We’ve been taking turns fielding questions in our live blizzcon chat this weekend. This afternoon I got in and fielded D3 questions for a while, and for those of you who aren’t in the channel, here they are. Here are a couple of samples, then 30 more are below the fold. They’re basically a chat room transcript, so excuse the typos and sub-optimal grammar.

    12:22 [Comment From arthas]—When you level up, are the stats fixed or can you add like 5 points to them?
    Flux: i covered that in the jay wilson interview post I just put up.  they’re automatically assigned.  i thought it was just for the blizzcon show, but it’s how th egame is in full, at least for now.

    12:24 [Comment From Doroga]—for the D3 interface I’ve noticed in older videos that the inventory has a bag system much like WoW, is this true?
    Flux: you have 10×4 rows of spaces in the inventory.  you start off with 12 available, in this build.  you find bags that add 1 or 2 more slots.  there are 4 bag slots.  obviously there will be larger bags to be found later in the game.

    also, skill runes are stored in 10 slots you see when you open the skills window.  so they don’t take inv space.  but apparently you an only hold 10 you’re not using.  all subject to change, of course.

    12:25 [Comment From Zinliah] —When will Diablo V’s second expansion release? You know, ballpark figure?
    Flux:  July 14, 2017.

    12:28 [Comment From Bara]—Have they mentioned anything about the ability to respec characters in Diablo 3? Or will we still be re-rolling characters?
    Flux: there will be respec of some type, but how is not worked out yet.  they’re not giving details yet.

    12:49 [Comment From supesta]—are there + skills on items still?
    Flux: not in the low level stuff, but they will be on higher level gear.    subject to further balance and tweaks. of course.

    12:49 [Comment From Lilithsblood] —Q: Will we hear anything more about Nephalem, Rathma, Uldyssian, or the Dragon from the Sin War trilogy?
    Flux: they said that we should see more monsters and plot things from other games and the novels, but they’re not giving out that info in advance.  skeleton king, lachdanan’s journal, and other repeats are seen in the blizzcon demo.  there’s also a sign for ‘griswold’s weapons’ in the ruined tristram you start out the demo exploring

    12:51 [Comment From Woodstrider]—is the health/mana potion system changed having in mind the new “healing globes”?
    Flux: it works much the same.  just you don’t find healing potions very often.  mana regen is very fast.  i’ve not seen any mana pots.  there’s a wiz skill that makes mana globes drop, at higher levels.

    12:52 [Comment From miber]—anything new/interesting for the barbarian or witch doctor?
    Flux:  the wd’s skills are very few in the demo.  only 10 or 12 are displayed;.    my fave new ones: firebats, which works like a short range inferno.  swarms of bats fly down aned go out in flames.    plague of toads is fun too.  she hurls out 3 croaking frogs that hop forward a couple of times and blow up in acid splats.  it’s basically charged bolt with frogs.  they seek in on targets, but not very accurately.

    we’ll have full skill hover info for every skill once we have time to type them up.  as we did for the wiz already.    the barb had a ton of skills on his skill trees.  as many as the wiz.  40ish.  so that willl be fun reading, when we post them.

    12:54 [Comment From Ryujin]—Is it 1 ruen per skill or can we put many rune on a skill ? also if we change a rune is it destroyed like in D2 and wow ?
    Flux: the low level skills in the demo only have one rune socket.  there might be more on higher level skills.  it’s not been mentioned that I’ve heard.  the system is new, so they’re still tweaking it.    skill runes can be instnatly removed and switched around.  no destroying the old one.

    12:56 [Comment From Romak] —When playing Diablo 3, can you zoom into close-up to your character? (Like in the 20 mins gameplay trailer when the Witch Doctor is summining the Mongrels)
    Flux: not in the demo.  at least not with any control I’ve found.  the documentation for controls is pretty lacking now.  found that minimap recenters with M by accident after scrolling it around to find an exit of one explored level. 

    Also, not sure it’s been said, but the zooming in conversation close up we saw in the wwi with cain and barb is gone.  they said it took chars out of the action.  so now you just see conversations from overhead, in a slightly zoomed in view.  also, you can elect to keep playing dialogue and quest info and such audio only, while you continue to play.;

    12:57 [Comment From Gheed] —So should I start the petition for us to manually apply stat points ourselves or wait till the weekend is over?
    Flux: if you don’t someone else will.  i think it’s a silly decision myself. it’s convenient at the demo here, but limiting in the final game. after we got used to that in 2 previous titles. 

    12:58 [Comment From Remus] —Will Diablo, Mephisto and Baal return or are they banished forever? The hellgate is open so… they can return? Or will we see some lesser evils take their throne now when they are gone?
    Flux: such plot info will not be revealed for quite some time yet.

    12:58 [Comment From Wlah]—What about hardcore, as well as difficulty settings (normal/nightmare/hell) for d3. any news?
    Flux:  norm/nm/hell is going to be in the game.  talked to jay wilson this morninga bout making hell more fun to play throughout. so it’s not just baal runs.  he said that’s on their priority list.  no details yet, but tey want to make all of hell fun and end game and valuable for players to explore.

    12:59 [Comment From JAmie] —where u ganna go eat?
    Flux: in the press room.  i’ve been on the convention floor only for 2 panels so far.  we’ve got good food in here, for free, and 4 d3 machines.  far less crowds than down below.

    12:59 [Comment From atlas] —Q: does rune affect passive skills?
    Flux: the passives i’ve seen do not have sockets for runes.  that may change, or may change on higher level ones.  but it’s only for acive skills so far.  good q, btw.  hadn’t really thought to mention that.

    1:00 [Comment From morzan] —4th class gonna be reveiled at blizzcon?
    Flux: No. months from now, at whatever next big blizz event.  unknown.  something in the spring or summer, probably. 

    1:05 [Comment From pirate]—how hard would it be to steal one of the demo machines there?
    Flux: they look lke old arcade machines, in the press room.  stand up, 6 feet high, heavyy.  they’re not actualy nailed down, but you’d need a teleportation device. with bliz people in the room and at the doorl. they have cops prowling around the main hall after hours.

    1:07 [Comment From Azymn] —i saw wands mentioned earlier, are any other class-specific items shown?
    Flux: i found an axe that my wd couldn’t equip.  so i think there’s a lot of it.

    1:07 [Comment From Epantiras]—I’ve read there’s a concept art of Adria in Hall C. Any other ‘known’ or unknown character concept art?
    Flux: i’m going to go wander around down there this afternoon.  not checked out the art yet.  i’ll check.

    1:08 [Comment From crono] —items icons are bigger in demo them they were on gameplay trailer showed in wwi? They said they are working on bigger icons
    Flux:  no, they’re pretty small.  i think they should enlarge the tool bar section, visually.  all the devs work on massive monitors so they lose touch with this stuff sometimes.

    1:08 [Comment From miber] —how did the controls feel? fluid, responsive?
    Flux: it feels like d2.  a bit smoother, much better graphics, better sound.  very familiar, though.  nice pace; they could run a bit faster through empty dungeons, though.  I thought mythos felt sort of bouncy and floaty, when I played it.  didn’t get that with d3.

    1:09 [Comment From Romak] —How many skill points per level? 1?
    Flux:  1, now.  demo chars start at lvl 6, so it’s easier for the noobs.  dunno if any quests will give skill points.  it’s on my question list. you can just get to lvl 10 if you clear out everything in the demo.  wish it was abit larger; lvl 10 skills would be fun to play with.

    1:12 [Comment From miber]—is that lightning-ball that the wizard is shown carrying in the trailer and actual item they use?
    Flux: not that I’ve seen.  I think it’s just dramatic for the video. although maybe some high level orb type item would do that.

    1:15 [Comment From Philly]—My biggest worry is that with no stat distribution, certain chars will never have the opportunity to wear certain items because of the Req’s (a.k.a. Wiz or WD not wearing heavier stuff), any chance you could ask around about this today? Because that is seriously frusturating and very dissapointing if true 🙁
    Flux: in theory they’ll take that into account in advance and adjust accordingly.  it does seem likely to limit builds.  esp since the wiz has skills that boost physial weapon damage.  useless if she can’t use big weapons?

    1:17 [Comment From Nijura] —Will the followers be like in D2, where you bought them, and they then would follow you, through all following games, or will they only be with you, in that specific quest, and then disappear?
    Flux: mercs were confirmed in our interview yesterday with leonard. video on the site now. you find lots of short term npc warrior types in the dungeons; they want you to lead them to a checkpoint, that sort of thing.  they fight.  useful tanks if you’re a wd or wiz.

    1:18 [Comment From deadpool911] —how did the graphics look? i ask because to me they seem to be alot more atmospheric and ‘‘diabloish’’ than they were back at WWI
    Flux: it looks like d1 much improved.  very gothic, very moody.  i love the new tristram.  floating mist, ruined houses, dead trees, crows that fly away overhead.  lots of gore and blood and bodies. there’s an awexome old dead tree that zombies come climbing out of.  it’s very halloween graveyard style.  they’ve added details and such since wwi, I think.  i very much like the grpahics.

    1:19 [Comment From Azymn] —can you describe the character selection screen?
    Flux: looks like what you see on the bliz site now.  sort of redone from d2; they’re just standing around in a semi circle, and you click which one you want.  they have 5 chars standing there now, m/f of each, but just f wiz.  the m wiz is sort of transparent; not selectable yet.

    1:20 [Comment From Ryan] —Are many dropped items unidentified like in D2?
    Flux: just like d2.  magical stuff is un ided.  i’ve found magical, rare, and unique.  had to tell unique from rare at this point; yellow and gold again, and the names are hard to say if rare or unique when you’re new to the game. the skeleton king, who ends the blizzcon demo, drops 4-6 rares.  but the demo ends once you kill him so you don’t get to play with the items.

    there’s an ultra-rare blizzcon special drop.  if you get it you’re supposed to call a bliz guy over and they’l give you one of 200 game posters the whole team has signed.  i’ve not seen it, sadly.

    1:22 [Comment From crono] —what about floating numers with dmg done or block? I haven’t seen them on wizard gameplay trailer, are they still in?
    Flux:  yes.  the numbers ar ea bit smaller.  block especially.    you see a lot of on screen stat displays.  it’s not very obtrusive, I don’t think.

    1:23 [Comment From crono] —what about floating numers with dmg done or block? I haven’t seen them on wizard gameplay trailer, are they still in?
    Flux: they’re in.  much liike the wwi trailer.  some tweaks and such.  I think they’ll stay.  wow influenced type thing.

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