 is /troll

    33. QUOTE

      On a side note: still no xbox360 and no xbox1 development (we only know about  PS4)...what's the deal with that??

      it’s probably due to the money hat deal between sony and blizz. generally, the way a money hat works is MS and Sony will pay 3rd party developers excessive amounts of money or preferential treatment for exclusivity or timed exclusivity as an incentive for developers to put their games on the platforms. MS and Sony will also do the same for console exclusive content, DLC or features like the RoS PS4 adventure kills system, player mail and player gifts. i think it’s likely RoS will be on the xbone, but MS probably didn’t pony up any cash which is why blizz isn’t talking about the xbone right now. so, why give them the free advertisement.

    34. In a way I think the price is fair: there might not be a ton of content, but it seems like the previous content is getting a nice makeover, and there is some new content as well. To me though, even though D3 has been “fixed” for quite a while, it still feels like the expansion is really just fixing d3 to be what it should have started as. That alone isn’t a problem for me though, because even though d2 vanilla was good, LOD is what made is really great. Hopefully this expansion doesn’t turn out to be a letdown. If it is, I won’t regret spending $40 on it, I’ll just be sad I don’t have the awesome diablo game I want/need.

    35. What’s outrageous is paying an extra $20 for extra character slots. Since there are now 6 classes, everyone should get 12 slots automatically.

    36. QUOTE

      Personally I think the price should be $5-10 lower than it is, but that would never happen.  To be honest, I'd have been surprised if it was announced to be lower than the $40 they're charging for the standard edition of the xpac.  The pricing seems consistent to me.
      Though, seems most people feel like there's either not enough content for the price, or that this expansion fixes would should have been fixed at game's launch... and if not either of those, then they're happy with how it is :)
      And also, many of the people on the Blizz forums, as usual, are just full of nonsense.  Seriously, LOL at so many of those posts/threads... must suck to babysit that garbage, but at least they're paid to do it...
      For comparaison with D2 LoD:
    37. There is a great deal going for those who have not gotten Diablo 3 yet, I just purchased both Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls in a pack from the Blizzard website for $60.

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