Reaper of Souls Beta is Live, New Screenshots!

As you saw in Xanth’s post, the Reaper of Souls Friends and Family beta is live and running. I just finished the 16gig download and I’m in game and looking around in awe and wonderment. The beta works like the PTR does for a D3 patch; you log in, create a new character and then you can copy over your current characters. So I brought in my current Americas account, which gives me all of my D3 characters and gear.

Some very quick observations and screenshots.

Paragon 2.0!

Paragon 150! That’s what my HC play time yields. My softcore characters are Paragon 110, which means that dead HC char experience is indeed being counted, since my live HC chars (in D3V) are approximately paragon levels 69, 45, 35, and 15. However I have dead 90 and 63 Monks, which must be adding in as well.) In Softcore I have Paragons 80, 62, 25, 15, and 10, or thereabouts. Remember that Paragon 2.0 is determined from your total experience, not by adding up your paragon levels, and the higher paragon levels require much more exp than the lower ones. For example, 90-100 is equivalent in EXP to 1-60, and the EXP halfway point between 1 and 100 is around 82.5.

Loot 2.0!

I haven’t played any yet, but expect to upgrade your gear very quickly. Looking at the new NPC merchant in Westmarch I saw 3 rare weapons and 6 rare armors for sale, with some very big stat numbers. Nothing good enough to upgrade over my (formerly Paragon 69) Monk, but you wouldn’t expect that just looking at the first items for sale in the first minute of playing. You can see some screens of the gear for sale below and get an idea how any decent roll will blow away current equipment.

Adventure Mode!

Adventure mode is a go. The interface is a bit different than it was in the Blizzcon demo; it’s less open world and doesn’t seem like I can skip from anywhere in Act One to anywhere in Act 2-5. It seems like only Acts 1 and 5 are open with bounties in my game, but maybe I just don’t know quite how it works yet? At any rate, all of Act 5 is open for play and bounties, and I’m torn… do I want to skip right to the Pandemonium Fortress? Shouldn’t I play through normally and see Act 5’s story unfold as I go, at least this first time? Decisions, decisions.

That’s all for now; I’ll update again after some play time on the new stuff, and we should be a go on streaming later today or tomorrow, if you want to watch some live action.

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32 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Beta is Live, New Screenshots!

    • Or more likely, when the game is available for purchase. They probably won’t be doing an open beta weekend for this I don’t think, since that was about loading up the servers.

  1. I think I’d just make a Crusader and check that out. Importing my character would just be annoying when I go back to my actual character in standard D3. Talking of which, no video for the Crusader selection screen? The box looks empty.

  2. To the people who are jealous, bear in mind that this is basically equivalent to spending a few months playing Diablo 3 which is going to end with Blizzard deleting all your progress. This is why I’m always torn when it comes to betas. It’s exciting to feel like you’re in a select group of privileged people, but at the same time you’re basically playing a substandard version of a game with your saves being deleted every so often. (Still, if I get a beta invite, I’m strapping on my colostomy bag and setting up a subscription with my local pizza delivery place).

    • Plus it has the chance of burning you out that much quicker.

      That aside, glad to see they’re progressing. Hoping the release date isn’t that far off!

  3. Flux, Does this means they are PTR’ing loot2.0 and RoS at the same time ? . That would guess for a much earlier release date then many of us predicted.

  4. Got 2 questions :
    1:Are elemental eefect in ? because i see chainlighning on streams for people who have lightning dmg on their weapons.
    2: The mystic can roll splash dmg wth??>

  5. I…. want…. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    too bad I am serving a 7 day suspension from their forums I think they no like me ^^

  6. I wasn’t expecting F&F this year let alone closed beta so this is great news. Seems like they have learnt from the D3C beta by allowing access to most (if not all?) areas and features. I predict a May release now, before I was edging toward Q3/Q4.

    Can’t wait to see the reports flying up on all the stuff you guys can tell us.

  7. u just gotta love that fluxyman, really nice to share with us instead of just going to play for urself! looking forward for moar moar moar!!!!

  8. Go Flux–
    PTR coming soon will be great too!!
    I did get a Elder Scrolls Beta key, so I’ll have to try that waiting on the D3 ptr

  9. So how many of these menus do you need to go through each time you start a game with the same character?

    Just from looking at the screenshots, it’s a little unclear how intrusive these menus are.

    It would be nice if it displayed the game difficulty and settings in the main window with your character (just a little thing off in the corner or something) -so they are instantly recognized, but the player isn’t required to go through those menus every time when starting a game.

    Of course, I could be missing quite a few things since I only have these screen shots to look at. 🙂

  10. It’s nice to see the buffed vendors. Can you tell whether the items they sell change levels according to the players level or not?

    For example, in act 1 normal with a new character, I would expect to find items of a certain level at the vendor, -but I would also like to see these items change their level according to any higher level character I take into act 1 normal as well.

    Basically, I would like to see that vendors are valuable to stop by irregardless of whatever level character I’m playing. They wouldn’t have to compete with what I would find while slaying monsters, but being sometimes occasionally worthwhile to stop in and see what they sell would be nice.

  11. I like the new health vials too! Have they changed all of them in the game, or is this something new only for characters higher than level 60?

  12. Question:
    With the new difficulty system – how does difficulty based achievements work? “Kill this boss on that difficulty”, “Do this challenge on that difficulty”, “Finish this difficulty with that character” – are those out and moved to “Feats of Strength”? Did they left them and just changed conditions? Did they rename them?
    I’m an achievement hunter but I was taking my sweet time. Should I hurry and try to finish all those before RoS hits?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Now with the beta, this is the first time i’m exposed to these twitch streamers and i’m kinda sad that these players are apparently considered (by blizzard marketing which probably supplied the keys) as icons in the diablo community. After several hours i just can’t take it anymore. All these retarded pretenders like “DatModz” acting like diablo veterans and being surprised when reading what “crushing blow” does… /facepalm. Between this and all the ZOMG LEG OP OP HUMMERDIN OP LAME REEEEEP commentary i haven’t seen any streamer really go into depth.

    Sorry for the rand and with this being said, Flux! Are you considering streaming? I and I think a lot of other players would love to see some streaming with quality commentary!

    Also I have a couple of questions, maybe anyone can answer them…
    1: We know that archived hardcore experience is being counted, but does anyone know if there are new consequences (experience wise) to death in HC?
    Like e.g. en percentage loss of your total?
    2: Has anyone seen anything concerning the The Devil’s Hand?
    3: Are there any changes to the old leg/set plans in the expansion beta?

    • I was watching a stream… I think ThunderClaw, and he was playing a WD… level 70… and he was still using his level 60 zuni even though he was getting rolled. He wasn’t using mana regen spell, it was aggrivating to say the least. Then someone joined his game who had a sharagon level SEVEN. I tried to consider that maybe he mostly played hardcore, until I saw him die like 50 times.

      Blizzard has a weird invite system for sure.

      • Well if you think about it. They said this…

        In the past, participants in this particular phase of public testing usually only include friends and relatives of Blizzard employees. With Reaper of Souls, however, we’ve decided to buck that trend and extend invites to valued media contacts and key members of the Blizzard community. We’re also inviting 3,000 of our most active Diablo III players from around the world who’ve opted in for beta testing—something we’ve never done for any Friends and Family Beta test before!

        This is just me speculating but i think they only just released the F&F keys and the valued media contacts and key member of the blizzard community keys, and HAVE NOT released the keys for the 3’000 most active players.

        I think they have not released the keys for the 3’000 most active players because I’m an active 2000+ hours hardcore player and since the “hardcore”
        hardcore community is relatively small i know most of the most active hardcore players as well! And i found it odd that no one i know got a key!

        If this is true, most of the players we see now are just the “valued media contacts” which can roughly be translated into “most loud and obnoxious streamers”

  14. If that is your account with both hardcore and softcore heroes, how come you have only below 1000 achievement points? Did they change that or add new achievs maybe?

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