Rare Diablo II Display Case

Recently a rare Diablo II Store display case has popped up on ebay for all too see and you can buy if you have the cash for it. If I could I’d buy it myself.

Here’s a couple snippets from the owner about the case:

“Back in 2000-2001, a local GameStop was throwing out this Diablo II display case, so I asked if I could take it home with me instead, and they gave it to me. I set it up in my living room and stored my video games on the shelves for a year or two, then I broke it down and put it into storage. I pulled the display case out of storage and put it back together last week to see how it would look in my apartment, and it is in shockingly good condition. I’ve decided to sell it so a hardcore Blizzard / Diablo fan can appreciate this incredible find.”

“The display case is 72″ high, 28″ wide, and 19″ deep (the Blizzard logo in the front bottom adds an additional inch of depth). The shelves are just over 16″ deep, 8.5″ wide, and 10.5″ tall.”

You can see the full gallery of 93 images for more.

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  1. thank you for posting this Holyknight3000, I’m sure there are many of us having wet dreams about something like this and they will remain just that … dreams {INSERT LINE BREAK; FAIL?]
    I dare to speak for the whole IncGame … I mean DiabloII.net-community when I ask: WHAT IS WRONG WITH FLUX? IS HE IN GOOD HEALTH? HOW CAN WE HELP? WHEN WILL HE COME BACK? etc. also, when Flux does come back, can you make the next podcast ~10 hours long?
    Stay Strong Flux!

  2. Where is ELLY what happened to Her ?

    Anyway – I bet he`s queuing first at Blizzcon doors.

  3. whats wrong with this site? i send an email with news regarding some unannounced diablo project and nothing. days ago the blizzcon shedule got leaked and diablo gets only 1h dev speak…and nothing here.

    has Flux gone? this site was the quickest on diablo rumors….something is not right.

    • What’s your email address ztrzr, I don’t remember getting the email. I’ll look though, see it’s not been caught up in spam.

  4. What is going on with the site? Has Flux left? What the hell is going on?

    Why are there so few and unrelated news? Why real D3 news are not covered?
    What happened to the podcast?

    Since you are not really covering any D3 news, I am starting to think that coming to this site is useless.

    Be a good website, tell us what’s going on and give us an explanation.

  5. What is wrong with this guy? Starting bidding at $200 WITH an even higher reserve price and then >$100 for shipping too? Good luck pal

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