Rafael Grassetti’s: Diablo the Prime Evil

This truly gorgeous 3-D piece rendered in Marmoset Toolbag featuring Diablo the Prime Evil by Rafael Grassetti is just a feast for the eyes. So much attention to detail on this model. Just imagine him being animated and wreaking havoc in Sanctuary.

Enjoy the short video preview and the multitude of images below as well as many more from his own personal website here.

Thanks to Fmulder for the tip.

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    12 thoughts on “Rafael Grassetti’s: Diablo the Prime Evil

    1. Such a waste – all this energy for she-ablo…

      when they could have put this into an Okamura model that wasn’t total garbage.

    2. I’m getting really tired of “fans” coming to this fansite trashing anything and everything about the franchise! If everything about the game and/or true fans work is garbage, why commit such energy to trashing it? Why not just stay away or go play something else? Those of us who enjoy the game and/or appreciate the kind of work which goes into this type of modeling can do without such comments …

      • Everyone wants to make an impact, to be something important. If there is nothing worthy a person can be proud of, one chooses something to identify with – a religion, a music style or clothing.

        Appreciating a videogame is not easy – either you are completely entranced by it and disappear in it (as in MMOs, for example), or you need to find pleasure playing while at the same time admitting game’s flaws. This latter scenario takes some mental discipline, and it is much easier to just side with haters and spit curses.

        As of why they do not leave… They can’t as if they leave their hatred behind, they’ll have nothing to associate themselves with.

        • I saw your comment browsing this website using a mobile phone and i didnt know how to up-vote it so i had to log in with my lap top using high-priced satelite internet from the middle of the fucking Australian desert (engineer stuck here for 2 weeks to work on a project) for the single purpose of up-voting it.

          Well said mate, well said…

      • don’t worry man, the complainers are a minority. Just enjoy the game, make constructive comments and look forward to further polishes and xpacks 🙂 And listen to some of this site’s podcasts, the recent ones were a nice breeze of positivism among all this hatred. It makes you see there are people who love the game despite some small shortcomings.

    3. All I see is a work of art. That model had to be a pain to make. But the love and care that went into it shows.

      Hate sheablo or not this piece of fan art from a professional 3d Modeller is quite stellar. It caught me off guard when fmulder posted the images in the FC Forums.

    4. i also think that this a waste of energy. why reproduce whats already there ? i wouldnt wonder if he used exported mpq frame of diablo and as a basic-frame.

      so it is not much worth as a portfolio piece regardless of how much time it consumed.

      still pretty nice reproduction – i just think he would have used his time better with an original piece.

    5. It does look much better without the laughable saggy demon boobs you see in the game. I also like this model because it doesn’t have terrible voice acting pinned to it.

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