No, you didn’t miss a contest here. (DiabLOL deadline Sunday night. New BlizzCon ticket contests go live Monday morning.) This is a contest that was held this summer on the Colors site. There were 3 winners and quite a few entries, all of which can be seen right here. The cool thing is the application used to create these images. To quote the site’s About page:

    Colors! is a simplistic digital painting application for Nintendo DS that is inspired by painting-techniques using Wacom boards in Photoshop or Painter.

    The results are very painterly in style, the entire process is recorded and retained in the uploaded image. This means that with javascript enabled, you can watch how every one of the paintings was made, from the first lines to the final touches. It’s fascinating to see how the artists create their works, and how many retouches and tiny little changes they make, to heighten the overall effect. The winning art is below; see the Colors D3 contest page for all the winners and entries.

    Thanks triplex for the tip!

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