Diablo 3 Podcast Live Stream in Reaper of Souls Beta: Flux, Xanth, Neinball

We’ve been streaming a bunch during the beta, but tonight will be different and hopefully even better. We’re recording the next episode of the Diablo 3 Podcast and we’re doing it live, from New Tristram. Neinball, Xanth, and me will be in game and on skype, recording the podcast while trying not to be completely distracted because OH LOOK SHINY.

You can listen in live via the stream in our Incgamers Twitch channel, and we’ll be answering viewer questions and probably even playing some Hardcore RoS before, during, and/or after the recording.

We should be live at 7pm PST, Sunday night. World clock here.

Update: Watch and listen below

Watch live video from IncGamers on TwitchTV

Click through to access the chat ap, or just view it via our IncGamers channel on Twitch.tv.

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16 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Podcast Live Stream in Reaper of Souls Beta: Flux, Xanth, Neinball

  1. url]http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?817644-521-35-dps&p=8135646&highlight=#post8135646[/url]

    that was from back in beta when I hit 600dmg with level 13 chars, back when they didn’t have str/int for stats. Blizzard forums changed so my even higher and later into beta screenshot
    Grats on getting into beta, game looks amazing. Really wish I also got in, I had so much fun in the d3 vanilla beta, I remember playing almost all day and having dps races with everybody in game, and some from this site.

    that was from back in beta when I hit 600dmg with level 13 chars, back when they didn't have str/int for stats. Blizzard forums changed so my even higher and later into beta screenshots are gone :(. I remember ending up with the most damage before beta going down though and the person I had the most competition with even offering me 10$ for my beta amulet lol. Most of my friends thought I was crazy since it only went to SK, and got boring really quick, but I couldn't help but try to max out my char to the extreme everytime a new patch hit, id sit and play SK for like 8 hours it was kinda sad lol. This beta adds even more content though. Can't wait for closed beta to start and hopefully get in, at the very least open beta. I want dps race again !!. So far from all the streams, nobody seems to be DH, just like the real game :p
  2. More stupidly oversized monsters, one of my pet hates about this game. I like the new music though, heaps better. The scarabs were pretty cool though, some decent cc there. Thanks for the stream.

  3. It seem so easy. I want d3 to be challenging, not “walk and kill everything with 2 shots”. Even elites on this stream fall so quickly doing nothing to character.
    It’s too easy!

    • Higher level difficulty seems to be more like what you want. I don’t know what difficulty the stream is playing, but last time I watched King Kongor’s lvl 70 Crusader stream he was playing Torment II, and things seemed to be about the point of MP 7-ish. Normal stuff died in about 2-5 seconds, elites died in about 5-15 seconds depending on type and affixes (that’s per elite, so a whole pack usually took about 30 seconds to a minute). Kongor got near death a whole bunch of times, and he died a few times to especially hard affix mobs. For reference, Kongor had about 1.3 million DPS and somewhere around 8 million toughness, with 740,000 life. Because of this, the game doesn’t look too easy, but on low difficulties, the game won’t be that hard. Right now, MP 9 and 10 are really hard and monsters have tons of health. However, if have a well-geared character and play on MP 0-2 the game will be exactly as you describe.

      • I would love to see a difficult increase that’s more than numbers. I don’t want to be like “Street Fighter 2” difficulty levels 1 punch at level 1 does 1dmg, same punch at level 9 does 99dmg…that’s cheap.
        I would love to see that difficult increased by faster, new techniques, erm…in other words…
        I would love a bigger role of Ability over Gear. Without outstanding gear ofc, its the “game motive”.

      • 1.3 million DPS… 8 million toughness… 740,000 life…

        4 digit numbers for any of these stats is borderline ridiculous. The D3 Devs need a dose of common sense.

  4. I didn’t watch whole stream, but locations are very good, I have one question, how long it takes to the last location before main boss?

  5. Sad/odd to say, but I do not feel the need to buy this expansion day 1. That coming from buying the Diablo 3 CE. I guess I had to much dissapoinment and to much waiting for non coming patches and to much not listening the community suggests and to much not being Blizzard anymore.

    I’m more hyped for Hearthstone(playing the beta now) and the launch of Heroes of the Storm. In D3 expansion I can only see a funny experience from 60-70, a little hitting the wall of time/reward gearing your hero and then being left to rot once again from Blizzard until the next expansion…

  6. Same here Gargos – bought d3 day one, but after seeing the itemization is still not fixed, the wow dmg and hp inflation and i really hate the trading being restricted, I dont care about bots, flippers, etc I just want to give my legendary items to friends.

    I am not going to support the game where we are cut off the choices. I want trade, ah server whatever. Selffound may go play their server.

    • What is more funny is WoW is going to reduce the hp/damage numbers while D3 follows WoW’s old footsteps.

  7. there are already streamers playing Torment 6. This to me is a serious problem with the game. They obviously didn’t learn anything from console. The gear is coming too good too fast. I say this even though my wife and I are enjoying console. But we don’t get to play all that often. So the gear drop rate for us is actually very nice. Our short play sessions (1-3 hours) are fun and we usually find a couple upgrades each. (we’ve played off and on since console release and haven’t hit 60 yet…to give you an idea of how frequently we play)

    I’m not sure the drop rate is bad…its the quality of gear you can get so damn fast that is not good. It should take a very long time to get to Torment 6 in my mind. Then again, getting to the next difficulty level really shouldn’t be the end game goal anyway.

    Perhaps they should simply scale difficulty with an internal gear level. That way you keep the game from being a face roll.

    Just random thoughts in my head. I don’t really know what should be done, but the game looks broken to me. Sure the streamers are having fun now, but that just isn’t going to last long.

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