Last year, when v1.13 was in its formative stages, we posted a thread requesting questions from you guys on the future of Diablo 2. They were forwarded to Blizzard, via Bashiok, and… got stuck on a shelf until v1.13 was finished. That took longer than expected, but now that v1.13 has come to its glorious completion, Bashiok said they’d be able to take a whack at those questions again.

    I’ve gone over the original list and pared off about half of them since v1.13 or the conversation around it has answered them or rendered them moot. But that means there’s room for new! And moar! Check out that old thread, into which the original list of questions was inserted, and if you can think of something that’s not on it, or just want to stress the importance of asking it now, stick it in the comments to this post. I need to submit the questions to Bashiok before the end of the week, so don’t delay on your reply.

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