The @Diablo twitter returned to life today with a morbidly metaphysical musing on monster mortality.

    It was a pretty crummy thing to take Rakinishu away from the Fallen. I don?t think the D2 heroes considered the impact on Fallen society.

    As you no-doubt remember, DiabloWikiRakanishu (yes, the @Diablo misspelled his name!) was a very quick, Lightning Enchanted Carver found in the Circle of Stones in the Stony Field, the third surface area outside of the DiabloWikiRogue Encampment. And as the @diablo tweet alludes to, the wiki article says:

    Rakanishu, along with Bishibosh ]and Colenzo the Annihilator, seems to be a demi-god of sorts to the other Fallen or Fallen Shaman; they constantly grumble and mutter his name as they fight and die.

    Now obviously, the D2 developers just put in some cute dialogue for the Fallen, having them mutter the names of other SuperUnique fallen. It’s a small touch, but it worked nicely, giving the player some sense of an existing social order and society of Fallen. Rather than them just being anonymous idiot experience pots, like 99% of the other monsters in the game. I’d imagine that virtually every player enjoys that sort of feature, but the question is, would you like to see more done with it?

    Can you imagine some greater level of monster interconnectedness? Where monsters in an area, or later in the game, react differently depending on what your character has done? Even if they just said the name of the dead monster after, but not before, it died, that could be cool.

    I don’t think the D3 Team can go too far in that direction, given the “pop up and die” nature of Diablo monsters. But as Rakanishu and the Fallen show, it is possible to put in a minor touch that adds personality and enjoyment to the game. Do add your thoughts or ideas in comments.

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