Reaper of Souls and PTR Gameplay Issues

A few Blue comments on Reaper of Souls and PTR Gameplay Issues:

Killed the Skeleton King first time with new character and dropped two blue items and a Demonic Essence.
Tsarnis: This is intended. Act Sub-bosses (Skeleton King, Maghda, Cydea, etc.) do not always drop a rare item, though they have a higher chance to do so than the average monster.

These sub bosses do seem to drop at least a rare almost always at higher levels, but perhaps not right for a new character in Act One. Furthermore, Act Bosses (in Campaign Mode) are still guaranteed to drop a Legendary the first time a character kills them. That came up in Guild chat last night, when a site reader (Genocides, IIRC) in the PTR was asking about the loot others were finding in the Reaper of Souls beta. Xanth beat me to the reply, which is that RoS players have no idea if act bosses still drop guaranteed legendaries since we mostly play Adventure Mode, and while you sometimes get a bounty on an Act Boss, that’s not treated as the “guaranteed” drop since it’s not achieved with the quest completion in Story Mode.

Furthermore, the very end of Act Five is not included in the beta, so there’s no Malthael to kill for the Act Boss reward even when you do the required Campaign Mode completion to enable Adventure Mode. The obvious strategy seems to be to level new characters up to 70 via Adventure Mode, saving your guaranteed Legendary drops from Act Bosses until you are level 70.

Act 2 Keywarden Hardcore players beware! A2 Keywarden 1shots through shields

Yep, you see that right. I died with a 35k shield still up. Not only that, but it was completely instantaneous, no warning whatsoever. I also would like to mention that I have 80k hp and nearly 1000 all res thanks to the new lewt stat seeds.

Regardless, while simply avoiding the damage is fine (now that I’m aware of the mechanic), I don’t see how it’s possible to die with shields on.
Tsarnis: The shield still displaying after you die is pretty high on my team’s list of things to investigate. It seems to be a UI/Display issue only from what I’ve read and observed myself, but we are going to take a look at it and make sure.

The blue is a tech support guy, not one of the usual CMs, hence the lack of hand holding or pep talking in his reply. He seems to be saying that the shield worked, but that the damage reflected was so huge that it took out the whole shield and the whole health pool in a blink. Hence the error is displaying a positive value on the shield, not a game mechanic that = instant kill for any Demon Hunter attempting to farm the Act 2 KW.

Alrighty, then.

The last post is about the huge nerf to Dodge in the new patch, both on the PTR and RoS.

I did some quick comparison between the stats of my characters on live, and those on the PTR for the Pre-Expanson Patch. Gonna throw quick examples:

My DH has 51% dodge on live, but only 30% on the PTR for the Pre-Expansion Patch.
My Barb has 40% dodge on live, but only 22% on the PTR for the Pre-Expansion Patch.
My WD has 30% dodge on live, but only 9% on the PTR for the Pre-Expansion Patch.

Overall, this is pretty much a flat nerf of less 20% dodge per character, and that’s A LOT. For a character with 30% dodge, being left with 9%, this means he’s effectively losing more than two thirds (2/3) of his dodge. That’s waay too big of a nerf.

And the guy doesn’t even mention that since the patch Paragon 2.0 no longer has a field to raise Dodge % via Paragon Points. Click through for the blue reply, which is more about tone and the perils of premature pessimism while Dodging the issue itself.

Raising these subjects is important,but it is also important to keep in mind that those things are still in early stages of development,and the road is long ahead.

Nothing is set in stone yet,so stay positive =)
Vaneras: Just wanted to emphasise this part posted by Moses above.

You are more than welcome to post feedback about your experiences on the PTR/beta, in fact you are encouraged to do so. But please try and hold back on the the doom and gloom posts for now, because we are still in a super early stage of testing and a ton of things have yet to be tuned/balanced. We are far from a final and polished pre-launch build, so please try and remember that when providing your feedback 🙂

Well if its feedback you want you cant be the one dictating peoples reactions to certain things. I feel his post was perfectly viable. We know alot less then you with regards to where in the stage this project is and where its going.Why should the “doom and gloom” post come later rather then now.

…I also think this is a good point. The more “doom and gloom” that comes now, may be fixed faster as the development goes? Atleast with this coming in, developers can see the things we react at. Holding back feedback that is considered “doom and gloom” because it is early stage of beta, could at worst case scenario, not be addressed at all.
Vaneras: Perhaps I should have phrased things differently, because I did not intend to sound like we are trying to “dictate” your reactions or prevent you from sharing feedback. What I meant to emphasise was that we are still in the super early stages of testing and as such the current testing builds should not be considered as final. Posting negative or concerned feedback is perfectly fine of course, but such feedback is much more useful to us if people post it while being aware that nothing is set in stone yet.

Be grateful that you have a dedicated community and let them discuss.
Vaneras: Rest assured that we are grateful to have such a passionate community, and please know that we are not trying to stop you discussing. We are merely trying to let people know what kind of feedback it is that we are looking for.

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24 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls and PTR Gameplay Issues

  1. So, we are back to cruddy drops, minimal trading, and no AH. There will a lot of “I’m not buying/playing it” and it will be intentional. I’ll give it a fair shake but it has me a little worried. I was enjoying the streams being OP’d. Looked like fun. More endless/fruitless grind? Not so much.

    • likewise. I’m concerned with the lack of free trade, I think the AH, though abused by some, worked really well for me in endgame. (I also tried self found)

      The idea of removing the OP feel of certain skills is a downer, and makes the game ‘feel’ less fun for me. I was just hoping they would beef up monsters, not cut the legs out from under characters we’ve spent two years building.

      The drop rate is, so far, back to the abysmal place it once was at. Playing whole days without upgrades feels like a grind. And, I can speak from a self found point of view AND a AH build point of view. (All my HC characters are Self found and I have 1 of each – All my SC characters are mostly AH built and I have one of each)

      sorry for the doom and gloom; I do love this game.

    • The drop rates aren’t that bad.

      People aren’t taking into account that in D3C, while you were getting 5 times as many legendary drops at high MF, they were still all junk more often than not.

      Now you get 1/5th the legendary drops, but the chance of them being awesome is far more likely.

      • Yeah, I agree 100% with Legendaries now being very useable (at least from my experience on the ptr). I think the drop rate should be a little bit higher, though it’s far, far better compared to the original D3V drop rates.

        Something in the RNG though really hates me…I’d really like to find an upgrade for my DH’s weapon, but out of the 9 legendaries I’ve found (with my soft core chars), only one has been a weapon and that was a 2-h mace. Of course with my luck, I’ll have a bow drop when I’m playing around with a Wizard or something, and end up rolling Int again.

        • Sometimes this game is trolling. I found a new Nat’s hand xbow – with my barb (main)…

          I’m able to use it on my DH on expert, since I had one of those “”Manticores”” (yep, I used a lot of commas there) with dex and only one socket. Even compared to cheap manticore, I lost something like 8k DPS, but I gained 9 discipline.

          I also found a new Demon Hunter torso (with DH this time) on rak and lost even more DPS on purpose, to get rid of old nats set bonus and make my gear more flexible and test friendly..

          Drop rates are kinda fine for me, with something like 1 legendary per hour including plans. Now I’l be able to test properly.

          (I have 1 char of each class, only barb able do master decently, with the 1.08 stuff kinda done (some paragon leveling, but no para 100, ubers soloed, able to kill white mobs on mp10, etc.).)

  2. Regarding the Dodge chance, I noticed this a few weeks ago from screenshots/streaming coverage. I think it’s probably for the better, since DHs at lvl 70 and above (in Paragon lvls) are going to have huge Dex values. I’m thinking that a 50% chance to dodge is probably near the upper end of what the devs want to allow, so they’d have to rescale the value of it from Dex.

    In reality, though, it pretty much means only two classes will have any meaningful Dodge chance since you can’t choose non-prime stats for Paragon Points. It doesn’t seem like there’s a shift from trying to stack your prime stat as high as you can and the loot 2.0 smart drops pretty much try to help you do that. Although I did find a pair of Gladiator Gauntlets with my DH that had only Str and Vit. Guess that one was a “dumb” drop. =P

  3. A question about the PTR: Act bosses are supposed to give you a guaranteed legendary, but so far, I’ve done all of them and none of them have given me a legendary. Ironically, the only boss that has actually given me a guaranteed legendary on the PTR is Rakanoth, who isn’t an act boss at all. Anyone else finding this?

    • Also, the PTR remembers if you already killed them with a character. It’s a once per character thing and live kills count.

      The Destructor said is also true, you can’t get 4 “free” level 60 Legandaries by leveling in Act 1 to 60 and then doing the Campaign.

  4. I, Clavdivs, The God, declare that almost flat 20% decrease in dodge is to be expected, because low-level math formula that standing behind dodge mechanics. It is important to change the formula to something meaningful, or else the same would happen with each change in scaling of dexterity attribute. The God, of course, proposed solution before.

    The 20% drop change, however, shouldn’t be of major importance, but deviations could easily be prevented. Let’s see how much it will take a Blizzard dream to team fix it forever, which takes about 5 minutes to execute.

  5. The simple inability to understand that first time you kill a boss there should be a guaranteed loot pianata with rares and maybe one or two legendaries is yet another proof of total incompetence.

    Furthermore I always looked forward to beat theboss for the first time because I knew there are going to be uniques and maybe some set items. It was a great reward.

    Because this is not just about minor boses, as blue is trying to brainwash us. It is about all. And when you kill that inferno HC Diablo in 1.0.6 or even now selfound and you get those 8 blue and 3 rare items, you know somebody has no idea what he is working on or what is he trying to achieve.

    • Act Bosses will drop a fixed Legendary on the first kill. They already do on the PTR. I wouldn’t be against it if even minor Bosses would do so, because at the max level you wouldn’t use low level items and you can’t game the system, because leveling to 60 before killing the Bosses makes you ineligible. If more Bosses would drop guaranteed Legendaries the first time then at least people would have more chance to experiment even during leveling.

    • During leveling my new char, when killing Azmodan for the first time I got 1 guaranted leg and additional one, summing into 2 legs.

        • Does it really have to take one and half year to realize that? My point is that d3 dev team is 90% the same people and they are painfully slow realizing whats wrong with their game.

          When I will see that horrible %dmg tied to weapon gone? It doesnt make any sense rpg wise..

    • “Furthermore I always looked forward to beat the boss for the first time because I knew there are going to be uniques and maybe some set items. It was a great reward.”

      D2’s bosses did not have guaranteed leg drops. You would often get 8 blue and 3 rare items.

      • “D2?s bosses did not have guaranteed leg drops. You would often get 8 blue and 3 rare items.”

        But the uniques drop rate in Diablo 2 are MUCH higher than in Diablo 3.

        You could find uniques and sets for low level characters, which are usefull while you were leveling with them. And it was fun.

        In Diablo 3 I never found a legendary or set item for a low level characther, and in level 60 I will find 1 or 2 legendaries by 10 hours of play, this SUCKS. Besides, these legendary, most of the times are useless for my character.

        Diablo II > Diablo III

  6. Yay , game has taken a step back ” lots of steps actually ” to may 2013 . Well it will keep them in a job for at least a year after putting right every flaw it ships with .

    Don’t care if its early in the test , remember D3’S early testing and how long that testing actually was , and how did it ship ?

    Knee jerk reactions , gotta love em .

    Must make mobs tougher , easy way , nerf the players 🙂

  7. I played in the first few days of the Friends and Family Beta and it was.. A BLAST. Were there a ton of great drops? Yep. Were they a little overdone? Maybe so. That being said, I see Blizzard taking one of two paths:

    1 – They make the drop rates abysmal once again like D3V but Legendaries are actually decent. You spend 200+ hours grinding for gear in RoS.

    2 – They make drop rates plentiful and fun. It may take your 50+ hours to get a really nice set of gear.

    I’ll gladly take a quality 25-50 hours of fun loot drops vs 200+ plus hours of NTC (Nephalem Trash Compactor) like vanilla. Kill me now.

  8. “Raising these subjects is important,but it is also important to keep in mind that those things are still in early stages of development,and the road is long ahead.”

    Hold on , it’s released 25th march . It will go gold well before then , so changes will stop in how many weeks , how can you be in the early stages of development with so little time left ?

    Oh and £50 for the deluxe version , for 1 act and 10 levels . Seriously ? Again Europeans pay what? 30% maybe a little more , extra ? The standard expansion is the price of a full game , why ?

    I see may 2012 on the cards .

  9. On the feedback issue, the CM is not correct. No point telling everyone it’s still super early and all now release date is 25th of March 2014. Secondly, that’s exactly the kind of feedback they’re gonna get from some of the playerbase who know what’s wrong with the game from their expereinces and are trying to point that out for them to look at properly.

    On the dodge issue, damn, my dodge monk will now suck even more. So the concept of the Monk doesn’t seem to work because the mechanics behind it are so heavily reduced. Sure it’s still super early testing, nothing is final and we’ll be getting large dex boots, but currently, I’ve not got super gear in D3V. I get hit a shit load vs mobs on mp3-5, and blinding flash is over so fast it’s not even worth it. So should I now play my Monk like a Crusader tons of armour?

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