PvP Blog Not So “Very Soon” Anymore

Jay Wilson used his Twitter to say that the promised DiabloWikiPvP Blog is further away than he thought, and that it’s complicated.

Are we closer then “Very Soon” with that #D3 PvP Blog yet? –CreationsAU
not really. I spoke too quickly when I said very soon. Some complications have risen and forced a delay.

I really think you don’t understand what players feel or think. You give credit to a few of them and the rest get nothing… –P4n1ka
maybe, but I do try. I think some players don’t understand the challenges of our job and what we face day to day. –JayWilson

Good thing that as Blizzard gaming fans we’ve all developed a passive mastery in waiting, eh?

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74 thoughts on “PvP Blog Not So “Very Soon” Anymore

    • I mean, I cannot be the only one thinks that in the past 6 months that fat useless *blank* has been stripping every feature out of the PVP system to release it in a similar state to D3 when it came out.

    • Maybe the job IS taking abuse and implementing horrible ideas from upper management while absorbing hatred from the bitter fans. Earn while you learn.

      It’s a shame, Jay was an awesome RTS designer before he took the paycheck and sunshine. But maybe that was the plan all along – destroy the SC franchise’s only competition and get a good, sturdy lightning rod for the series you consciously want to destroy at the same time. Use it as a loss leader for the WoW moneycow… WIN-WIN-WIN

  1. “I think some players don’t understand the challenges of our job and what we face day to day. –JayWilson”

    So true that it is sad.

    • To be fair, his job isn’t that hard. There are lots of more physically/mentally demanding jobs out there, so his “poor me” shtick is kind of misplaced.

      I think he’d be better served by getting to work rather than whining on Twitter, and that’s coming from someone who loves the game.

      • Physically demanding, yes, but to say their job isn’t extremely challenging is plainly false. If their job wasn’t extremely hard, there’d be dozens of ARPGs as successful as D2 was.

        • The only hard part about that job must be living with themselves after the failure of a launch, and the unacceptable story.

        • Sure, but lots of high-profile creative jobs are extremely challenging. Plus, Jay is just one guy — I bet Wyatt Cheng’s job is as hard, or harder, than Jay’s, regardless of the fact that Jay is the public face and figurehead of the game at this point.

          I just meant that Jay’s comments at this point are akin to Tony Hayward’s after the Deepwater Horizon rig blew — Hayward complained that he “wanted his life back.” Designing games for Blizzard is a dream job – complaining about it rings false to me in a way not dissimilar to Hayward complaining that HIS life was ruined by an oil spill.

          • He said our job, not my job. He isn’t saying his job is more challenging than his co-workers and I doubt he thinks his job is some spectacular challenge greater than any other job but he’s right when he says that people don’t understand the challenge. They haven’t been in his shoes yet are annoyed when he doesn’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes as the consumer of his product. Which job is harder? It’s pathetic that some of the people here comment as if playing Diablo 3 for 40+ hours a week is a harder job than working on it.

        • His job was not to invent D2 , It was to improve it – that’s a very big difference. Your point is moot.

          • I’ll tell you what his job is. It is creating value for the shareholders of AB, by delivering a product to the market that will sell well and binds players closer to AB. It may be a very creative one, but at the end of the day, there wouldn’t be a multi million production if there wasn’t money to be made.

    • Doesn’t matter,. they made promises,. they should be kept.
      players expected diablo3 do have pvp, bought the game because of that,, and not want to play it.

      blizzard is losing tremenduomus face right now on D3

      • This. They made it clear several times that PvP was coming before the end of the year. So, looks like this is not the case anymore. Maybe it is time ti change the game´s director and look for someone else. Given the bad shape the game had upon release and the promises that could not be kept. Surely we are all used to this, but should we as a community have to believe what he says? I don´t think so. I like the game NOW, not on release date. Still a lot of things need to be improved. Yes, game design is tough for deadlines sometimes, but he shouldn´t make any promises anymore. Fuck those deadlines.

    • No, none of us have ever worked before. And if we have, surely no one who posts here has EVER worked in an industry as demanding as video gaming…

      • What?! “None of us of ever worked before” Yeah, and im sure none of us have had any large type of stress, or worked at a job that has the physical or mental stress that could ever match the high stress time consuming fast paced physically exhausting industry of video game production. Get real.

    • Fair enough, but at least have the self control to avoid posting comments that lead the players on, like ‘SOON(tm)’ or the recently redacted ‘VERY SOON(tm)’. I mean, hasn’t he learned his lesson yet that the internet is rabid and unforgiving? Ask Bill Roper.

      No PvP in 2012 is a *massive* fail.

      To Jay: Pls delete your twitter and GBTW. Let the official account do the communications.

  2. “maybe, but I do try. I think some players don’t understand the challenges of our job and what we face day to day.” <- THIS. Very-very-very this. I hate when players think they are a designers and developers.

    • Well, if Jay knows it all so well then why does he keep making the same mistake of making promises and disappointing his customers? I cab tell you, there are lots of jobs involved with customers and managing expectations, nothing special in his job.

    • Who can really understand the pain that comes with making 300,000 USD a year and wearing flip-flops in january while spending two hours a week in front of an excel sheet? It is a rough life.

    • PVP debuted at Blizzcon 2010 with a live demo. This is TWO ENTIRE YEARS LATER, and it’s still not released. PVP requires very little new art, no story, and very few new subsystems (like resource manager, rendering system, network code). There really is no excuse at this point.

      I smell Blizzard hype and a slick business plan, i.e. slowly string their fans along up until the expansion. I’m not saying Blizzard is “evil” and “bad”, but this is what businesses do: do everything they can to ensure their continued success, and I don’t blame them a bit. However, it’s detrimental to the community on a longer timeline.

    • Aside from the fact that you are clearly a troll, consider that:

      “players don’t understand the challenges of our job and what we face day to day”

      …because no one at Blizzard ever bothers to inform the public about what is going on. If they respected their player base at all, then they would see that if they shared the details about what is going wrong, maybe we can help.

      This would avoid disasters like… well D3 as a whole.

      Blizzard’s only dialogue is to continually tell the public that they are so freakin stupid they wouldn’t understand “what they are going through”. Some of us do have degrees you know – even in computer science (shocking news, I know).

  3. Just hoping for some info about the next patch. Pvp wont come yet for a while, so they can just wait with the blog for my part.
    Even though I do understand that some people here really are looking forward to some pvp-info.

  4. I just hope like hell the PVE part is not screwed up to balance the PVP part. I would like to think this extra time that is being used for development will take the difference into account.

  5. A delay in a blog? I’m completely at a loss for what could change so drastically that the blog couldn’t be released with a small section about the specific stall saying “This is being worked on so could change”. They aren’t doing a three month long 19 step organic synthesis for fuck sakes. Just update us on the changes so that we can be disappointed now, so that we aren’t disappointed closer to Christmas.

    I’m guessing not much has changed, but I believe we will see 2 arenas (one with rainbows because Jay hates competition), only one game type that of a CoD deathmatch nature where you don’t even see winners or losers or kill counts just a time limit so no one feels bad. Also, a lot of, you guessed it, banner customization!! Maybe even some new dyes and other worthless shit that will make what should be a fun experience, boring and without competition.

    • The delay in the blog is that the blog is going to tell us that they haven’t even been working on PvP, that they have been spending all their time fixing the PvE game, which is still broken in my opinion.

      Removing skill points and stat points, and putting the latter solely on items, completely fubar’d the game’s itemization. It will be interesting to see what changes/additions 1.0.7 will bring to the game.

        • No kidding. I agree. Gear with… wait for it… +stat points!

          33% to 50% of the affixes on every item in every equipment slot is +stat points. And if 33% to 50% of your total gear setup does not include +stat points… you are going to owned.

          • LOL… read the comment as D3 more gear dependent than D2… in D2, you didn’t need any gear to beat the game… low level dueling in D2, yes putting the proper gear together was key, hell, a properly geared lvl 9 PvP’er could kill lvl 80+ PvE’ers easy

            in D3, read above… it’s all about the gear… you don’t get more powerful in D3, you unlock the ability to use more powerful gear… without your gear you are the same pathetic weakling you started out as… stupid for an rpg

        • What? Not at all. In D2 you could manage yourself in hell with not a single piece of gear. Only skill points and stat points. People could win the game with a broken javelin. In D3 good luck even entering nightmare if you don’t have gear.

  6. “Some complications have risen and forced a delay.”

    the game came out almost SEVEN months ago

    yeah, I would call that a delay

    “I think some players don’t understand the challenges of our job and what we face day to day.”

    can’t release now because Mists of Pandaria is still too new, don’t want to distract from it
    can’t release in Q1 of 2013 because don’t want to distract from SC2

    the challenge is not getting PvP right (because if PvE is any indication they won’t get it right, not till 5 patches later),
    the challenge is finding a suitable release date

  7. I dont think anyone has said his job was easy but if you cant properly do your job and complain that it is too difficult to meet deadlines maybe you need to switch careers.

    Maybe Jay is one of those lucky guys that got a job doing what he loves but not necessarily what he is good at.

  8. It must be pretty mindblowing what they’ve concocted for pvp that justifies this rediculous development cycle… judging the state the game came out in though and HOW long that took, I’m not holding my breath.

    • I would like to expect something closer to ‘Street Fighter’ level. 🙂
      -but honestly, I think it’s going to turn out to be just one generic class pitted against another.

  9. The game was made about 4-5 years(i dont realy know), then it was delayed and the game released unfinished and poor. Most of us(fans) were(and we still are) realy disappointed. Now evereyone waits for PvP. Do you realy expect something good?

  10. I can’t be the only one who thinks that not only is Jay rather incompetent, but also a total douche.

    • You’re not. There is only one way to have fun in his game, and that is his way. We will also never see competitive PvP because when people lose they get their feelings hurt.

  11. 1 word. ITERATIONS.

    that one word describes the fail we got with d3 release… so many iterations and so little testing.

    Easiest way to solve all this mess and get pvp to their “polished” state is to simply put a PTR out on it and let the players test it. They can update it and change things around as they see fit and see the feedback from their decisions. Things aren’t looking to hopeful right now. Looks like pvp is shaping up to be a mess just like d3 release was. Many patches later it becomes decent and heading in the right direction but still ultimately misses the mark. Sad to see the same mindset exists even after everything that happened with may release till now. Ego just keeps getting in the way of making this game really good.

  12. This whole team and their unfinished game they threw to the public. They can’t say they didn’t have enough time for an excuse.

    They’re too busy sucking green blood out of WoW.

  13. I find it funny how much they avoid talking about the actual itemization/stat system. For me, and I think for many others, it’s the single biggest problem in the entire game, and I don’t recall anyone really tackling the issue or even recognizing that a problem exists.

    Sure they talked about shit legendaries after months of complaints and sorta fixed them (none of them are still any good in terms of customization and using them for specific builds) and they failed at fixing 2 handers…

    wtf though… how do they fail to see how bad and underwhelming itemization is in the game. How on earth can you work on a game for so many years and fail to get the most important part right. GRRRRrrrrr every time i think about it i get mad.

    PvP is almost guranteed to be a fail as far as it being engaging and fun for more than a month because they still refuse to address the real issues. It doesn’t feel good to play an “elemental arrow” DH when pretty much the only stat that rolls on gear is a + % dmg on a quiver. siiigh.

  14. Goal: Make it even somewhat as good as Diablo II.

    Result: That wasn’t even accomplished. The itemization sucks so hard, this game will never be fixed.

    Seriously, I check this site every once in a while to see if there is still hope for this game. I come away sad every time.

    • No chance for itemizatoin to get fixed before the expansion. Sadly. They might tweak a few things like thorns (make them possibly useful) and potentially they could tweak skill modifications on items, but it seems they are likely to call it good with thorns. Its sad that they made a actual attempt and put resources into fixing 2-handers and the only useful 2-hander in the game is skorn.

      It seems painfully apparent that they have no intention of revamping how stats work or the main composition of items for itemization and given the REQUIRED backlash needed just to get them to change legendaries (and i still insist overall most of the new legendaries still suck and offer nothing of real value or uniqueness) I don’t trust enough of the community actually playing actively care enough to get blizzard to drop their ego and make a change. The majority of players who recognize or at least care enough to call blizzard out on the bad itemization simply moved on or recognize the futility in getting such a big change done before an expansion.

      Though to be a tid optimisitc I do believe that skill modifications can be changed or greatly improved. Unfortunately I just don’t think the d3 Dev team really grasp how shitty it all is. WOW linearity and all that being their base codex for how the game was designed.

      • Guess I’m the only one that doesn’t dislike the itemization?
        Theres plenty of room for improvement sure, but I don’t think its a bad system at all 🙂
        I spend plenty of time browsing the AH for my chars or checking out items. I always want more than is possible so I’m making choices and rolling other chars to gear them differently..
        Give us a few more stats and make the few stats that feel bad worth it and you’ve got a great system imo

        • I don’t think you’re the only one and there isn’t anything wrong with that. But there is a system in D2 that is much deeper and compelling than D3’s.

        • The item system isn’t necessarily bad in and of itself. It’s just a cookie cutter item system and lacks any real depth. It works great as a “casual” item system, but its just boring, imo, for an item hunting game. When CC and CHD are the only desired stats for upping damage it becomes readily transparent that the system they currently have is just shallow. Even with some of the changes they have planned for thorns and even if a few other changes were made the general theory of it all remains the same and it goes against everything d2 had and also against what the d3 dev team said they wanted to do with the game in the first place. So honestly I feel its a mess not only because its sub par to what it should be but also it makes no sense given what the goals were for d3.

          Now im not ripping on anyone that likes the current item system and to be honest it works, but its just bland. Bland isn’t something I want in an item hunting game.

  15. The main – if not the only – reason they postpone sharing this information lies with the community.
    Lets say every day at work someone tells you: WRONG, YOU SUCK AT THIS, YOU FAIL, FAAAAAIL, LEARN2WORK NOOB, OMG YOU SHOULD BE FIRED… every time you deliver something.. you’ll be hesitating to release something new as well. Due to this attitude I’m sure we won’t hear something until they are as sure as possible its gonne give them credits rather than a flame wave.

    • Well if it was my coworkers i’d go to the labour board. But since its their paying customers they should expect appropriate feedback.

  16. These comments are great it reminds me just a few weeks after the games release when everyone realized how simplistic the rune skills and itemization was. New Legendarys basically only do more damage now like others say there is nothing truly unique about them its just bigger numbers so they can be used in inferno. Everyone I know personally moved on they didn’t wait around, didnt come back for patch 1.04 or 1.05 because they knew it was bullshit – a lot of them went back to WoW, how sad. The D3 devs need to pull their heads out of the sand, do some big sweeping changes and FIX the items and skill systems. It really is annoying that they have not commented on those issues lately, there has been so much backlash about it.

  17. Diablo 3’s community is the worst community I’ve ever come into contact with going off of these comments. So much delusion… it’s almost stereotypical.

  18. That the blog is delayed means nothing at all. Jay promised us that we should have the PvP patch this year so it will be. Jay will never promise us something what he can’t make happen.

    Will there be at least one person who still takes Jay for serious?

  19. Well, Jay says it would be a disaster if the PvP patch doesn’t make it this year.

    What has Diablo 3 been but disastrous?

  20. Fuck your challamnges – we gave you our money! -_-
    Pvp was planned for the release….and now you are making the virgin sad face ?!??!

    Jay…give up and quit your job if you can not stand up to the challanges!

  21. Ah, Funny that a post regarding this delay was just deleted from the official forum, I mean… its big news for the game, it should be discussed there but it seems they are tracking down threads and deleting anything about it, and its all so desperate, its just pathetic.

    They surely cant take the heat anymore, its pretty clear that this game had the wrong design team all along (maybe not for the guys who made the animations and overall asthetics of the game, lets be fair to these ones). I never expected this franchise to have such a huge fall from grace like this, I always imagined that such a strong name would be preserved and the game would thrive, there was no doubt in my mind that such a huge corporation as blizzard would do wrong to such a huge name as the third installment of the franchise Diablo, but I guess I was so very wrong.

    And the Jay needs to stop the attitude of “poor me and my dev team” he better drop it fast because at this point no one will pity them, they had all the time and money in the world to make a simple isometric ARPG to be better than a decade old game, how the hell they failed on that is something that should be put on a book and is a subject to be studied on gamming developing schools.

  22. Hope pvp will never make it into the game. Add more pvm content instead of this useless pvp nonsense.

  23. Srsly, I just don’t understand how they could fuck up with this game. It’s just so many fuck ups in one game. Srsly they could continue the story from right after the end of LoD, but noooooooohhhwwww.. Let’s make a new very weird and annoying story with a lot of new characters and annoying dialogue. FUCK YOU BLIZZARD.

    • This is something that baffles me too. Diablo II laid out such a great foundation to build on, both story- and gameplaywise. The majority of the design decisions seem to be changes for the sake of changes. Sadly for us fans, most of those changes were very poor ones. The story is the biggest culprit here, for me, it irreperably damaged the series. Perhaps, PERHAPS, they’ll manage to fix the itemization someday, bring back more customization and make this game more interesting to play. The story though will for ever be FUBAR.

  24. Well when characters can hit for 20k damage and over 1M damage without changing gear or build, you can bet there will be ‘complications.’ The bonus crit damage system is fundamentally flawed for pvp. You hit for either 1 or 5 damage, nothing between.

    So yeah, I can see that they are having huge problems with pvp, especially since all items have a USD$ sign attached via the rmah.

    • I mean you can hit for 1 or 5 damage with any given skill. Then some skills hit 4x times more. So player damage has extreme variance. I think they will heavily nerf critical damage bonuses in the pvp game, otherwise it will feel way too random.

  25. The problem is that they already have our money and the game is still a poor shadow of what was promised, they haven´t delivered PVP and certainly half of the D3 development team is already working in the expansion.

    I not a harsh guy, but this is unacceptable. And Jay did not live to the expectations we had on him. He should go.

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