Reaper of Souls Act 5 Westmarch Maps

Reaper of Souls Act 5 Westmarch Maps

We’ve had a chance to map a few of the areas within Act 5 and these maps are now in Diablo Wiki. The maps show points of interest, names of dungeons that can spawn, superuniques, possible events and NPCs.

The borders of the outside areas are very much random now, unlike say the DiabloWikiFestering Woods or DiabloWikiSouthern Highlands in previous acts which have set entrances, exits and borders (in both D3V and RoS).

The first part of Westmarch, that’s Wolf’s Gate, Moldering Waterway, through the Streets of Westmarch and into The Survivors’ Enclave is also set.

As I say, these are all in the Diablo 3 maps category of Diablo Wiki now for future reference DiabloWikiSurvivors’ Enclave map, DiabloWikiBrairthorn Cemetery map, DiabloWikiWestmarch Commons map and DiabloWikiWestmarch Heights map.

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5 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Act 5 Westmarch Maps

  1. Levels need a lot more then 2-3 events, the game will just dry up and shrivel again unless they make this fun.

      • I actually think that are too many events in Westmarch Common, that’s far more than any other zone. I would like to see more variety than quantity.

        The one in Westmarch Heights, The True Son of the Wolf is quite good. The boss has two sorcerers channelling a shield and also soldiers fighting for him. You need to take out the sorcerers to remove the shield to damage him. He summons more sorcerers so you only have a short time to attack him whilst also dealing with his foot soldiers.

        It’s a tricky one but far more rewarding than simply killing all the monsters then taking out a boss.

        There’s another one that is good the first time. You kill everything, collect the loot from the chest, make your way out the house, back down the stairs but the final boss is there. It’s only good the first time because you think you’re done so it’s a surprise.

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