Rain of Vengeance Rune Effects Videos

Here’s a nice video showing off the base skill and all five runestone effects of the Demon Hunter’s DiabloWikiRain of Vengeance skill. This is the highest level DH skill and has never been public demonstrated by Blizzard, so you could consider this video a spoiler. Also, expect some changes in the visuals in the final game, as this came from an emulator and the animations look unfinished.

That said, it’s a nice preview of this “death from above” multi-hit skill, and the various flapping shadow demons are pretty cool. The video goes up to 1080 full screen and still looks good, so enjoy. Thanks to Azzure for the tip.

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  1. … -.- wtf is this…
    so comicy. i always thought the “shadow beasts” will be like shadow essences that the DH magically generates with her dark angel&demon powers.
    i dont want mini nazguls.. btw obisian: OMFG this isnt some mario game wtf so dumb   
    i like the unruned one. and i will take the indigo if i need it to make a build work. otherwise this skill is dead to me. now you know.

  2. All this skills look lame, except the original one…
    Let’s just hope this is realy not final version of skills.

  3. I hope there’s a long cooldown because this’ll be annoying as shit in party play.

    What’s with the shadow beast gimmick? I’m aware that runestones are supposed to change skills, but this goes from being a steady damage over time area of effect ability to delayed line damage to random damage over an area. I feel those are too far from the original. And not in the cool way.

  4. The unruned one looks the best, the Indigo rune is probably second best looking. The others look like trash and should be scrapped. The Demon Hunter should HUNT demons, not summon them. It just doesn’t work for me, and I doubt I will be using this skill at all unless they make some changes. I’m aware this may not be what the final skill looks like, but we can probably expect something fairly close to it at least. I’m sure there will be viable builds without using this skill though.

    • So the demon hunter, master of demons, couldn’t make a few defeated creatures bow under her mighty control?  Even at a lvl 29 skill at her “mightiest”?  Of course she can call forth demon spawn and make them do her bidding.

    • They are shadow creatures, not demons. They are summoned or, more accurately, conjured using demonic powers the DH have learned while fighting demons. I don’t recall fighting anything like them in D1 or D2, nor seeing them as enemies in D3 so far.

      • Okay true, I was wrong to refer them as Demons, I suppose summoning Shadows does make more sense. I still think the skill looks rather rough over all though, and still prefer the unruned variation.

        Just when I think of “Rain of Vengeance” it doesn’t really seem like a skill that should summon anything. I have no issues with summons at all, the summons just don’t fit this skill to me. It should be more variations of things like the hail of arrows, or lightning bolts (shadow bolts of some sort maybe?), just more things that sound vengeful. Summoning a flying shadow beast thing doesn’t really seem like it fits.

  5. Awesome.  I can’t even believe how many skill effects there are in this game.  Since people will acquire runes at their own rate, I expect a wide variety of builds in the near-term.  Obsidian was awesome with those bouncing bettys of death >:-D  Am I correct in saying there are 29 skills x 5 runes x 5 classes = 725 skill effects?
    To all crying about them looking similar with shadow beasts – they are rune effects on the SAME skill.  Of course they have that in common. If the WDs toads were all shadow demons then you may have a gripe – but you don’t because they are modified toads. They aren’t cookie-cuttering the shadow beasts, its a DH thing. Trolololol.

  6. aren’t those shadow beasts the same winged demons we saw in the Azmodan vid? and the unruned one looks like shit. and for a skill called Rain of VENGEANCE, I’d at least expect a war cry or something to show her rage when casting it. does have a 30-sec cooldown so it wouldn’t be a spammable one

  7. A couple of the runed effects for all skills should just be straight-up more damage / cheaper cost variations, because I’m noticing that a lot of skills (not just this one) look cooler when unruned.  

    In any case, I’m really hoping for more Witch Doctor rune videos soon! 🙂

  8. Horrible. I’d rather use the unruned one.

  9. This looks horrific. WTF are they doing ?

  10. looks absolutely horrible, base version is the best. Looks unfinished, same with the meteor skill (particulary the ice comet). I REALLY hope there will be some graphic update like they did with starcraft at the end of the developement.

  11. wtf is this?This look like shit, the more they show diablo 3 content the more dissapointed i m.This skill need to be removed from game.

  12. They all seem fine to me except the obsidian one. It looks really stupid and doesn’t seem like it would be effective also during 4 demon hunter game play all spamming any 1 of that skill would be really chaotic. Unruned = best

  13. Base one is OK but the others are below mediocre.

  14. pretty sure nothing is polished yet at this stage

  15. I thought they were all pretty awesome.

  16. I think that I was just about the last holdout, in thinking that they had not quite yet passed the “too cartoony” barrier; they just crossed it with that last effect.

  17. The DH is the one part of D3 that I really cannot stand. The whole class feels like they’ve tried too hard and it ends up feeling disjointed and over the top. It’s like bringing an electric guitar to a symphony – it just doesn’t belong. As a result, we end up with ridiculous carpet-bombing bats and golden shower arrows. It’s just too much.
    Off topic: so it looks like they’ve kept the colors of runestones in game (indigo, obsidian, etc.). What is the purpose of this? Am I missing something? It seems vestigial and unnecessary.

    • >> Off topic: so it looks like they’ve kept the colors of runestones in game (indigo, obsidian, etc.). What is the purpose of this? Am I missing something? It seems vestigial and unnecessary. <<

      If I think about it this way… … I like the hope of getting the old runestones of D2 back in one way of another. And by keeping the colour for the new concept, they'll got the window open to reintroduce them as special effect a rune can wear. (Be it a simple defenseboost while using the Zod/Indigo-rune, a massive damageboost with Amn or a further change of the effect with Mal/Indigo…) And if then they'll introduce "runewords" as a form of skill/rune/oldrune-combo, then that's something I would call worthwile endgame content. (But considering the work it would make even to plan out something like that, It'll be second expansion-content, if ever realized…)
      Just thinking out loud here…

  18. I got slammed back to the stone age when I criticized the WD snake dart thing and yet there is nothing but consensus of hate on this skill?!  I’ll admit that they should only have one shadow beast variant in the runes (and it shouldnt be the bomber one).  Beyond that, I don’t think it was bad.  They should have an immolation variant instead of the bomb things.  Having a volley of fire arrows and the accompanying damage. Then maybe have one shadow beast variant where they just fly in a claw the crap out of everything and then fly away.  I guess overall, I’m in the minority here.  I thought it was passable.  And for those who are freaking out, go check out the WD snake dart thing.  That’ll make your day. Where’s flibbetygibbett when I need him?

  19. I think they look pretty awesome. Too many whiners on here who cant handle something different than what they envision.

  20. arrow and kamikaze version are fine IMO (bind demons to kill themselves), but the bomber should dissapear especially obsidian one

  21. I think they look good and fit the DH well. Surprised how many people dislike them. Yet more evidence that everyone has different tastes in Diablo.

  22. First rune had me thinking it was petty cool but that feeling was dampened when I saw nearly ALL used Shadow Beasts, I’d say just make a separate Shadow Beast summon ability if they want to use it so much. So many more interesting concepts they could explore like ‘Summons a swarming cloud of shadowy arrows around the DH that randomly fire off at nearby monsters” instead of having Shadow Beasts that do a variety of circus tricks.

  23. You all had fair warning at how almost all of them used shadow beasts… it states that fact clearly in the tooltips on the official site…

    Anyways, you people need to learn to take these emulator videos with a grain of salt as the animations and effects are probably not exactly as they will be in the real game… I personally thought they were all good looking knowing that they were only mostly correct…

  24. Can’t wait to see these skills when they are completely finished.

  25. i really don’t like this and now i have doubts about the end game

  26. Nothing like rabid fanboys defending shitty work

  27. Im not a fan of most shadow beasts versions. Its literarly flying demon’s model turned black.

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