Real-Money Auction House Reminder and Update

In perfect time for when people get their salary, Blizzard will (hopefully) roll out the Real Money Auction House on May 29th. At this point I do not miss it at all I’m happy with just the Gold Auction House, even with some items being overpriced. But the opportunity to buy items and gold with money will be a nice addition to the game’s economy. It will be even more interesting to see the prices on the DiabloWikiReal Money Aution House and compare them to the Gold Auction House. Let´s get ready to sell our virtual items so we can recoup our cost of the game.

As we mentioned earlier this week, we’ve decided to move out our target launch for the real-money auction house beyond our original estimated date of May 22. Our new estimated date for the launch of this new system is Tuesday, May 29.
To learn more about the auction house system, have a look at the comprehensive Auction House Guide or check out the updated Auction House FAQ.
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    8 thoughts on “Real-Money Auction House Reminder and Update

    1. I had always claimed I would never spend money at the RMAH (just make it, hopefully) but with the difficulty in this game scaling and gold being so incredibly valuable, I might break that rule and try and make money off of certain things, and spend the money in my blizzard account on other things. Technically, it’s still not money out of my pocket, and hopefully I can make more than what I spend.

    2. there have been a LOT of really good deals in the gold AH 
      I expect most of those to disappear once the RMAH opens up  

      • Good deals?? All I see are completely overpriced items. 100,000 for mediocre gear that I will just end up replacing. I certainly dont have tons of gold lying around since I’m leveling the JC and BS.

    3. I might find a legendary every now and then, but I have a hard time seeing it generate any meaningful amount of money in the auction house to be worth it. Heck, I don’t even know who would buy anything I have found so far. Only the very, very, very rare ones will be sold for good money. 

      • I have the same feeling, wasn’t sure if it was just me.  When I try to search for very specific attribute sets I turn up zero results but when I do an all items(off-hand or one-hand for example) then I turn up absurd amounts of auctions.

        • ^ I find that I have to enter a number between 10 & 20 to get stuff to show up are picking a think to look for any value out side this range leads to results being zero no matter what.

    4. There are thousands of people watching the items that are being posted. The good items will only be on the AH for seconds before they are bought. The 2 day post time is pointless. If you dont see 2d or 1d23h then you dont even have to look at the stats on the item. Because thousands of people before you already decided the item is crap.

      And on top of that we are currently able to repost items we just bought. This shouldnt be possible, but it is. So even if people dont need the item, the item is still being bought and reposted for a higher price.

      So either you have to join those people and refresh the AH every minute and hope you click “buy” faster than those other 1000 people. Or you might as well forget the AH even exists.

      The AH is a joke. They took the item hunt away from the actual game and made it into a AH ninja party.

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