Real Money Auction House Fees Changed, Paypal Fees Revealed

Our very own is reporting that the RMAH fees and Paypal Fees have been finalized and revealed. Paypal will charge a 15% fee on the transaction and the Blizzard transaction fee is now $1.00. For more details, visit the Diablo 3 Markets site!

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    78 thoughts on “Real Money Auction House Fees Changed, Paypal Fees Revealed

    1. So if you want to buy an item for $3.00, you have to pay an additional $1.00 to Blizzard and $0.45 to paypal for a total of $4.45 for a $3.00 item?

      • No, the 15% fee is when you are transfering money from blizzard account to paypal.

        • No. You can’t cash your account out. When you go to sell something, it asks you right there and then where you want the proceeds to go – balance or to paypal. If you choose paypal, then ‘paypal’ (note the quotes) will charge 15% if it sells.

          This is BS. 15 friggin’ percent for a fucken transaction. Fuck me dead. Paypal themseleves charge around 2.4% IIRC (it’s been a while since I looked). So Blizzard is cashing in on this big time.


      • A nice way to shut the mouth of stupid fanboys saying “lololololol Blizzard is so nice, I’ll make millions selling items in the auction house”.

        I’m not entering in the discussion whether the RMAH is a good thing or not, but when someone tries to defend it solely for greedy purposes then its a bad thing.

      • You got it wrong if you buy an an item for $3 you pay $3 to the seller the seller gets $2 to there Bnet account or if they cash out they get $1.7 in there paypal account.
        If you sell something for $10 you lose $1 to Blizzard and get $9 to you Bnet account or $7.65 to your Paypal account etc. The higher something sells for the high the % of the case you will see added to your accounts.

    2. KJ, I think you’re confused.
      If you SELL and item for 3 dollars, Paypal takes off 15%, bringing your item down to 2.65.  Blizzard then takes a dollar off.  For selling an item for 3 dollars, you make $1.65

      You won’t be punished for buying an item, only selling on their interface.

      • But $3 for an item that the seller only wants $1.65 for is still stupid.  I still see 3rd party selling sites as a  realistic option.

        • Item stores will be VERY realistic. Its just like in real life, who pays the taxes of the big companies? Them or their consumers? If the government raises their taxes they will just scale the price of their products so they still make the same profit they were making before by making the consumers pay more.
          People who tries to sell items in D3′ RMAH will include all the taxes in the base price of their items, so its easy to see how this will become a burden for people wanting to buy something. If we add the fact that a giant portion of the Diablo players got used to buy items from 3rd party websites (because many of them aren’t there just to scam as Blizzard stated) then its easy to see there will me a large demand for third party websites in D3 to avoid the fees and to allow people to buy cheaper items.

          • Perhaps that is why some of the social features were done the way there were.  Before if you bought an item the seller would either have an acct set up and just give to you or meet in a predetermined game name.  Now only one acct per cd-key and no game naming.  A seller will be forced to party and/or friend you and join your game or vice versa.

      • Order is backwards. It’s a dollar off the top for Blizzard, then 15% off the remainder when it leaves your Blizzard account to your PayPal account. So $3.00 -> $2.00 -> $1.70

      • Check your math.

        If you sell a $3 item, Blizzard takes 15% of sale, plus $1.

        $3 * (1 – 0.15) = $2.55
        $2.55 – $1.00 = $1.55

        After that, PayPal takes 15% of your proceeds. $1.55 * (1 – 0.15) = $1.3175. Your net earnings from selling a $3 item is therefore $1.3175. :mrgreen:

        The percentage of your net earnings vary depending on your sale value because of the $1 fixed transaction fee.

        Let me know if I am wrong.

    3. It’s a 30% fee on commodities.
      15% on the sale, and another 15% upon cashing out.
      Still reasonable when compared to things like the Apple App Store.

      • Actually, it is a 27.75% fee since the Blizzard fee of 15% comes off the sale price and the PayPall 15% comes off the after-Blizzard-fee price. 100%*(100%-15%)*(100%-15%)=72.25%.

      • It’s not a full 30%, as the fees aren’t applied at the same time.

        Math is hard.

        Edit: Jedouard beat me to it.

    4. Bash’s post makes it sound like Pay Pal isn’t charging 15% to transfer, Blizzard is.

      “PayPal will not charge any fees for transfers to them. You’ll pay a 15% transfer fee to PayPal, and then whatever you do with the money after that is between you and them. But the transfer to PayPal is 15%, and that’s it. “

    5. One more question:
      Is it still the case that the money you make from selling items can only be used on Blizzard products/items or can you transfer it to your PayPal account and do whatever you want with it?

      • From my understanding. When you sell an item you get the choice of sending the money earned directly to your Paypal account (minus all the cuts) or you can send it to your cash account. (as far as I know no cuts involved with this option.)
        But cash in your account cant be transfered to Paypal directly. You would need to buy something from the RMAH, sell that, and then select the option to send it to your Paypal account. And accept all the cuts Bliz and Paypal take.

        • I don’t believe this is correct, as you cannot cash out once it goes to the Blizzard account. You either have the option of storing in your bnet money account, or have it cash out to paypal. Once money is in the bnet account, you can no longer cash it out.

          • Players have suggested buying your own auctions as a means of transferring bobby bucks into real money.  e.g. you’ve got $50 bobby bucks balance that you can’t cash out. Your friend or yourself on a 2nd account, posts some junk item for $50. No one else is going to pay that much for it (and if they do you’re happy anyway, since you got a free $50), so you buy that item at the way overprice, and transfer the sale to paypal. Thus converting your BBs into $$. Minus the %.

            • That will only work if you mate gives you the cash (it cashes out to his paypal account not yours).

            • U still pay the % when you do the 2nd account cash out..
              Say u accumulated $250 in BB then post 1 item for $250 and buy it out with your 2nd account and send it to paypal..
              That $250 then turns into $249 and then %15 is taken out after to transfer it to paypal so how are you avoiding the %15 fee? 

    6. Why would anyone buy an item in a game that’s main source of fun is finding items?

      • Out of frustration of not finding that one item for months. Like you said yourself. The fun is FINDING the item. Not finding it… aint that fun.

      • We are adults and entitled. We can’t waste our time playing some stupid game so we pay others to do it for us. We are kids armed with daddy’s credit card. We have zero attention span, for no effort we want everything. Now.

      • Plus. You may have been looking for an upgrade for your bow for a while and have not been lucky enough to find it yourself. But instead you found an amazing sword. Sollution: you sell the sword. you buy the bow.

      • The same reason some people traded items in D2. The game is designed with an exchange of items in mind. 

    7. maybe buying a rare item that helps you find better items more often, therefore making the \main source of fun, more fun.

    8. It is possible that Paypal will charge an additional fee, BUT I don’t think it will be on every transaction. For example, Paypal charges sellers a fee (the seller in this case is Blizzard, since they are sending you the money), hence why Blizzard charges the additional 15% on top. There might be other paypal fees that aren’t unique to Diablo 3, such as conversion fees, withdraw fees etc.

      • I think the 15% is blizxard and paypals cut for the transaction who get what dont matter. BTW from Paypal view your the Seller not Blizzard. Blizzards the buyer as they are sending you the cash, Cash flows from Buyer to Seller not the other way round.

    9. Do we know what we can “buy” with out bnet balance (in regards to Blizz products)…..will i be able to but Heart of the Swarm, or the D3 expo….or will it be only trivial things like map packs etc??? 

    10. The fees are not really relevant because you take these costs into account when selling an item. If you want $10 after costs you just list at $12.80. Every auction system (eg ebay) and most other externally listed sales (eg selling a house) work on the same principle. You take all fees into account when setting the price and don’t think about them.

      If there are any more costs down the line (from paypal for example) you just take those into account when selling too. Either way in the end you determine how much money you want to make from an item, and then add fee costs on top, and get what you want.

    11. this is insane. Etsy charges .20$+ 3.5% for a sale and paypal NORMALLY charges .30$ + 2.9% to handle money (Both percentages come from the original amount).  I sell something on etsy for 55$ and i see about 51$ of it.

      The developers must know that most transactions will be small which makes the 1$ static fee represent a large % of the value of each item (20% of 5$, 33% of 3$) and thats just blizzards cut. Paypal will probably take % off the difference but the 15% fee is still a lot larger than it normally charges… Also there is a micro transaction rate paypal offers which is 5%+.05$ (Still a lot less than D3’s rate)

      3rd party websites will still probably be more viable  


      TLDR: blizzard lied to us when it said “nominal fee” and Paypal is charging a lot more than it does for anything else, for Diablo 3 transactions.

    12. Wow, double the fee? Crooks man. They are purposely cashing in on this sh*t. 3rd party here I come!

    13. I swore I read somewhere that you cannot list an item that cost more than $300?  If so, this makes me curious about items that are extremely rare and what possibly could it be? soj?  ^^

      • Is this true? That is a very low limit. I’ve personally sold D2 items for more than that.

        • Really?  What was the item and how much, if you don’t mind sharing?  I can’t imagine spending more than a dollar or two for pixels.

      • Though your bnet balance is limited to ~$250, you can buy items directly with a credit card.  You can maintain a $0 bnet balance and still buy/sell on the AH, so the sky is the limit on how much a single item can go for.

    14. Pretty lame of Paypal to take such a deep cut, there normal charge is 3-5% for transactions without a verified user and 0% for a verified user. They will probably get a lot of money, they should lower the fees.
      Almost like you hope for spam and goldsellers so Blizzard can negotiate that fee.

      • It’s not Paypal taking 15%. It’s Blizzard charging you 15%. The amount of that they pay to Paypal will be in the usual couple of % range at most (probably less due to the bulk nature of the transfers Blizzard will be doing). The rest of it will all be going to Blizzard.

    15. I won’t use the RAMH, So I don’t really care anyways. I actually think this is great news! 
      If less ppl will use that stupid RMAH now!? 🙂

      It’s funny how Blizzard first said the ONLY reason why they introduced the RMAH was so that players would get a safe “cheating” experience, instead of shady third party sites. Guess that argument seems kind of… poor now…  🙄

    16. Blizzard logic. 1€ = 1£ = 1$
      Better exchange rate, bigger fees.
      Doesn’t sound too nice to me.

    17. But the person who sells the item needs to do some math before cashing out, for example:   3$ sell price -1$ blizz fixed fee -0.45$ cashout to paypal fee = 1,55$ in your paypal account.
        Now.. if you want the money to fly back into your bank account and close the circle, paypal’s fee is 5$ for any ammount. This is the cash flow i’m talking about for 1 item:
      Bank account -(1$)> Balance -(15%)> Pay Pal -(5$)> Bank Account
      Which means that it will be pretty hard to make money out of this. In theory, people will spend money to charge either’s balance or to charge your paypal account. This is a win-win situation for either blizzard or paypal because it enforces consumptions on either’s products or paypal’s.

    18. The $250 limit is irrelevant as well. Items will still have values higher than this.
      If an item is worth $750 then the sales method will be to trade it in game for 3 items worth $250 and then those would be sold off as cash sales instead. This means there is the potential for items to exist which are deemed too valuable to be put on the RMAH, which is actually a concept I like.

    19. 15% does seem a bit extreme. Considering blizzard said they are doing this for people not to get ripped off and to make people’s transactions more safe. Is security really worth that much? I personally doubt it, and i see third party selling still a big option in the future, which is what Blizzard is claiming to want to avoid. Something doesn’t add up here.

    20. I believe their dream for the RMAH was slowly peeled off once the reality of contracts, laws and profits came into play, until only the ((OD(Original Dream) -$1) – 15%) of it remained.

    21. Its easy. They want to keep money in the system. If everyone who sell something take that money away its bad for the economy. Its better if you spend it back on RMAH. So that 15% withdraw fee is some sort of incentive to keep the money flowing. 

    22. (insert pic of random people throwing wads of money around)


    23. This is still greed no matter how you want to break it down. I’m not sure I want to do the RMAH or not. I guess you would have to ask yourself if you had the chance to make a quick 50 bucks would you do it. Sure I would but I never thought gaming would ever come to this. I guess the old ways are really dead and if you don’t roll with times you will be left behind just like anything else in life.

    24. £1 for RMAH or 15% for GMAH.
      So Basically anything worth less than £6.67 should be sold on the GMAH as the fees are less.
      If you want to cash out the gold by selling it on the RMAH then the break even price goes down to £3.6 as you are effectively paying the commission twice, one on the GMAH to sell the item and again on the RMAH to sell the gold.

    25. I am not ruling out ever using the RMAH, but a post above mentioned selling a D2 item for over 250$, there is no way in hell I would have ever given thatmuch for any item in D2. Now, i have only found 1 pair of 34% war travelers thewhole time I have ever played D2, and that wasn’t to long ago. I would have given a few bucks for a good pair, but no way more than 5. On the other hand, when Pindle finally dropped those fuckers it was pretty cool.
      Let me ask this though: I can load money onto my battle net balance from my bank card and use that to buy from the auction house right? The only way to cash out is to use PayPal, but you have more options than them to load your battle net balance, like a bank card. That is if I read the FAQ right on the battle net site. 

    26. I am asking because I want nothing to do withPayPal. I guess if I ever find something super rare that I can’t use, I might be tempted to sell it, and paypal would be the only way to get the money, which sucks. I would like to keep a little rotation of selling something and if I want to buy something, use that money to buy something I want. I would like to trade, as being online playing will be totally new to me. Hopefully I can find some people wanting to play full clears and killing everything.

    27. Blizzard had to find a way to work around not charging to actually play the game.

    28. LOL you cheaters are lucky you’re getting an official RMAH at all.  Stop complaining.

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