I am attending a small media event at Runic Games’ Seattle offices this Monday, the 14th of November. We’ll be playing Torchlight 2, touring their offices, drinking our weight in Red Bull, and speaking to the devs about all sorts of things. I’ll be writing up some reports as well as recording a podcast about the Torchlight 2 hands-on play, which should cover most of the basics, but if you’ve got specific questions you want answered about TL2 or the making of, you can add them in comments here or in the forum thread that’s been collecting questions this week.

    On top of the new TL2 details, I’m going to ask the devs (including Max and Erich Schaefer) about a lot of basic RPG development issues — things they did in D2, and/or TL1, changes they’ve made in TL2, what they think of the changes Blizzard has made in D3, etc. You can also chip in questions about that sort of thing, or even go old school; Blizzard North issues like the ones David Craddock spoke about on our recent podcast.

    I’ll check this thread Monday morning from my hotel, and probably even during the day from Runic Games’ offices, so you can add questions up until then and maybe still get them answered.

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