Raekor’s Set Change Coming Soon to PTR

Raekor’s Set Change Coming Soon to PTR

Furious Charge
Furious Charge
Along with the Monk’s Sunwuko’s Set and the Demon Hunter’s Marauder’s Set changes, the Barbarian is getting an improved (?) version of his Raekor’s Set as well. Here’s the common fan complaint, plus the Blue response and theory behind the set changes. Raekor’s Set Change Coming Soon to PTR:

*Why* Raekors May Need A Change.

Not because it’s OP – but because it’s insanely frustrating to be grouped with a barb using this set. Far too often I’ve been in a 4 player game where a Raekor barb zooms off into the distance gathering all the elites with no way for me or the rest of the party to catch up.

I’m absolutely fine with barbs having nice things – except when those nice things are annoying to everyone else.

Sets should provide synergy within a party, not troll the party.
Nevalistis: This is actually pretty offensive to us as well, but we don’t think the problem is with the concept of Raekor’s. When you observe the gameplay as a teammate, it kind of reminds you of that kid on the playground who would take the ball and run with it rather than passing it around and letting the other kids play with him.

That’s not a great feeling, especially for the rest of the party. It doesn’t live up to the spirit of multiplayer or create good teamwork opportunities. We’re looking to fix this by redesigning the Dreadnought rune and the Raekor’s set. Here’s the current plan:

DiabloWikiFurious Charge: DiabloWikiDreadnought

  • Has been redesigned. Now grants Furious Charge two charges.
  • DiabloWikiThe Legacy of Raekor

  • 2-piece bonus: The first enemy hit by Furious Charge takes 100% additional damage.
  • 4-piece bonus: Furious Charge gains the effect of every rune.
  • 5-piece bonus: Enemies hit by Furious Charge take 3000% weapon damage over 3 seconds.
  • The gameplay of zipping back and forth across the screen and dealing huge amounts of damage is a lot of fun, and we want to preserve that. What we want to combat is how this gameplay was downright incompatible with multiplayer. Rather than charging forever forward, it should feel good to charge through existing groups before moving on to the next pack, and it’ll be even better if your buddies line ’em up for you to knock back down. This change should be in the next PTR patch, which we’re hoping to get to you shortly. We look forward to seeing your feedback!

    The current live version of this set adds 500 Str and Vit, and grants Furious Charge the effect of every rune. The current live version of Furious Charge: Dreadnaught pulls all enemies to the Barbarian’s location, a bonus that encourags Barbs to forever move onwards, taking the monsters with them. With that property gone and Furious Charge given additional buffs in damage, these changes seem like a big win for Barbs, especially in multiplayer parties.

    Any Barb fans still exist, and do you have excite? If not for yourself, for being able to play with your one friend who plays a Raekor’s Barb?

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    14 thoughts on “Raekor’s Set Change Coming Soon to PTR

    1. Uh isnt this a nerf not a buff ? if u cant do nonstop charges that to me is a nerf nothing else, but i am kinda sick of this set its so boring to play there is no flow and the single target dps was always a problem..

    2. For some reason, Raekor has blessed me mightily with drops. IK and Might of Earth sets pieces, not so much…

      So I have been playing HC Seasonal barb with Raekors. Nothing above 24 Grift solo. Honestly, I think the change to the Dreadnought is definitely needed. One of the glaring issues is when another class uses some type of AoE, both offensive or defensive, then you accidentally grab and drag the mob outside of the target area. For example, Big Bad Voodoo, Meteor, Guardian Turret, Falling Sword, or countless other spells.

      The 2-piece is a bonus versus solo elites or bosses. I will miss the 500str/vit bonus. But I think the 5-piece will make up for it with straight damage.

      They actually dropped the 'Every Rune' Effect from 5 to 4 which will help with set combining especially with IK Set which I think is HUGE! It gives you the flexibility to free up slots for other sets or legendary items.

    3. I’ve played a fair bit of Raekor and I’m pretty interested in the changes. While it’s a decided nerf on raw trash clearing capabilities, it’s a substantial buff to Rift Guardian killing speed, and it should be a lot less obnoxious for the group, as well as the Barb himself. Dreadnought was always really finicky with what it did or didn’t pull, so I’m glad I won’t have to be frustratedly corralling mobs together anymore. I’d have to get my hands on it to really see the extent of the damage, though, so I’ll reserve judgement until then.

    4. While I’m not fully informed since the changes haven’t hit yet, I’m pretty sure this will make barbs useless in higher grift grps. Ironic considering this change was supposedly aimed at making them more enjoyable to play with in a grp. No unity, no stacking mobs to take advantage of APD and the only class without cheat death options = constant death and therefore 0 grp contribution. Raekors took skill to play effectively at higher tiers and when someone acquired that skill they became trash wrecking balls. It was imo a fun playstyle and as with most builds that I have found fun in this game, blizzard decides to crap all over it. Lightning DH being another build that faces a similar demise.

      • Yep, this is the case. I'll repost what the general Barb consensus is: it's not only a nerf, but a complete gutting of the Raekor playstyle. No barb questioned that something needed to be done with Raekors (nerfs are fine if done right) but this change is pretty sad. 3000% DoT? That couldn't be more uninspired than if it was a parody. Is it April Fools and I've forgot?

        The problem was/is that the set actually brought to the surface many of the flaws in the underlying game (*cough* conduits *cough*) rather than there being problems with the set per se. I guess this change just works in attempting to re-hide/ignore those flaws.

    5. My gut feeling is that this change effectively neuters the set simply because its main strength, being able to move things with you as you clear and keep them CC'd while providing fast clear times, has been taken from it. You were already geared to have infinite FC if you were playing Raekor's, so the extra charge doesn't strike me as particularly useful. Still against single targets you're going to just be throwing yourself at the boss on cooldown without Conduit, only now you can't carry mobs with you.

      It's much less defensive since you can't effectively keep all the enemies in one spot, and it's not as fast because you can't move through the rift while killing the mobs, which was this set's strength. My guess is it's going to be far less powerful too in practice with it being harder to activate Vile Ward fully. I get that the new set bonuses are supposed to compensate for the lack of single-target damage, but I don't see it compensating for the slowdown in clear speed. I haven't played the new version but I'm not terribly excited about it. You're still going to cross your fingers for a conduit pylon.

      • I'm not making a prediction since I never used old Raekor's, but there was a lot of anxiety about the Marauder's set change before it went into testing on the PTR, and then once it was available almost everyone loved it and thought it a big improvement. (Still waiting on the next patch for the bigger Marauder's change.)

        So after the marauder's nerf that turned out to be a big buff, I'm going to keep hopes up until some players get some actual testing time.

        • I wouldn't deny that it may be a buff (i.e bigger numbers, yay), and it will clearly help with Raekor single target damage, since, well, it basically had 0 std before. But I will point out that when the M6 changes came in, yes there was a lot of outcry by a vocal minority, but there was actually a lot DH players who immediately came on (before even testing the set) and ran the numbers and said "hey, this is actually a buff". This isn't the case with Raekor. There is virtually unanimous opinion on the barb forums that this change is… well, sad.

          M6 change made (apparently) M6 more engaging. Raekor change has done anything but.

    6. Haven't tried the Raekor's build but collecting the items and glad they're paying attention to it.

      Now, can they do something about Roland's as well? 🙁

    7. i will have to try it first, but it doesn’t seem very good. it would be sad thing, too, because Might of Earth, while fun, is more like a glass cannon (well, as far as barbs go), raekor made much more in control of what are you doing

      also, how you play in group is not question of build/skills, but of your game-play. charge can be done on very small distance, there is no need to be carrying every mob 50 yards around the map.

    8. What yderf said. There is no need to push mobs around the entire map, some players just choose to. This \fix\ basically ruins the whole point of Raekor (gather and and annihilate), because some players can’t behave. Another step towards adapting every single game to an average 12-year olds game-play and mindset? I am not happy.

    9. Not sure how you equate playing a build to its full potential to acting like a 12 year old. Consistently gathering more mobs with Raekor’s is what made its power awesome because of its synergy with vile wards, blood shed, and ancient parthan defenders. The way I see it casuals are complaining because when they jump in to a t6 game with a skilled Raekor barb they basically feel like they are just running behind him doing nothing. While I sympathize to an extent with them this same feeling can onset because of other class/builds in the game to a slightly lesser degree. Geared DH drops one sentry and clears most trash without stopping. 2 sentries for elite packs. Geared wiz spams apocalypse to gather trash and clears without stopping. Blackhole, apocalypse, hydra for elite pack.

      It’s silly to address this problem by gutting the mechanic of a set when a more simple solution is for the casual with the problem to simply hit ESC > Leave Game > Join Game to find a game without a skilled Raekor barb. I’ve been in tons of games without one so how hard would that be. In this way you could allow for people who enjoy max/min’ing and the playstyle of Raekor’s to keep playing how they want to play without it affecting you.

    10. You’re getting me wrong, I agree with you. My point is that ruining a build because it CAN be played in an annoying way (which is not necessary), is a bad idea.

    11. 100% *additional* damage (i.e. on top of the 1050%) isn't that good. I'd rather keep my 500 str/vit then. If they'd change it so that the first enemy takes 100% *extra* damage, I'm in.

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