After a harrowing shuttle ride down the 405 I have arrived at my hotel in Irvine, and await tomorrow’s festivities. Bonus points for the shuttle driving right past Blizzard Entertainment’s campus on the way here (it’s about 4 miles from this hotel, right down Alton). I didn’t want to try my luck against the high iron gates around the facility today, when I’m invited tomorrow, but I’m not posting a travel journal here, so let’s get to the point!

    I was looking over the huge list of questions you guys have submitted so far, and something odd caught my eye. I might have missed it, but so far in the nearly 90 comments I didn’t see a single question or suggestion or request about ANY character class or skill. No one asking for a buff or a nerf to a class, for any skills to be improved or changed, etc. All of the questions were about larger issues of the game, itemization, PvP, etc.

    So, here’s your chance to rectify that. Do you guys have any suggestions or requests or demands or questions for Blizzard about the current state of the classes in D3? I will be sitting across a table from multiple Diablo 3 developers in 18 hours, so you’re unlikely to get a more direct option to speak truth to power. Hit it in the comments, or click through to read at least one skill request I’ll be voicing tomorrow.

    Aside from jokes about Barbs needing an across the board 25% DPS nerf, my own hobby horse is the Demon Hunter and how it’s by far the least viable in Hardcore, primarily since she’s too squishy. I think the class badly needs an NDE or Spirit Vessel or Unstable Anomaly style passive that would provide a second chance in case of emergency. Something like 30% life restore and 2 seconds of Smoke Screen, triggered if your HPS go below 10%. They could insert it as a new Passive, or just tack it onto something appropriate, like Tactical Advantage or Perfectionist.

    You need not second me on that though. The field is wide open, so pick your most or least favorite class and tell me to tell Bliz how to fix it.

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