PvP Arena Images & More

We mentioned earlier that we would be adding stuff to the Datamining gallery and Risingred got to work and posted some cool stuff into the gallery, including the PvP arenas among other bits and pieces. A word of warning now though, if you do not want to see any spoilers then do NOT click this link to the gallery.

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    3 thoughts on “PvP Arena Images & More

    1. To those trying to remain spoiler-free, would it be possible to post a link to just the PvP arenas (assuming there’s anything there worth looking at).

      • Even posting a link to the arena maps would contain spoilers. I would suggest waiting until you’ve beaten the game. The arena map names contain certain references that would be spoilerish.


    2. I have found something extraordinarily cool: the original start screen for the game, the pre-alpha version they showed at GDC 2012 during the art panel. It’s in the datamining gallery.

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