Some posts in the B.net forums illustrate common misconceptions about the new difficulty system and Paragon system.

    when you go to any Torment level in the game when you actually get in and check your character sheet and look at what your magic find is it only show the gold find going up and i’ve checked it with 8 people already and when i go torment lvl 6 i still dont see it, it only shows my gold going up in percent it would say 1600% gold find and then with magic find it would only show 40% MF so i think your mf in the Torment lvls are messed up i just want to get my money’s worth playing this game plz fix this.
    Tsarnis: Playing in Torment difficulty does not provide a bonus to the Magic Find stat. It does however confer a bonus to legendary drop chance, but this bonus is not visible anywhere on the character details pane.

    Tsarnis – can you confirm what the legendary bonus for Torment 6 is over Torment 1? It’s very difficult to notice any substantial change. I’m not necessarily looking for hard absolute numbers, but rather something like “Torment 6 provides 4 times the legendary drop rate as Torment 1”.
    Tsarnis: I can confirm that it does increase the higher up into Torment you go.

    there are a lot of inquiring forum folk that would really like to know
    Tsarnis: I am sure that is the case, but it’s not really my place lift the hood and show everyone the nuts and bolts, as it were. I was simply clarifying for the OP why there wasn’t an overt magic find bonus granted for Torment difficulty and clarify that this is, in fact, intended.

    I would like know why I have still only 29% for magic find after update. Although paragon level rising, magic find is still only 29%. Is it some bug?
    Tsarnis: This is not a bug. Paragon levels gained no longer grant a bonus to Magic Find.

    I can hear leg sound when i drop it from my inventory but never from a monster or chest.
    This is a bug that hasn’t been addressed yet but it will be in an upcoming patch for which I have no ETA at this time.

    Torment 6 from the RoS beta: "250% bonus Legendary drop rate."

    Torment 6 from the RoS beta: “250% bonus Legendary drop rate.”

    Their confusion is understandable, since in the old Paragon and Monster Power systems your character gained 3% MF with every Paragon level, and each higher difficulty level added 25% Magic Find. Those steady incremental boosts to Magic Find are not present in D3v2, which is done on more of a plateau system. Your MF is identical (AFAIK) from Normal-Master, and only improves, in the form or more frequent legendary drops, with each higher level of Torment.

    I haven’t played that much Torment yet in D3v2, but I played a great deal of it in RoS, and despite the tooltips promising higher legendary drop rates, I never noticed any change in the *quantity* of legs. I did see a boost in *quality*, since I found a few of the higher quality, rarer, Torment-only legendary and set items. Special Torment-only legs don’t seem to be in D3v2 though, and while Torment grants a lot more exp, if your gear isn’t great and it’s taking you 3x as long to earn 2x the exp, you’d be better off dropping down to faceroll Hard until you find a few more gear upgrades.

    How do you guys feel about the difficulty progression in Diablo 3 version 2? Are there enough perks on Torment to make it worth the trouble? Have you noticed more or better legendaries commensurate with the increased challenge level?

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