A friend sent me a link to view Diablo 3 Collector’s Editions on Ebay, with prices that surprised me. (More than retail.) While there, I noticed a fair number of Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition appearing up in the search results. That was a lot more surprising, and you can share my reaction to the search results.

    A fool and his money are something something...

    A fool and his money are something something…

    There are dozens of RoS:CEs listed now, from $110 up to $160+ US dollars, all set to be delivered after March 25th… and this completely baffles me. The game doesn’t exist yet, it can’t be sold yet, and even if you had one you couldn’t play until the servers go live. Plus, you can preorder it from real stores, not just some janky PayPal scammers on Ebay, and for much less than the Ebay listings! The digital edition is $60, and the physical version is $80 on Amazon.com, and you’ll see them for similar prices in every gaming and electronics store in two weeks.

    So seriously, why are people trying to sell them in advance, at a huge markup, on Ebay? I mean duh, obviously they’re *trying* to do so to rip off stupid people… but are gamers really that dumb? This isn’t Silk Road and Bitcoins here; it’s a real product that you can spend real money on from a real merchant; there’s no need to pay double to shady resellers on Ebay. It’s not like you get a special achievement or dye color for being ripped off this way. (Though that would be kind of cool. There should be an in-game cone of shame virtual item to go with it.)

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