Rainbow Whimsyshire Goblins, and Greed Farming

Rainbow Whimsyshire Goblins, and Greed Farming

Greed's Domain portal.
Greed’s Domain portal.
With DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain now on the live servers, Treasure Goblin farming has become a thing. There’s nothing special to be seen about the goblins that open the portal to Greed, it’s just that sometimes one will open a yellow portal when it dies. (Alas, there’s apparently no benefit to allowing the goblin to almost escape so it opens up the portal on its own.)

This week’s double goblin bonus event should help, but what really helps is knowing where to find Goblins in the first place. Currently, the only known game area with a goblin (almost) every time is the Act One Halls of Agony level 2. Just get into Adventure Mode and flash through that level each game, and sooner or later one of the goblins will be the lucky one. (PTR testing got a Greed’s Domain portal about every 1/20 or 1/25 goblins, though that probability hasn’t been confirmed on LIVE yet).

Whimsy Portal!
Whimsy Portal!
Something that is new on live in Patch 2.1… rainbow goblins leading to Whimsyshire! Obviously inspired by (or those were inspired from the game idea?) those merch-tastic rainbow goblin plushies, some fans have encountered ultra-rare rainbow treasure goblins who open a portal not to Greed’s Domain, but to DiabloWikiWhimsyshire (though the portal says “Whimsydale”, oddly enough).

Sadly, it’s just the usual Whimsyshire, just as if you’d entered it via the ghost cow on the way to Old Tristram. It’s not a goblin-filled Whimsyshire rainbow land, or a rainbow-themed Greed’s Domain. Still, it’s kind of a cool Easter Egg and is certainly an Undocumented Patch 2.1 Feature, so good hunting.

Update: Blizzard commented on the name change, from “shire” to “dale.”

It is WhimsyDALE and not WhimsySHIRE, so I’m assuming they are 2 separate maps… Right?
Not really no… Whimsydale is pretty much identical to Whimsyshire. The only difference between the two is the name, which had to be changed behind the scenes in order to get the portal to work correctly.
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17 thoughts on “Rainbow Whimsyshire Goblins, and Greed Farming

  1. Greed's Domain is amazing. One goblin was generous enough to open a portal for me recently. Like a good adventurer I proceeded to loot the place and left with about 10 million gold (on Hard difficulty), 2 Legendaries and a Boon of the Hoarder gem. My money problems are officially over.

    • If you check one of the videos on the wiki article…. a guy cleared over 650m on T6 by switching into all his GF gear before he smashed the urns and opened the big boss chest. Riches indeed.

    • I got a portal last night as well. Did some 110m on T6 and 4 legendaries.

      The real prize is the gem though, I can farm millions of gold in minutes with it.

      TLDR: Find the portal for the gem, never worry about gold again.

  2. Pretty much the same on Torment 1. Millions of gold, and a chest with two legendaries and a gem. Found it after playing 2.1 for about five minutes, during my first bounty in Act 1.

  3. I found mine in the unknown depths (act 2) after the nephalem chest event. i found it on t2, got around 25M, 2 legs + 1 gem. It’s actually better do bounties on all acts.

  4. A blue confirmed that you can NOT have the portal from goblins in rifts, so that's why I didn't see one in 100+ gobs, need to find one in campaign or adventure/bounty mode

  5. Honestly, I don't see the point of farming goblins, unless if it will be your first time in Greed's Domain. The reason is that the Boon of the Hoarder seems to be a fixed drop and if you use it you can find gold pretty fast just by killings things. Yesterday, after I visited the Baroness I got another 8 mil by doing a few Rifts and Bounties.

    Similarly, by the time you get another portal while doing Bounties you could find more Legendaries in Rifts. Therefore I think the best tactic for Seasons will be to find a portal as fast as you can and then stop worrying about them.

    As for the Gem, it's pretty damn good if you're short on money, even at level 1. The gold explosion doesn't have a flat chance in my experience. It's probably modified by enemy HP, just like the amount of gold drops. I usually get anywhere between 5-10k gold from a single enemy and fairly often. Again that's on Hard difficulty, as I'm playing a new character at the moment. If it scales with difficulty it will be ridiculous later on.

  6. Actually this is not true,that in Halls of Agonly lvl 2( almost) everytime you find gobbies. Today for 6 runs in HoA lvl 2 only once i killed 2 of them together. I think in Highlands the chance to find one/two is much bigger.

    • Supposedly overnight they hotfixed HoA 2 to no longer have a super high chance of spawning goblins.

      I got goblins 8 of 10 times last night, but have not run the area since.

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