Realm of Trials =/= Greater Rift Levels

Hardcore death in a Realm of Trials.

Hardcore death in a Realm of Trials.

DiabloWikiGreater Rift Keys can be obtained via the DiabloWikiRealm of Trials, where players must defeat waves of attackers within the time limit. The number of waves cleared corresponds to the level of the GRK awarded, but it’s not a one-to-one ratio, which can be confusing. Here’s a Blue to explain why Realm of Trials =/= Greater Rift Levels:

Is the wave number not corresponding to rift level a bug or intended?

I finished at wave 30, and got the key of 21. It happened every time too for the 6 time I took this test.
Grimiku: I just ran a quick trial to see what happened and had a very similar result. So, I went ahead and dug around to see if it was a bug, or something we had changed on purpose, and what the general philosophy behind it was if we had.

It happens that this is an intentional change we made to prevent players from sometimes starting in a Greater Rift they can’t advance beyond. Each trial wave tends to be easier than the numerically equivalent rift difficulty, so it was possible for folks to place themselves in a Greater Rift they’re likely to fail. We didn’t like the way that felt, so we made some adjustments to help ensure it didn’t continue to work that way. Currently it’s set at a 3:2 ratio, so completing 15 waves in the trial will result in earning a Greater Rift Keystone 10.

That said, we’re not 100% sure about the current tuning of wave-to-difficulty ratio, so we’ll be keeping an eye on it. Thanks for the feedback and reports, everyone.

The logic of giving a GRK of the appropriate level is sound, but that 3:2 ratio seems destined to confuse everyone who doesn’t know. This will become the new “why does not the legendary plan I just found show on my Blacksmith?” perpetual question.

Perhaps the devs could adjust the composition and timing of the waves so they correspond to the equivalent Greater Rift level?

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  1. Lol, I'm visiting this page daily, reading all the news and I have no idea what Realm of Trials are 😀 What happened, when happened, where, why, wtf!? 😛

  2. Slightly OT, patch 2.1 goes live by the end of August according to John Hight @gamescom, which would be Sept 26, 2014 (maintenance day). First (test) season lasts 3 months.

    • "goes live by the end of August … which would be Sept 26, 2014"

      wouldn't the end of August be August 31

      • As August 26th would be a tuesday in Germany and the night to wednesday usual patch "day", while September 26th would be a friday, it seems fair to assume that anyone could easily correct the error straining one his braincells just a tiny a bit. But, of cause, that ain't enough for no captain obvious heroes to pop up. One is there everytime…

        • so you're upset at me because I know the difference August and September ?

          why should I have correct any error at all ?

          I'm not the one who said "end of August" and then immediately followed it with "Sept 26"

          • Not upset. You just gave me this intense, you know, Picard moment.

            -> Such things can happen when in a hurry or otherwise distracted. Usually seen the moment the post goes out. But as an edit isn't possible anymore here, …

        • Yup, I meant August 26 ofc. ^^

  3. Realm of Trials (as it is right now on the ptr):
    When you get a GR key from a normal rift its really a Realm of Trials key. You open it and have to fight against waves of enemies. How you perform here will decide what GR key you will be rewarded. If you manage to kill 30 waves you will receive a GR20 key. if this design remains I will for sure make a character for Trials only. Sentry DH is pretty good for this. Barb useless 🙂

    • Yup, this. Before you can get a Grift key you get a Trials key, which pits you against waves of enemies in an area akin to an arena. After you can no longer beat the waves in time you are awarded a Grift key based on the wave you ended on. The point is to get deeper into Greater Rifts more quickly, since in theory you're going to be skipping all the rift levels that would be "easy" for you.

      My main problem with the system thus far is that you don't seem to be rewarded in Gold/XP for the full amount of Grifts you would have completed when a Trial ends, and you get nothing at all in the way of items for doing a Realm of Trials. Hoping that's something they intend to fix.

      • Not to mention the Legs you miss out on from the missed GR guardians. If this is how it works I think I'll just take 0 effort clearing a Realm of Trials so I get more shinies.

    • Oh, thanks! I played in PTR, but at the beginning, when GR keys from normal rifts were sending you to Greater Rift. Well, I didn't played PTR for quite some time.

    • Would it be fair to say that in general the "Clear group in X time" trials in general favor ranged over melee? That's what I've found at least and it can feel pretty unfair. When the last monsters are on opposite sides of the screen and running away from you, melee fighters tend to get screwed over. Me no likey that.

  4. Can you really die in the Realm of Trials? Usually you cannot kill something in time because you have to run around to avoid death, seems unfair to the HC community to have a mandatory death trap in order to access greater rfits.

  5. I just want to try a greater rift, but the same key won't drop for me. I hope they rethink the drop rate on these before it hits live.

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