We saw last week that Reaper of Souls bounty split-farming had been hotfixed out of the beta. While the really exploitative method was patched, Blizzard didn’t entirely remove the benefits of everyone going their own way in a multiplayer game. Characters now have to be on the same level to score the exp/gold/Blood Shards reward for each individual bounty, but everyone in the game, no matter where they are, still gets credit for the bounty completion, which counts towards the bonus goodie bag earned for completing all bounties in each act.

    What if I complete 90% objectives and just go back town to salvage trash and someone else finish it?
    Nevalistis: If you aren’t present when the bounty is completed, you won’t receive the rewards (gold, experience, or Blood Shards). However, you will receive completion credit for the bounty, so that you qualify for finishing Tyrael’s quest.

    How big is this area in relation to what is rendered on screen?
    Should be about a screen and a half, if my estimates are correct. Try it out and be sure to let us know how these changes feel!

    Groups will just split up as usual and “prep” the bounties individually like players do now with festering woods for crypt runs. The reward system doesn’t scale with difficulty enough at the moment, its not worth doing bounties as a group because split farming is quicker, easier and just as rewarding as higher difficulties where you have to work as a team.
    Nevalistis: Right now, we want to see exactly what kind of behavior pans out as a result of these fixes. We’re definitely keeping an eye on what’s going on when it comes to this style of gameplay. The intent is to have players in multiplayer actually playing together in the same area, and we’re dedicated to working towards a goal that both encourages and rewards that kind of behavior.

    As you all experiment with these changes, we’re taking copious notes and seeing what further needs tweaking. =)

    I’ve experimented quite a bit with Bounties in Reaper of Souls, solo, split-farming, and co-op teamwork, and I’d say this is an inadequate solution… depending on Blizzard’s goal. If they really want to encourage (force?) teamwork and co-op play on bounties, then they need to fix it so that goodie bags can’t be split-farmed like this.

    Completing bounties is the fastest way to rack up Blood Shards, but even with legendary gambling now possible, Shards aren’t that big a deal. You accumulate them, but they’re almost a by-product of what you’d be doing anyway. When I’m playing I value the goodie bag much more highly than the Shards from the individual bounties, since goodie bags have good legendary drop odds; much better than gambling from Shards, at least.

    That said… this isn’t a terrible system now. It’s kind of exploitable, but players like things that are exploitable, so long as they’re not too cheesy or game-breaking. Full on bounty sharing via split farming was too much. This might be a decent compromise, and besides, it’s mostly an exploit for weaker characters who are still gearing up. Once you’ve got good enough equipment to handle Torment you’re going to earn better rewards (exp, gold, items) partying up there and teaming up to quickly to the bounties in co-op.

    If there comes a day when lots of chars are so well geared that they can easily split-farm in Torment, I’ll be willing to reconsider my non-objection.

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