After careful consideration, making a list (and checking it twice), we’ve decided on the four winners of the 4 caption this screenshots. The following individuals have been sent a forum PM, and as soon as they reply, their codes for a spot in the ongoing WoW beta and a Tyrael mini-pet will be on their way. In the event that someone doesn’t reply, an alternate winner will be selected, since these WWI cards aren’t getting any younger.

    The original posts have been updated with the winners, honorable mentions, and some comments about the judging of each shot. Click them for the details and visuals:

    Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered; well over 100 did on each of the images. Apologies for taking so long to post these winners. We’ll speed that up with the fan art and 11-word story contest related to Ben Boos’ Swords book. Winners in that one will be announced tomorrow.

    Remember that you can always find all active and closed competitions in the DiabloWiki DiabloWikiDiii.net Contests article!

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