Questions for Blizzard about Diablo 3 Classes?

After a harrowing shuttle ride down the 405 I have arrived at my hotel in Irvine, and await tomorrow’s festivities. Bonus points for the shuttle driving right past Blizzard Entertainment’s campus on the way here (it’s about 4 miles from this hotel, right down Alton). I didn’t want to try my luck against the high iron gates around the facility today, when I’m invited tomorrow, but I’m not posting a travel journal here, so let’s get to the point!

I was looking over the huge list of questions you guys have submitted so far, and something odd caught my eye. I might have missed it, but so far in the nearly 90 comments I didn’t see a single question or suggestion or request about ANY character class or skill. No one asking for a buff or a nerf to a class, for any skills to be improved or changed, etc. All of the questions were about larger issues of the game, itemization, PvP, etc.

So, here’s your chance to rectify that. Do you guys have any suggestions or requests or demands or questions for Blizzard about the current state of the classes in D3? I will be sitting across a table from multiple Diablo 3 developers in 18 hours, so you’re unlikely to get a more direct option to speak truth to power. Hit it in the comments, or click through to read at least one skill request I’ll be voicing tomorrow.

Aside from jokes about Barbs needing an across the board 25% DPS nerf, my own hobby horse is the Demon Hunter and how it’s by far the least viable in Hardcore, primarily since she’s too squishy. I think the class badly needs an NDE or Spirit Vessel or Unstable Anomaly style passive that would provide a second chance in case of emergency. Something like 30% life restore and 2 seconds of Smoke Screen, triggered if your HPS go below 10%. They could insert it as a new Passive, or just tack it onto something appropriate, like Tactical Advantage or Perfectionist.

You need not second me on that though. The field is wide open, so pick your most or least favorite class and tell me to tell Bliz how to fix it.

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75 thoughts on “Questions for Blizzard about Diablo 3 Classes?

  1. Why are Demon Hunters the worst at hunting demons and what do you intend on doing about it?

    Related: How do you intend to make ranged combat function?

  2. Probably an unpopular idea but I’d rather they remove NDE or Spirit Vessel or Unstable Anomaly instead of giving the DH a new one of those. I never liked the idea of these essentially HC-specific passives. Removing the existing ones would put the DH slightly more on equal footing with the others while keeping HC truly HC.

  3. Regarding Demon Hunters:
    -Could change Grenadier passive, which currently “throws a giant grenade when you die” to something like “generates invulnerability shield and stuns enemies”
    -Strafe should be looked at. All runes except Demolitions(grenades) are vastly underpowered, and channeling cost is impossible with ias gear. The skill simply isn’t strong enough to warrant costing so much hatred.
    -How about a Rain of Vengeance buff? The skill is pretty much worthless, it does so little damage for a 30s cd.

    Regarding Hardcore:
    -Please please please see if you can get a response from them as to if they ever plan to at least acknowledge disconnects and their “take 20-60 seconds to exit game” mechanic is a problem.
    -Act2 keywarden reflecting Monk Bells is kind of ridiculous, and often 1 shots party members in public games on higher mp. Was that really intended? It doesn’t seem like a “projectile” skill to me.

    • Regarding Hardcore:
      -Please please please see if you can get a response from them as to if they ever plan to at least acknowledge disconnects and their “take 20-60 seconds to exit game” mechanic is a problem.

      My last 3 DH have died to Net dropout or PC crashes, 2 of them were in places that if it hadn’t dropped out there is no way i would have died!
      Like at the top of the stairs in Leoric’s Manor just a ‘1’ normal Dark Cultist comes through the door

  4. Do you plan to make Demon Hunters more durable and how will you come about doing this?

    While the anniversary buff was on I finished leveling my DH to 60 and she just felt like she had no armor period. All I could do was flip flip flip away and shoot.

    My monk on the other hand was like “rawr smash” through everything still.


  5. Oh, I would say that “What are your plans for strengthening the roleplaying aspect of the game?” is more than just touching the topic “classes & skills” ^^

  6. What are your plans for wizard skills so that we can have more than Archon and CM builds?

    • Also regarding the most used spec : do they plan to hurt CM wiz and WW barb ? Isn’t there a limit in buffing the other skills for them to compete?

  7. Any chance of a marked for death change or buff? It’s a bad skill. None of the runes feel better or worth using. I feel a lot of lost potential lies in better skillrunes for this skill. Compared similar skills (Mantra of conviction), MRD simply underwhelms. MOC doesn’t need to be cast and aimed every 2 seconds, has a rune that actually increases the effect and always has a massive aoe of effected monsters. MFD can’t compare.

    Keeping with this train of thought… exploding palm. All bland and crap skillrunes. The way I’d word this as a question would be: Any changes in store for EP?

    Due to monster density changes, some skill feel way worse then they used to: Evasive fire. Only covering fire feels viable here. (the one that turns the one shot into 3.) Perhaps all the runes and the base skill should inherently have this 3-shot bonus.

    Shadowpower with gloom. Any chance of a change to this must-have skill?

  8. Honestly.
    Hundreds of threads have been made on the forums about class imbalance… while they’ve acknowledged the OP’ness of certain barb and wiz builds, they’ve pretty much said “we like where the DH is now”.

    A blind man can see that DHs need some work, and while the rapid fire buff definitely was an improvement, it is probably the least fun build to play… the most viable rune (bombardment) looks like you’re taking a piss, and then it becomes all about stream management.

    I’d like to see some serious DH tweaks across the board. Buffs to damage and/or resource costs. A few skills like RoV and Fan of Knives could use slight mechanic reworks (i.e. Cooldowns, even something similar to Overpower). While the passives Grenadier and Thrill of the hunt (the latter which basically doesn’t work) could also use work.

    Nothing I’ve said here, is something that you or they don’t already know.

  9. 1. Cool downs work against the fast-passed nature of game-play. I’m currently running through HC (for the first time! yay me) on a WD. Too many of the skills aren’t worth using (I feel) because of their cool downs. The WD needs more active attack skills, generally, but is there any reconsideration of how cool downs undercut certain skills? (eg, Rain of Vengeance, as mentioned above.)
    1b. How might making them resource-intensive, instead, make them more viable? Say, by forcing the player to focus on a resource-regen or resource-on-hit build (I can’t remember if items even allow for that second option)?

    2. Movement skills. The DH has an awesome movement skill. Um, shit. I can’t remember what the other characters have… THAT’S THE PROBLEM. Ok, um, the barbarian needs to be able to jump around a lot more. SO so much fun. The monk needs a ~zap~ I’m over there! skill that doesn’t rely on an active attack skill. The WD has an okay one, I think, just because it seems to be able to walk through so much and the cool down isn’t totally crazy. The Wizard? Oh man, teleport is complete shit. It’s like they realized how overkill it was in D2 and totally nerfed it. Or rather, gave up on designing it properly. Isn’t there some rune that allows you to ignore the cool down for 1 second? Zap-zap- oh nevermind, I’ve landed at a wall. I’ll just get stuck here for a while….

    3. I’m not going through all the old posts now, but previously, I believe I saw where a front-pager or a highly up’d comment suggested making the most common passives on each character standard for those characters. When the majority choose the same passives, maybe they should just be baked into the character. Any thought on that?

    4. Has it already been asked? Any hints about the new classes?! I’m a dork and still love this game; I’m very excited for the expansions. Are there any holes (whether play style, or story line, or for old times sake, or whatever) the developers see that they’d like to fill with a new character class?

    • Try Teleport with Critical Mass. If you play right and have the stats, you can almost constantly Teleport. I like that this time around this requires some planning, unlike in D2.

      Anyway, +1 for your 2nd question. I’d really like to see a real movement skill added for the WD. In my opinion Spirit Walk is just an escape skill, especially if you compare it to what the other classes have. This is one of the reasons why I don’t play much WD these days, even though it’s still my favorite class.

      • Spirit Walk was amazing when it had the extra second of “walking”. I was spoiled…

  10. From the Battlenet character description:

    Monks’ melee attacks are more potent when they’re used in careful succession; they generate additional spiritual energy, deal increased damage and produce unique effects that can enable a monk to defeat nearly any enemy.”

    Did this just get forgotten about? Or Dropped?

  11. Weapon choice has little to do with game play. I got a DH to 60 using a sword and shield, but she often had to turn to throwing a bomb or laying a spike trap–anything but actually using a sword. So many skills either presume the weapon you’re using or completely disregard it. Is there any intention of refocusing on what’s actually in your toon’s hand?

    • I really like this one, although I’m sure it would take an expansion to make this change. I have kind of become jaded to the issue now, but I remember when I first picked up D3 the fact that weapons seemed SO homogenized between types really irked me.

      • h-omogenized* It would be swell if the language filter was a little more intelligent! 😛

  12. Any plans on bringing back affixes that gives us the abilities of certain classes ala D2? Like A barbarian with a ring that gives him teleport? Witch Doctor with hydra?

  13. Demon hunters: Are they happy with the way that attack speed interacts with hatred consumption? Patch 1.05 was all about making the game playable without defensive skills. This succeeded for most classes but demon hunters still need 3 defensive skills to be viable in Inferno, are they happy with where things are?

    Monks: Are they happy that the buffs on the spirit spenders have done their job? Apart from the one problem child, are they happy with the monk passives?

    Wizard + Barb: What are their plans regarding WotB and Archon duration extenders. Are they going to put a hard limit on duration or just diminishing returns on duration extension.

  14. As a Wizard player, I’d like to see Meteor not share a “turn” with frost nova. My reason being CM wizards that use the usual FN,WW,explosion blast can use all 3 skills with no “turn” they’re all spammable, compared to a wizard that wants to replace explosion blast with meteor, meteor and frost nova share a “turn” making is significantly more difficult to use a CM meteor wizard because Frost Nova is a huge deal for suvivability. As devs you say you want to buff skills rather than nerf them, this being a subtle change would be a big deal for meteor cm wizards.

    • Not sure about that, as I think Meteor *should* have a casting animation, given it’s intended power. FN and ET both have an animation IIRC, so it’s just EB that doesn’t from that list. The other common one is Diamond Skin, but is used pretty universally.

      Wouldn’t you rather see other capable builds that didn’t require the carpal-tunnel-inducing IAS/CM combo? Many wizard passives could use work.

      IMO they should instead buff Meteor’s damage comparable to other skills that cost 1/2 of a resource pool, like Wave of Light – no cooldown and hits base for 800+ direct instead of 260.

      Meteor is not even as high base damage as HotA, which has a similar impact radius at less than half the cost and doesn’t require as much aiming or impact delay AND has an increase crit chance. Sure there’s Shower, but it’s only 100% per meteor with unpredictable accuracy.

      FWIW you could lump the DH Cluster Arrow in the same topic of disappointing-damage-for-high-resource-cost. And WD Dire Bats, the only rune in the game that reduces your damage. (not sure if true)

      From my biased perspective as a Meteor lover: the skill should be capable of being one of, if not *the*, hardest hitting skill in the game — with reasonable casting costs, speeds, and restrictions. And with the right gear and skill combinations of course.

  15. Monk spirit generators are too similar/weak they need to be more diverse in damage range/skill effects/AoE/mobility/ and base resource benefits. Dashing strike runes are weak outside of quicksilver, the flying kick one has crap animation and should do 2x damage,

    Here’s an interesting question. Why can’t class specific items(armor/weapons) have something specific to the class that they always roll with in addition to the 6 affixes to make them more useable?
    When are classes going to get resource regeneration options that aren’t all based on crit like the WotHF 15% chance to get energy rune?

  16. 1. Any chance for introducing new passives ? Or changing existings passives? So they make a big difference when they are selected? Right now their effects are underwhelming (example, I do not feel that +20% minions life makes any difference, but +100% minions damage could make it)
    2. Any chance for making lightning wizard viable? We do not have much lightning skills apart from weak, no cost attacks.
    3. Why resistance system feels SO flat? It does not matter really what gear I have, my resistances will be similar for each element and the differences will be probably very small. Like every res will be around 300, plus minus 40. In the end I will feel no diffence when I fight different types of monsters. In old diablo 2, when you had 25% and 50% resistance , the difference was huge, 2 times. And getting resistance gear was important. Now it is not, because “all res” is so common and because of stupid scaling of resitance effectivness. Do not tell us that there will be new resitance geat, so we can choose between +80 res all and +100 for specific element. To make this viable, you would need to scale down res all to like +30 max. Then it would make sense to keep +100 fire etc. This would introduce some gear choices. Right now, items do not matter, only DPS, life and res all are relevant.
    4. Any chance for making monsters immune to some types of damage? I know some players do not like making choices, so they just keep attacking monsters with same skill over and over again. But in diablo 2 it was nice to have different skills available, that were used when your main attack was innefecvie. Once again, this introduced customisation, because there was no single best build for class. You had to think, decide which skills to use. Now you just look at DPS and do not worry which skills you are using. Only DPS matters.

  17. 5. Will they enhance boss battles ? Some are nice already like Butcher, Belial. But Diablo is not dangerous enough. In D2, ligthing attack was able to kill many characters, now in D3, diablo has claws removed and can’t kill anyone. Additionally, many boss battles are tedious, like spider queen, mahda, kuule etc. Simply press attack button, change target to minions when they appear, target boss again, watch it die. Figthing against random pack is more interesting, they pack more punch AND they cause you to move (sentry, desecrator, whatever). Maybe D3 team redesigned boss battles already for console and they will introduce changes to pc soon?

  18. 6. Maybe Blizz could add new passives for all classes that would “twist” level 1 spells? For example , wizard could get a skill that “signature skills do double damage, but they also get mana cost (different per skill, or same , whatever). Suddenly a few new builds become viable.
    7. Why they do not show us damage for each skill? I see DPS, DPS , DPS, this game is only about one stupid stat DPS. I would like to hover mouse on a skill and instead of seeing “187% DPS” , I would like to see 3400-4900 damage listed (plain damage, without chance to crit calculated etc). Maybe this is because devs thinkt that people are stupid and would have trouble between choosing 3400-4900 and 4000 – 4700, so they made one STUPID stat DPS so players do not have to think. (I do not say remove DPS, just add other ways to show damage, so players can choose what they prefer to see)

  19. What are the plans for increasing diversity of builds in D3 for all 5 classes? There are many examples of skills with half potential they have now (sometimes even less). Good example is Wizard Mirror Image, the runes are worthless.

    Builds have a minor impact on gameplay! Everything is about items, how they want to straighten up this situation?

  20. Not on topic but I will try:

    Whath with PvP, do they plan new type of PvP interaction between players like more complex duels, team death matches, capture the flag, rabbit run, siege etc.?

  21. I always pictured the DH moving and shooting at the same time, its how I pictured the class before I installed D3 for the first time. Picture Morpheus from the Matrix with his dual MP5’S.

    There is this technique called “stepping” used mostly by a clan on the BNET forums. They play glass cannon specs and perform this “Stepping” maneuver pretty much the whole time they play, Its the only real way to stay ranged at higher MP levels by using movement.

    This seems like a broken game mechanic by having to move your mouse and manipulate your keyboard in an extreme way just to play as a ranged character.

    Being able to perform a quick slashing maneuver across the screen while firing would be revolutionary for the DH gameplay. Apparently this is possible on the console (FLUX CAN YOU VERIFY THIS WHEN YOU TRY THE CONSOLE?) but not on the PC unless you seriously give yourself arthritis at an early age by “Stepping”.

    so in summary…

    1. Confirm DH shooting while moving on console and how it feels.
    2. Ask the devs take on stepping on the PC version, should this even be necessary to gain an advantage over monsters?
    3. Thoughts on the discrepancy between the two?

    Really that’s the only things that bugs me about the DH.

    • Based on the videos I saw, attack while moving isn’t possible with the DH in the console versions either.

  22. Ah…. mirror image. Why not give new passive to Wizards that tell , all mirror images are doing 25% damage. Suddenly new build is viable!

    IMO, passives should make BIG impact and not do things like +5% crit chance overall. But rather “this skill is now much much stronger”.

    And the important thing about skills. It does not matter which skills we use. Only DPS matters and skills are just visual representation of this DPS. There is no reason to change skills. Well, you may get tired with visual effects etc and then you change skills. But there is no reason like “this skill will be more effective in this area / monsters will be immune to it” etc.

  23. Also, here’s some suggestions I have (original list here:

    – Some way of automatically skipping cutscenes and video.

    – Some way of not being able to skip cutscenes and video if there’s a player in the game that has never seen them before. (A lot of people jump into public games the first time and it’s standard practice to skip cutscenes.)

    – Report players AFK in any public game, even in a 2-player game, so the game does not appear in the ‘public games’ queue until the person reported gets in combat again. (Works like reporting AFK in a WoW battleground.)

    – Three options for monster power for public games. A: You must beat MP0 to ‘unlock’ MP1, etc. B: Individual quest progress for each MP level (with higher MP levels unlocking quest progress on lower MP levels at the same time.) C: Unlock based on paragon level, similar to how Nightmare/Hell/Inferno unlocks at 30/50/60.

    – The ability to join a public game on ‘any act any quest’ is awesome, but make it filter to only quests the character has currently unlocked and would be able to queue for if there was no ‘any act any quest’ option. Then, allow this ‘any act any quest’ to work at all levels 1-59 while leveling, not just level 60 (while keeping the ‘only the quests you could actually queue for’ filter of course.)

    – Block all ability to join a game that is farther along in the quest than your character has ever unlocked.

    – Make white/grey items have a reason for their tooltips cluttering up my screen and my accidentally picking them up when fighting in melee combat…or give me a way to get their tooltips off my screen and stop accidentally picking them up in melee combat.

    – This is one I’ve wanted FOREVER since the closed Beta. PLEASE REMEMBER THE HAVE MATERIALS AND/OR CAN EQUIP FILTERS WHEN CRAFTING. Having to constantly click these back on every game I join really kills the desire to craft.

    – I’ve also been suggesting this since closed beta: The ability to have both the ‘can equip’ and ‘have materials’ filters at the same time. I also think the ‘can equip’ can be smarter and filter out items below the item level you’re currently wearing for that slot. Why would you ever want to make something weaker than what you’re already wearing?

    – They finally added the ‘stat changes when equipped’ to the tooltip in the Auction House, like I’ve been asking since closed beta. However, I’d like the ability to filter by the ‘stat changes when equipped’ results. I would like to display only items that will increase my damage, life, or protection, or any combination of those three results. This would SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the time I spend browsing the AH looking for upgrades, saving me the hassle of having to check every single tooltip (and sometimes twice for rings or dual wielding).

    – Here’s a big one: Ability to sort the AH by ‘bid’ instead of just buyout. (Also, when you set a maximum buyout price, bid-only auctions are hidden completely…they should show bid-only auctions that are less than the ‘maximum buyout’ specified. Right now bid-only auctions are completely messed up, hard to search, hard to find, etc. And they’re my favorite way to sell stuff. =(

    – This is something that would take some major work and would be after major changes to making items worthwhile and stuff, but man would it be nice if the AH could keep a record of all the sales that have happened in the last X amount of days and use some kind of algorithm to ‘recommend’ a buyout price for your item based on its stats. Not wanting to figure out a buyout price is the reason why I post bid-only auctions. =( This would also go a long way to significantly reducing ‘flipping’ as well.

    – Another one I’ve been asking for since closed beta. Include the 15% markup in the auto-bid-price!

    – For stackable consumables (light blue text like potions, pages, gems) have them auto pickup like gold does, especially if you have a stack already in your inventory.

    – Pickup radius and movement speed increasing with paragon level could be cool. Even if it’s not a whole lot, these are the stats that having 0 of them is really, really annoying, and of course getting as much as you can of each is nice. Maybe making the pickup radius of gold (and consumables) only and leave the pickup radius of healthglobes at a default that isn’t altered by paragon level?

    – Be able to block people on your friends list from joining your party at random, but allow them to join your game. I don’t care if they join my game at all, but when they join my party it blocks me from queuing for a public game and when I leave I pull them back to the lobby and all kinds of annoying things go on. I don’t like the ‘party’ system much. =/

    – Those times when your character talks (like mighty blows or when you’re almost near death or recover from almost near death), broadcast that so other nearby players see/hear it too. This would make multiplayer a little less silent at least, since it’s missing the chatter from the followers.

  24. Lets keeps these short:

    – Right now two classes are simply so far ahead of the others (Barbs and Wizards) its incomparable. Is there a plan to weaken these two classes(Which would be very unpopular) or bring the other classes in line?

    – DH go from zero to hero with the empower shrine. Their lack of resources, and cost of abilities is a large part of the problem. Any plans to address this?

  25. Thank god you asked. I see a lot of comments about my favorite class, Demon Hunter and I must address this:

    I’ve used the Natalya Legacy Set (+2 discipline regen/sec) and while many say it was broken, I believe it was the most fun thing you cold do with a DH. My questions are:

    1. Is it possible to get a passive that increases disc regen (maybe not +2/sec but +1/sec at least).
    2. Could we have another set or item that gives +dis\sec? I’m thinking in the lines of the SoJ, maybe like a ring with fixed stats (no chc\chd, mainstat) whose only big feature would be disc regen? Replacing the +disc with +disc regen on SoJ’s wold be perfect

    A DH with higher disc regen will have most survivability issues fixed. The “effective DPS” would increase also, beceuse less kiting would be necessary. HC DH’s could also become viable somewhat with this.

    I’ve been wanting to ask this for centuries (ever since i sold my legacy set my DH became unplayable for me).

    I know you’re being flooded with Q’s now Flux, but please consider addressing this.

  26. It would be nice to know what they are going to do with wizards’ skills like Mirror Image, Wave Of Force, Arcane Torrent, Paralysis, Prodigy etc.
    I’m making a huge list of my prepositions about wizards’ skills and I’m curious about their ideas.

  27. From to incgamers, it’s been a long time.
    I don’t have any questions to ask, because I know Flux got it covered.

  28. “I think the class badly needs an NDE or Spirit Vessel or Unstable Anomaly style passive that would provide a second chance in case of emergency.”

    I never understood why so many people use those passives in HC. Well, I kinda do, they promise to save your character, but the fact is that there are many other passives that do just that, without a cooldown. I also think they promote some potentially unhealthy gameplay decisions. I much prefer passives with constant effects and for that reason, the only skill I would consider using from that list is Spirit Vessel. I’d really like it, if every similar passive would have an always-on effect.

    Anyway, my balance questions:

    1) Generally speaking, I feel that single-target skills and skills with small AoE effects are lackluster. Will we ever see these skills balanced against the popular AoE and multi-target skills in PvE or will these skills be only useful in PvP scenarios?

    2) Please buff the WD’s Haunt and Spirit Barrage. These could be really great skills, but their damage is laughable. A WD using only Spirit skills would be so cool to play aesthetically and there are even passive supporting it, but it’s a completely unviable build damage-wise.

  29. Without being specific. I love my DH but just can’t play it anymore, I switched to rapid fire bombardment but it takes too long to start damaging mobs and they end up next to you and if you’re in a party game when you stand back and launch grenades the demons die, all your team mates run off to the next mob and you’re already behind the action, you run to get to the next mob, find them half dead and start to fire again, waiting for the grenades to start their damage, rinse and repeat. I hate having to play that way.

    I love bola shot, I love withering fire (but hate that it’s only good on one target). I hate my DH dies so much on MP10 but my wiz can stand there all day not even taking a scratch.

  30. 1. Are the “new” thorns ability something that’s gonna come back directly after the itemization patch or is it a part of it and how will this affect the classes in general?

    2. Why can’t we have a swap-skillbutton in town? Saving us 2 different builds on the “W” key? Something for the expansion? This topic have never been talked about even after requests.

    3. Can we see Barb smash harder when we are at paragon 100? Let the zombies fly off the screen 90% of the time, aight?

  31. DH channeling costs need reduced too often do we run out of hatred and discipline. Alternative would be to give DH a large amount of defensive options. What about allowing us to use strength stat on equal footing as dex so we have a choice. To go glass cannon or a ranged tank?

  32. Regarding DH: – Tell Blizzard to restore the proc. coefficients to Caltrops and Grenades. Making an entire line DH skills completely useless and unused was completely unwarranted, especially with permanent up-time WotB Barbs and perma-freeze CM Wizards still running around owning the game.

  33. Ironborn mode, tick-box, make us play with new stash, no AH and bound to account items 90% (legendaries not inclusive).

    Is that a character question btw?

  34. I have a perfect question on the subject of classes and skills:

    Why is there so much reliance on crit chance build into skills? Are there plans to move away from this so that other stats can matter as well and so builds can function without 50% or greater crit chance?

  35. These comments are wizard related but could translate to other classes, too.

    What scope of changes to skills and passives is being considered? I don’t want minor tweaks, I’m hoping for a change in approach. For example, they were excited to talk about the crazy idea that a wizard might be able to summon two hydra at once under special circumstances. Only two?

    People talk about build diversity but then the limits on skills are so severe. I don’t want to “choose which hydra I use” with my build. I want the choice of being a hydra wizard. Adjust the damage, duration, whatever, but let me use hydra as my main damage dealer. I want to fill the screen with them.

    That’s just one example but illustrates the point. A design paradigm where you are pushed to having on signature spell, on damage dealer is boring. I don’t want three viable wizard builds, I want three dozen. The only way to make that possible is to unchain the skill system.

    • A very good example of how slim the roleplaying aspect in the game actually is at the moment.

      So the devs played around and made their characters during developement. And now we’re stuck with having to play their characters? Exactly? To the detail?

      So what’s in the making/planning/discussion for actually including a rpg character system into the game for us to play around with?

  36. If the barbarian is working as intended, how do they feel about RLTW sprint doing most of the damage in the standard WW build rather than WW, especially given its dependence on MH weapon damage and speed?

    How do they feel about mandatory passives. The barb and monk are talked about a lot here, but the WD has grave injustice, which is the solution to an earlier poster’s comment about cooldowns on the WD. Passives seem like a much simpler version of D2’s skill tree, where there’s a clear best set of choices which pushes towards ubiquitous builds for classes, or the illusion of choice. That’s especially true for HC, but I don’t expect that HC will ever get special treatment.

    An issue with class specific questions with the item overhaul looming is that we don’t know how the items are going to interplay with the classes as they are, without considering any skill changes. The watered down example we have is how Thing of the Deep changed or made it much easier for WD’s to play a certain way. It’s good information when many WDs are using one for normal farming.

  37. I’d ask if they can talk about any upcoming changes to the monk class. From pre 1.07 “Currently, monks spend a lot of their time applying an assortment of DPS buffs through the use of utility and survivability buttons. The bulk of monk damage comes from very passive gameplay, like healing yourself to get a damage buff, or applying Sweeping Winds and not looking at it again. We want to give players who enjoy the fantasy of being a blur of fists and feet a more active playstyle, and we’d love to play up some other fun mechanics as well.”

    “We feel that the monk has the most potential for improvement, and we have plans to make more changes to the monk after 1.0.5. The sort of changes we’d like to make are not simple number tweaks, though.”

    Of course, with the 1.07 patch we received buffed damage numbers, which was needed, but we have yet to see any changes beyond that.

    Specific questions – There has been mention of offering more offensive passive options for the monk. I love the concept of combination strike, but when you realize you have to use 3 active skill slots to reach a +24% damage increase, it just comes off as lackluster. The damage buff could be increased, or perhaps the skills that proc it could be expande to include other ‘strike’ type skills (dashing strike, exploding palm, lashing tail kick, seven-sided strike). The only other offensive passive we have (Guiding Light) only works in group play, and it pretty hit and miss. As far as I know, it’s the only passive in the game that requires you to be in a group to use it. Any details we can have on the direction this is going?

    Also, any word on Spirit Generators/Combos being re-worked? Thunderclap is just too good in comparison to the others.

    For reference:

  38. Will the new items make the old items that are now BIS useless or we only get alternatives to those already existing items? (ofc only in the item patch)

  39. Please just do whatever you can to disabuse them of the notion that the DH is in a good place right now.

    The DH is the weakest class in the game by a very large margin. I have all five classes at level 60 and the DH dies three times as often.

  40. With how the game system is made, can they fix the main stat issue? In my opinion it’s boring. Are witch doctors going to receive any “mega” abilities? Why was the status abilities to the dogs concept abandoned? I assume due to casting locust swarm for example into a pack and removing a status from the dogs.

    Can they make shields interesting? Give classes a shield block ability?

    What are they going to do with inferno when the expansion is released? I assume level 100 paragons could destroy act 5 (actually anyone with decent gear) inferno on higher multiplayer levels. Can we get increased levels and a rune system in the expac and scrap the temporary band-aid that was paragon levels?

  41. DH
    reduce strafe hatred cost: to hard to sustain with high ias
    make every passive where it says grenade also working for runes (strafe rune/RF rune): makes sense
    bring some proc coefficient to caltrops: because this is no more inferno 1.0.1
    make sentry a more viable support damage skill
    give us a way to spam fan of knives more often, 260% for 10sec cooldown is low dmg
    make rockets aoe

    make some passives do something more interessting: thinking of
    prodigy: who use that?
    astral presence: to low to make some change
    paralysis: no need to explain
    some phew phew skills are really bad

  42. Nothing happened in this game since i left … like 5-6 months ago.
    We should wait to d3x to play it like 1 month to level up the new classes and left again.Pathetic job Blizzard.You are no longer the best developers for me.
    I bet many others think like me.The game is sooo empty and pointless.It can’t be worse. You develope some “cheezy” patches…Your greed will ruin you as a company.Sry for my bad english, but i think you get my point.

  43. You need to tone down the cooldowns and drastically increase the uptime on the various minor dmg buffs (or remove them and buff the main dmg skills), to allow me to SPAM one or two skills ftw… This game is a tax on my brain with its myriad useless-but-mandatory buffs. I can only play DH because of this and now they are the most inferior class so I can’t play at all atm. Oh, and make boss runs viable again. There are people who *like* running Meph 1,000 times, just as there are those who enjoy hunting elites. I don’t want to search for the switch that gives me the heroin, I just want to run there and *press* it over and over again…

    About the movement speed problem: right now every char (not toon, ahem ahem) uses the skill that gives them the most movement speed. Either remove the movement speed skills and increase base movement speed and gear bonuses by like 1,000 % — OR give all classes an equally effective movement speed skill (when combined with their other skills… very hard to balance obviously). Right now Barbs are the clear winner… And I *hate* playing Barb with a passion. UGGGHH! :banghead:

    • Movement speed is only a problem for the WD and depending on your build and the situation, for the Wizard. A TR Monk can actually keep up with a Sprint Barb and the DH’s Vault is also very good if you to move around quickly.

      The real problem is that the Barb can maintain his/her speed WHILE not losing damage (beats both Monk and DH) OR defensive abilities (again beats the DH).

      Personally I would nerf the damage of Sprint tornados to the ground, reduce their coefficient and also change WotB so that its duration cannot exceed two times the base duration.

      BTW, I would do the same for Archon, while also changing CM so that it doesn’t start to reset its cooldown until it ends.

  44. q: in hindsight, feel critical hit damage is detrimental to build diversity in the end game? if so, any plans on revising or removing critical hit damage from items, or adding new affixes that improve build diversity?

  45. also, I didn’t bother to give too much brainpower to asking questions because the blizz team obviously thinks d3 is fundamentally a good game not in need of big changes. the game has been out for a over a year, so what is left unknown? 1 to 59 the game is great. it only gets weird at level 60 where you start pushing for best in slot gear, which turns out is all very similar for every effective build.

    dont get me wrong, I find the game enjoyable. I just doubt anything interesting is going to come out of this qa.

  46. Nothing about a class but about skills in general.
    What is the plan to make unused skills or runes at last attractive ?
    Do they plan a massive redesign ?

    I’d like to see more variation in general among the builds we see (at high mp or not). Would it be possible in a next patch to change useless skills or runes ? That is my question.

    Examples among a long list :
    – Who uses that TOTAL useless skill which is arcane torrent ?
    – Only chaos nexus is a viable rune for disintegrate. What about two auto targeting rays, or a ray with twice the length, an arcane version is fine but what about a frost version ?
    – Archon goal is to stay archon. What is the purpose of Arcane destruction or pure power ? I’d like to see variations on the beam instead !
    – Arc lightning and Entropy runes… seriously ? Short range is ok, should be twice the damage.
    – Other class ? DH ferrets. Why no gold find bonus on those ?

    I could do entire pages of useless skills easy to imrove or modify.
    Are they aware that to keep people playing for years, a hard work must be done on skills ?

  47. Unused skills/runes must be changed in their behavior, not only the % of damage they do.

    Another example : Teleport – Calamity
    Teleport is a defensive skill use to evade attacks, not to jump into trouble.
    The damage should be made at departure, not at arrival. And it should be 500%, not 200% ridiculous one. In add of that a small chance of stunt or freeze on target could be cool.

  48. All I would like to know is if they plan any type of classes/skill redesign/reworking before they release the expansion.

  49. Regarding the monk:

    Can we have more reasons to spend spirit on the monk? The current model for monk involves auto attacking while spamming whatever mantra you have equipped (and possibly saving some spirit for a defensive skill). I find this gameplay to be rather stale.

    In inferno, spirit spender skills are largely underwhelming, are you ok with this and what will you be doing to rectify it?

    When the monk was first announced it sounded like the order in which you used skills was going to have a meaningful impact on what the skill did. Are there any plans to incorporate more skill into the monk’s playstyle – timing skills in between of your spirit generator strikes will yield different effects? I would much prefer rewarding skill over a flat dps buff on any spirit spending skills.

    • Wave of Light is an amazing spender, possibly too good. In MP, your party will love you if you use Cyclone Strike well and Exploding Palm can be useful too. The problem is that for every one of those skills only one rune is viable.

  50. Could we have some QOL fixes for some skills. My specific example (I know there are more cases of this) is with the monk’s skill deadly reach: foresight. The only way to tell that this buff is active is either looking at your character sheet or looking through all of the pretty particle effects to see a little swirl around your character. Could we possibly get a buff icon for this and any other short term buffs.

    As a side request: would it be possible to change some of the +%dmg buffs into something more tangible/interesting/creative? There are many ways to skin a cat, but having so many boring buffs is a real let down.

  51. I would like to have a more ranged wizard and more glass canon. Like a passive or armor which prevent being vortexed or something which adds speed or reduce CC. I know the latter can be achieved by some gears but it is much less efficient than having EHP and a melee skill. I haven’t seen that much undying ranged wizard (those 150kDPS one shoting everything on MP1 do not count).

  52. I know I’m late to the discussion, but why are upgrading gems the most RETARDED way of upgrading your character in any video game ever???

  53. I totally agree on this.
    Movement is one of the funniest part of the game (barb jump or charge, wizard teleport, wd spirit walk…)

    For me, a cool down on those skills is not the solution because :
    – Limiting the fun with time is not the goal of a game
    – Survivability of certain characters depends on them (WIZ teleport is a good example).

    The teleport case (I’ll take it as example since WIZ is my most played class) :
    I understand that there is a limit on it of course (otherwise, we’ll have players rushing entire maps like in D2 and it won’t be possible for other classes to follow).

    The solution is very simple : arcane cost. As Vault costs discipline, dash costs spirit.
    Make it dependent of your resources so you will be able to teleport a number of time, no too much once but it’s up to you to manage your resource in elite combat to use it efficiently. Exaclty like vault.

    There are also a number of runes to improve in this case :
    – Safe passage should be lowered a little bit
    – Wormhole would be useless in its current state. I hate wormhole btw, I’d want to be able to teleport when I want it, not in a 1 second delay hurry. Could be replaced by a control of mobs (like the gathering of barb jump by example, arcane blast… whatever)
    – Make the explosion of Calamity upon depart, not upon arrival

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