Realms Down for HotFix to Demon Hunter Crash

A crash bug was discovered involving the Demon Hunter and her Templar. Thanks to Gamespot UK for the tip. Quote from Blizzard’s known issues page:

Error 3006
While playing a Demon Hunter, if a shield is equipped to the Templar follower, you may be disconnected from You may be unable to login, receiving the message “Error 3006”. We are currently investigating this issue, and further updates can be found on the 1.0.1 Known Issues thread.[/source.

A hotfix is already being propagated to the realms, which all appear to be down for this patch.

A hotfix is on the way for those players experiencing Error 3006. #D3Launch

Now that was a worthy adversary!

If you want more info about bugs, crashes, and other technical delights, check Bashiok’s twitter; it’s pretty much non-stop with those all day today.

Update: Technical issues and the downtime continues on TA region Tuesday evening. Bashiok recommends using global play to start a new char on Asia or EU realm while waiting.

Americas region service update. Service expected to return by 11:45 p.m. PDT as we work to resolve these issues.

Update #2: @Diablo reports the realm was back up and trouble free by 11:21, well ahead of the 11:45 estimate. (Words we never once heard about realms during the Diablo 3 Beta test.)

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    21 thoughts on “Realms Down for HotFix to Demon Hunter Crash

    1. Actually I think that was one of the earlier restarts. The current downtime is for a different, unknown issue.

    2. this was already fixed, awhile ago at that. (Well just fixed for EU) this current downtime is due to an unexpected issue, read the twitters

    3. And it crashed so hard you can’t even get to the forums to read about the issues. Or is that just “scheduled maintainence” for the forums?

    4. Wouldn’t surprise me if they take down the servers on purpose so they don’t get even more strain from millions of people complaining about their game not working. I don’t see any benefit from having a massive increase in traffic to the website.

      • yeah, except the servers the websites are on should have nothing to do with the servers the game is on

        • Though there site keeps going down when the servers are down because I assume people flood to them to complain.

    5. I am disappointed. Came home from work, thought I sit down for a nice couple of hours of D3, and bam! I know it’s launch and all, but these are the times you wish for that always online requirement to be out.
      “We are aware players are experiencing issues logging in to Diablo III, remaining connected to the service, and using in-game features.”
      I.e.  = Playing the game!

      • Heh, at the log-in screen it says the “ server and any online games will be unavailable for play”. All games are online…

      • ” but these are the times you wish for that always online requirement to be out.”

        Uh, it’s all the time that I wish the always online requirement was gone.

        Like you, I came home from work, waited a couple of hours for UPS to deliver my package, and proceeded to install the game. Install went fairly uneventful (I did have to uncheck the “detect internet settings” because downloading the patch was just not working. I then played the DH class and had no problem until BAM, connection reset.  😡

        What I did discover was that during the beta, I was hitting 40 to 60ms ping and had zero lag. With the retail product, I am hitting 250-300 and am still having no lag. 

    6. Damn Demon Hunters ruining it for the rest of us… It is like a 5 minute window when you can screw it up and apparently everyone did it (and didn’t read the known issues before launch).

      • There are chat rooms.  They’ve just been moved from where they were in Beta.  Press the gear button in the chat window and it’ll allow you to join any of the regular channels that we had in beta.  Seems though that they removed the ability to see who else is in the chat and their characters.  So it’s definitely a step back from what was in Beta.  Wonder what prompted that.

    7. From Bashy/Bashie for US: “We expect game services to fully return by approximately 11:45 p.m. PDT.” due to fixing servers issues.

      • Yeah that info is now on the breaking news section on the logon page. Kill kill kill kill kill 😐   Kill kill kill kill kill 😐
        Argh, I wanna kill stuff quick. Killing makes me happy. All waiting no killing makes zoddy a dull boy.

      • At the login screen, click Options, Account, Server Region Selection: choose either Europe or Asia.  Accept.  Login as normal.  You are now logged on a different region with a separate set of characters, friends list, keybindings, etc.

    8. It all started with the lag that many players have experienced ever since the server maintenance this morning.

    9. Couldn’t they of done this on the US realms at say… 3am?  Why did they have to do this when people are just getting settled home from work?  Major disappointment.

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