PvP Wishlist and Alternatives to the Magic Find Gear Swap

There was mention the other day from Blizzard of PvP 1.1, unfortunately no ETA but that doesn’t stop fans of PvP putting their wish lists together on what would make PvP a success. In a thread started by tsevenhuysen he shares ideas for features and systems and different game modes such as NPC VIP and Lane Game as well as Balance considerations. Others are adding their own wishes now, the most left field comes from Ivan E who feels “Diablo’s PVP should be as ridiculous and unstructured as possible.” which is a unique angle to come at it I guess.

Niz’s news post the other day on Magic Find and Gear Swapping drew a lot of comments on Blizzard’s 5 proposed changes to MF. Incindentally, there’s a poll to vote which one is your preferred choice in the very same post. But, as often happens a thread in the forums is also seeing a lot of discussion on Blizzard’s ideas and also additional ideas are being put forward by members. Fenghoang started the thread with his own ideas one being a Token system – working a bit like charms did in D2.

Chaosmage’s idea is one I’ve not seen to date:

The probably easiest way to address the mf swapping issue is to apply the bonus every time you do damage. They could even compensate for inefficient gear if it depends on the amount of damage done in percent to total, so a player using efficient gear which also has some mf will get better drops than someone which has less efficent gear and lots of mf.

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25 thoughts on “PvP Wishlist and Alternatives to the Magic Find Gear Swap

    • The probably easiest way to address the mf swapping issue is to apply the bonus every time you do damage. They could even compensate for inefficient gear if it depends on the amount of damage done in percent to total, so a player using efficient gear which also has some mf will get better drops than someone which has less efficent gear and lots of mf.
      THE WORST IDEA i have ever heard. just let MF WHAT IT ALREADY IS, STOP INTERFERING with something that is runnin ok. if u want to address inventory problems then incorporate d3gearswitch directly from the personal stash. u press ‘`’ or any key u want and the game automatically swaps ur gear for your MF gear from ur personal stash. press the key again and u get ur battle gear once more.
      1. ur inventory doesnt need to carry ur MF gear, since it stays on ur personal stash which has more space
      2. very efficient MF swapping. very fast and clean
      3. u keep the current system.

      STOP ADDRESSING ONLY BULLSHIT! u need to address the RMAH which is totally SHIT and GAH where u really CANT!! sell anything no matter how good is the item.
      and again STOP!!!!!!!! creating polls to “see what option is better” NONE OF THE ABOVE IS BETTER! STOP FORCING US TO CHOOUSE UR SH!T !!

  1. Hey, a front page shout-out. Cool!

    In any case, I defend my statement. I don’t find PvP in RPGs/MOBAs/whatever fun – it seems like a watered-down version of PvP in fighting games, which is actually a good test of mechanics knowledge, reflexes, and mind games.

    RPGs can offer something else because they’re already built around players being incredibly powerful and tend not to take place on a 2D-plane. Hence, there’s potential to have tons of fun. If you can imagine balancing PvP with Hungering Arrow and a bunch of other attacks that require essentially little player interaction, hats off to you. But I’d rather they give up now and make it a gib-fest full of hilarity, where no one can get butthurt but everyone wants to jump in and see how their friends explode this time.

  2. I guess I should voice it.
    I think they should remove MF from gear (besides the helm gem) and let the NV buff scale up over time. Like one percent MF/GF per minute.

    And I would really like tiered PVP, LLD and twinking is always fun.

    • I like the idea of MF gone entirely, actually. I don’t even want a bit of customization like in a helm, because that would pretty much make not only rocking a purple gem mandatory, but any helm without a socket would be next to worthless.

      • I was thinking keep the gem for leveling purposes, imo (because with this idea you’d have no extra MF from gear leveling). But you have a point.

        • Just remove magic find full stop and find something else for topazes to give in hats.

    • What’s the reasoning behind a system which rewards long play sessions and penalises casual players who might only get a short time to log on? I honestly don’t see the benefit in a ramp-up NV for anyone. The original concept of NV was to prevent players from farming bosses over and over, not to force us to play for a particular period of time.

      • daize mf or no mf the short time players are at the disadvantage compared to the long time players any way. After all if short time player can do it with X magic find the long time player can as well. In fact the long time player is likely to have higher mf etc.

        • Don’t see your point… yes players who spend longer playing already have a gear and resource advantage, so why should the game mechanics reward them at a higher rate purely because they happen to have more free time to waste?

    • I hadn’t thought of this before, but now that it’s been presented I think it’s the best idea.

  3. For the Magic Find discussion I tend to vote for one possible solution which was posted on an german website.

    The author of the post suggested, that MF should totally be removed from all gear. But at the same time, Nephalem Valor buff should be able to stack up to 15 times, 10% MF/GF per Stack. 5 stacks still should give 2 guaranteed drops on bosses.

    This would sum up to a nice 150% Stack of MF/GF while giving the player still the possibility to have his best gear on. Plus, it would totally support Blizzard’s aim to make the player kill more champ packs instead of doing only boss runs with just 5 stacks.

    • I kind of like that, though I’d say 10 stacks of 15%. Getting 15 stacks would take forever, especially if stacks continue to not carry over between Acts.

    • Hum, just to know, why should there be only MF bonus for lvl 60 characters ?

      The game has been tuned because of NV drawbacks, let us see what has already been done :
      – BOSS in Nighmare and Hell don’t drop yellow (because of NV)

      I feel this particulary unfair when I level my HC char to drop only blues from Nm and Hell boss because this had been nerfed, because lvl 6O chars could abuse if they farm there with their NV. I feel particulary boring that these boss fight are unrewarding and furthermore that it shows me the way to the AH.

      Solution to the problem IMHO : REMOVE NV.

      • Add two guaranteed yellow items in nm and hell, like it is in normal now on first kill.

        And I agree with “don’t just solve MF for level 60, but for all level characters”…

  4. Thanks for the link to the PvP thread. It’s interesting to see how many different approaches there are to it.

    My main hope is that there will be lots of different modes and opportunities for PvP play. People like Ivan who don’t want to see the game overcomplicated or worry too much about balance should have an outlet, absolutely, but I think others of us who love competitive play would like to see at least SOME attempt at creating gear-balance scenarios and objective-based gameplay.

    Patch 1.1 is going to be very interesting, and with the amount of time we’re having to wait for it, it had better be good! 🙂

  5. I’m more than happy for MF to stay on items – it’s another choice about what to wear (and there are plenty of good, if not ideal, choices). I haven’t been able to come up with any groundbreaking ideas (and there are a few out there, and good ones too even if I may not support them being in the game), but a simple cooldown on MF after an equipment change is simple, solid and does the job Blizz are after – stopping the gear-swapping. If people want to maximise their MF, it *has* to be balanced with the rest of their gear (along with NV).

    But maybe I’m missing why people aren’t a fan of that option…

    • it is because MF is a shitty Affix. it’s like you are deciding between having fun in a game and always scratching at the boarders of your capabilities (combat optimized gear)

      and being efficient at the game. If you ask MF gear is metaphor for Goblin running especially pre nerfs.
      Goblin running was a good method of accumulating the reward of the game without really playing it. and MF is exactly doing that no matter how effective your MF gear is. it will never increase the depth or fun of combat. nor will you ever be as efficient as the guy who focuses on power items.

      and on top of all that it artificially stretches the amount of desirable affixes on Items which is just a ploy to increase the value and rarity of good items without adding amy depth whatsoever to them …

  6. Crazy idea, this – but – what if they made MF a % of all combined stats on the equipped items?
    Adding all str/dex/vit/int numbers together and let MF% be based on that number would mean that better gear also increased your MF value, so not only would your ability to fight improve, but also your chance of getting better items.
    I know some people would abuse that system and gimp themselves senselessly to improve their MF%, but if the bonus is high enough to be useful, without being so high that it encourage abuse, it could work.

  7. PvP match up could be done with gear lvl match up.

    Final check should be made just before the fight starts as …. cheaters would swap their …. Gear


    No seriously. PvP should be Arena like and last man standing in the team wins.

    If it could be both casual AND a seperate rated PvP it could be a real winner.

    Why? The ENGINE of Diablo 3 is fantastic. Even the haters admit the fast controls are very good.

    I would go for gear prices and every month a real price money tournament.

    In its pure game controls the game beats LoL any time.

  8. 1.keep all mf stats on all items. 2. Give the jeweler the ability to add a mf affix to any item that doesn’t already have one. This ability will cost 100,000 gold and the amount of mf will be random. 3. Give the jeweler the ability to reroll this stat as many times as you want for 100,000 gold per reroll. You can reroll any mf affix on any piece of gear even if you didn’t add it with jeweler.
    The reason this would work is because it adds a much needed gold sink, and it allows u to add mf to any piece of gear so your best gear can have mf therefore u would not have to swap gear. :mrgreen:

  9. … I mean makes the most sense from their limited options list. The fairest would be to calculate mf based on how much damage was dealt with one gearset vs another. If you take the monster down to 10% hp withone gearset, the mf from that set should dictate what the monster drops – not the killing blow set.

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