We’ve added 7 more DiabloWikiBattle Arena shots from the Blizzcon Press Kit to the PvP gallery. These are in addition to the 8 shots originally posted on Blizzard’s D3 site, and they’re higher image quality (2560×1600 pixels) and they show quite a bit more juicy head-to-head action.

    I like the just-killed, rag-doll tumbling Barb corpse in this one and the Leap Attack PoV of the Barb in this one, but the most interesting is this rare and elusive double-rainbow shot, with a casting orb inside a Slow Time bubble. Orbalicious! Note that DiabloWikiSlow Time really is a bubble; not just a half-circle. The orb extends underground, visible here through the opening in the Arena floor.




    We’ll have a very detailed PvP Hands-On report last this week, just as soon as I finish incorporating all of the screenshots into it. It includes details on all three chars, their skills and equipment, tactics, strengths and weaknesses, teamwork in the Arena, and much more. It’ll be just as good as playing in the Arena yourself! Well, aside from the playing D3 part…

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