We’ve had a chance to map a few of the areas within Act 5 and these maps are now in Diablo Wiki. The maps show points of interest, names of dungeons that can spawn, superuniques, possible events and NPCs.

    The borders of the outside areas are very much random now, unlike say the DiabloWikiFestering Woods or DiabloWikiSouthern Highlands in previous acts which have set entrances, exits and borders (in both D3V and RoS).

    The first part of Westmarch, that’s Wolf’s Gate, Moldering Waterway, through the Streets of Westmarch and into The Survivors’ Enclave is also set.

    As I say, these are all in the Diablo 3 maps category of Diablo Wiki now for future reference DiabloWikiSurvivors’ Enclave map, DiabloWikiBrairthorn Cemetery map, DiabloWikiWestmarch Commons map and DiabloWikiWestmarch Heights map.

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