Questions about Torchlight 2 or for Max Schaefer?

I am attending a small media event at Runic Games’ Seattle offices this Monday, the 14th of November. We’ll be playing Torchlight 2, touring their offices, drinking our weight in Red Bull, and speaking to the devs about all sorts of things. I’ll be writing up some reports as well as recording a podcast about the Torchlight 2 hands-on play, which should cover most of the basics, but if you’ve got specific questions you want answered about TL2 or the making of, you can add them in comments here or in the forum thread that’s been collecting questions this week.

On top of the new TL2 details, I’m going to ask the devs (including Max and Erich Schaefer) about a lot of basic RPG development issues — things they did in D2, and/or TL1, changes they’ve made in TL2, what they think of the changes Blizzard has made in D3, etc. You can also chip in questions about that sort of thing, or even go old school; Blizzard North issues like the ones David Craddock spoke about on our recent podcast.

I’ll check this thread Monday morning from my hotel, and probably even during the day from Runic Games’ offices, so you can add questions up until then and maybe still get them answered.

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28 thoughts on “Questions about Torchlight 2 or for Max Schaefer?

  1. Id say ask him when it’s gonna be out, but they’ll prooly announce that anyway.
    Ask him if he belives in the moon or he thinks ( much like I do ) that its just the back of the sun.

  2. why not ask him if he is afraid about Diablo 3 being released in a similar time frame could result in bad sales for torchlight 2 ?

    • Runic Games has already answered this question:
      You may be surprised to hear about this, but Runic Games isn’t worried about Diablo 3. The games don’t particularly overlap. Diablo 3 is online-only, on secure servers, with absolutely no modding and will likely cost 50-60 dollars US. Torchlight 2 will be playable offline, over LAN, or over Runic’s Peer-to-Peer online service, with or without mods, and will cost ONLY 20 dollars US.
      Hope this helps.

  3. One of the main issues I had with Torchlight was the end game item drops were not as well done as the Diablo series.  This seems to be due in part from the item infinite upgrade system and a lack of really interesting items.

    What will they do to make end game drops and end game farming interesting?

    I absolutely hated Torchlight’s end game. I hope Torchlight 2’s end game is better.

    How are they making the end game more interesting and increasing the fun factor of the end game?

  4. Questions for Max and Erich:

    1) Achievements were added as an afterthought in Steam for Torchlight 1 – will Torchlight 2 ship with an achievement system?
    2) How long will Mac users need to wait for TL2?
    3) D3 exists in Sanctuary – what is the world that TL2 resides in (not clear in TL1).
    4) Why was the company named “Runic Games”.
    5) What does the TL2 launch date pushback mean for the previously mentioned Torchlight MMO?  How is progress going on this game? 
    6) Can we expect any official expansion packs, or will the longevity of the game rest on fans creating mods?
    7) Can we expect to see a return of Schaefer’s Hammer? 😉

    Enjoy Flux, can’t wait to hear some answers.

  5. Ask him what Torchlight 2 brings to the A-RPG genre and what makes them so special.

    They had said that Torchlight wouldn’t compete with Diablo because it would be a 20 dollar game while Diablo would be a 60 dollar game. Since I don’t really care about the money, I will be playing Diablo 2 until Diablo 3. Well of course if they don’t have a good reason for me to buy their game.

  6. Ask if TL is the style of game they plan on producing in the future (super casual, limited story) or are 1&2 just to make some green and establish the company?  Also, are there plans to move away from the Midevilish style rpg (a la Hellgate) or perhaps non rpg all together?  

    Thanks Flux.

  7. I just really want to know the release date of Torchlight 2, but I’m sure they’ll reveal that soon enough.

  8. I say just use your best, most devious, most wily methods to try to get any additional bits of information from him about the scrapped versions of D3!

  9. Have there been updates to the textures and shaders in TL2?  More specifically, will pets and people’s faces still look shiny all over -or have there been been updates made to differentiate between surfaces in the game?

  10. This may be a stupid question… and maybe already answered… but… why did yoi guys leave blizzard… the haveto be insane to not hire you… was it because of independance from such a huge company… maybe idealism that was not in your favour… with other words did you see you how blizzard turned into something else than a passionate company… such as a company that turned into  a company that started to lose their philosophy of good games … into a philosphy ti gain much more profit through out the year it get bigger… maybe you guys didnt want this and left and got independant as runis games… at least for me… it seem like you guys are doing all that because you really are passionate gamers that want to continue that legend of the diablo franchise and not killing it by what blizzard does… well— i dont think the kill it… i just hope it will be good…. since we cant say anything-.- i hope my question get answered …… i am really a fan of you guys… and i hope you reveal something from your plans…. and do you guys think about to recruit… or with other words… get bigger  by hiring more staff members…. well you would need profit for this… and a not so well know game such as torclight 2 is going to be a little risky… and since the game costs only 20 dollars… it seems like you dont want to get really biggg for the coming time

  11. Can you please ask them, after basically creating Diablo, something so good, how could you make a game so shit as Torchlight? even with all the Diablo jammed into it, it’s best punchline on Diablo 3, is offline play YAY!, let’s hope they actually creatively get some immersion in the story line, Torchlight 1 had me totally immersed!! hahaha
    And ask more bias opinions of the great Matt on his predictions of Diablo 3’s “impending downfall”
    Oh and give him a good reminder, that he better release it soon, January/Feburary isn’t far away, he only has a small window left

    • quote
      “Matt on his predictions of Diablo 3?s “impending downfall”
      end quote

      you know, if you’re just going to make stuff up, you  can probably be a little more creative and do better than that

      • Atleast you didn’t quote me saying Torchlight is a piece of shit and tell me i was making stuff up, then you would truly be delusional, and yes, I over exaggerated saying matt straight out said that, but has he, or has he not, had something biasly negative to say about Diablo 3 AH / Online-only, No modding, Gameplay/UI Decisions, you clearly have not been following this sight very closely if you missed them, He may not of directly said Torchlight is Diablo 3’s impending doom ( even he isn’t that stupid ) but he sure is quick on getting his negative point of view across on certain area’s on Diablo 3, to try (foolishly) to make Torchlight 2 have some sort of chance of getting long-term player’s, deep down he knows he will get people buying if he releases before Diablo 3, and 90% will stop for Diablo 3, I’m sure 10% of Matt fan boi’s will blindly follow Torchlight unill there bitter end

  12. Hey Flux,

    Please tell Max “long time no chat, how are you?” Last time I talked with him directly was during the alpha test of Mythos. I have greatly enjoyed the games that Flagship/Runic turned out. I was sad to see Mythos not make it (at least not in the way that was expected). I thought Hellgate: London was great, and was sad when it died too. I didn’t actually play Torchlight until just a few months ago, and I thought it was great for it’s pricepoint. 

    I guess I’ll get to my questions: 

    1. How much did Fate influence the direction of Mythos/Torchlight, and were you already close with Travis Baldree when you started Mythos?
    2. How much did these relationships/games influence Torchlight/Torchlight 2? 
    3. Was there a particular reason you abandoned the idea of an MMO style game (Mythos) in favor of a smaller multiplayer RPG (Torchlight)?
    4. How do you feel about the direction that  HanbitSoft has taken Mythos?

    I guess that overall I’d just like to get a feel for the history/evolution of the world/game of Torchlight. Anyone who played Fate and/or Mythos can tell that there’s obviously a strong link to those games. Overall, I enjoyed them all, and think you guys are doing a wonderful job. As someone who worked in the gaming industry, I know how difficult/cutthroat it can sometimes be. I’d just like to encourage you guys to keep doing what you do. Games by gamers, for gamers.

    Thanks for your time,


    (Rysta from Mythos)

    • TL1 was basically just Fate but Mythos was completely different.  I was in early Mythos as well and I totally loved it….up til they changed to an over world map.  That ruined it for me.  I remember the best weapon I ever got was a hand-me-down from Hamsandwich.

      Totally loved Hellgate also.  Notice how it had spell dmg based off of your weapon like D3 is doing now?

  13. Will the talents of each class allow the creation of extremely distinguishable builds, ie if an Embermage wants to be a Melee Battlemage would their be enough talents to viably support him/her?

    Is enhancing items still very dangerous and costly?

    It crafting?

  14. Can you answer me to email or here (better into email) is anyone know answer to a simpy question about engineer class. Is that class will be more like tank or is it good like warrior too, I mean really good not like just good like all classes have more dmg deal ?.

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