We’re drawing rapidly closer to the March 25th, one year anniversary of the launch (party!) of Reaper of Souls. Blizzard has kept mum about whatever celebration plans they might have, though they’ve probably got something in mind for this coming week. Remember D3’s anniversary week got us a “doubled it” legendary drop rate buff that was ultimately made permanent.

    Thinking back over the past year, it’s a blur, but a mostly pleasant one. It seems like more than a year, partially since the Reaper of Souls beta test ran for months before release and included almost the entire game, plus we also got a huge revision when D3v2 went live well before RoS’ launch. But also since when I think back on what we were doing in D3 vanilla, it feels like late stage Diablo 2. Repeating the same content multiple times on the way to level 60, endlessly grinding the same boring non-random levels, auto-salvaging 99% of drops while hoping to find one of the handful of useful legendary items, etc.

    What do you guys remember about D3 vanilla, and the changes we’ve seen in the first year of Reaper? I’m hoping someone has stronger memories and opinions than me, so we can launch some points of discussion this week. Also, we’re recording a podcast tonight and while there’s plenty to talk about with the news about S2/S3 and the new PTR patch, I want to discuss RoS Year One a bit… and frankly, I’m hoping to pick the community’s brain for ideas.

    Also, secret note to the podcast doodz. I’m out all day and posting this from mobile, and don’t have access to my email or address book. So here’s your “podcast tonight” notice! If you read this and want to be on the show tonight, email me or just get on skype around the usual time, and we’ll roll when I get home.

    Just for the nostalgias, here’s a batch of RoS launch party photos, which Flux and a bunch of site readers were able to attend.

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