Put Down D3 and Pick Up Girls

A guy named JT Tran who has built a career as a male dating coach, is planning to attend the Diablo III launch in Irvine to try to convince men not to buy D3 and instead to spend their time/money chasing women. Note that the following is a quote from one of those “submit your own press release” spam sites, which means the guy wrote it himself. It’s still amusing enough to quote from, and thanks to Carlyle for the tip:

<a hrefVideo games are destroying Asian men’s sex lives and relationships with women.

At least that’s the viewpoint of JT Tran, America’s top Asian dating coach. Tran, referred to in TV, newspapers and magazines as “The Asian Playboy”, has taught thousands of men how to reclaim their love lives, but sees modern video games as a plague to their chance of finding happiness.

“While we enjoy the fantasy-reality that these games give us, they keep us from socializing with other people,” Tran said. “I have found this is particularly true for Asian men, especially with regards to the Starcraft and Diablo franchise and it’s stranglehold in the Korean social life.”

I’d never heard of the guy, but he does seem to be a real person who has made this his career; he’s got a wikipedia page and a long list of media appearances at least, though apparently only one change of clothing.

I know nothing of his recommended techniques so I can’t comment on them, and he’s obviously doing this as a publicity stunt, but where’s the logic of his approach? Pretend all Blizzard games vanished from the Earth tomorrow, or even all video games — the men (and women) who enjoy playing them rather than going out in socializing wouldn’t instantly turn into party animals. They’d just find some other hobby or electronic activity to enjoy from the privacy and comfort of their own homes…

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51 thoughts on “Put Down D3 and Pick Up Girls

  1. Time you enjoyed spending was not wasted. Just balance it and please don’t murder people, children.

    • If I go with my wife, will he still encourage me to pick up girls..?
      That would definitely result in some murder.

  2. A friend of mine found his current girlfriend (dutch girl) in a korean online rpg called rappelz. So gaming doesnt necessarily lead to a life without any relationships (with friends or the other sex). Though I have to agree that playing addictive online games like wow, where you have to play non stop to be competative, can harm your social life pretty bad.

    That is why I like Diablo. Start the game, play 30 minutes, quit and you still have probably advanced quite alot in the game (or in the item hunt part of the game). In WoW you need an hour to find a group, wait an hour for the players to gather, then you play through an instanced zone for another hour or two and in the end somejackass ninja loots the dropped loot only your character can use. 3-4 hours for nothing.

  3. picking up girls? ill be lucky to keep the one i already have after launch 😯  

  4. NO idea what RealmSeeker just said…… 
    Like the post said, he’s just a wannabe and doing a publicity stunt. I bet he’s going to the launch to get his dose of Diablo obsession. Such hypocrites.

  5. Everything in moderation is what he said. And I agree. Also about not murdering children. 

  6. Maybe some us make the active choice of playing Diablo 3 instead of getting laid? xD

    • For some people playing D3 instead of getting laid could also be muuuch cheaper 😉

  7. I wonder if my wife agrees that i need to spend more time/money on girls 😯

  8. Yet another moron who makes broad generalisations about people with certain hobbies and thinks he knows what’s more important for them. The technology he uses to propogate his manipulative techniques were created by the very introverts he seeks to change. Nerds run this world!

    • generally i agree ; though i dont see a contradiction in him using modern media in order to reach his target group Oo especially if your target group is on the internet… anyway  stereotypes exist for a reason, i also wouldnt neglect that the social life is different in eastern cultures.

    • What’s really weird/creepy is that he makes it his mission in life to help guys find girls. Seems a bit off to me, going up to someone and trying to hook them up.

      • He doesn’t care about “helping guys”get girls -and he shouldn’t because if there are more virgins and nerds out there that are awkward w/women,then more chicks for him,amirite?- its just ez money and nothing more and he is lobbying for the success of his business(he might even do it without realizing)

  9. If he can’t believe playing games and getting laid is possible, even doing BOTH at the same time, that guy is the worst “coach” ever.

    • +1
      It’s times like this I go “who gives a fuck”. 😛
      Captcha: slippery slope

  10. When girls are as much fun as video games, give me a call. Otherwise, Im alright thanks.

  11. Hmm..I’m intrig!!1

    I wonder what my wife will say though. She probably will not take well to my chasing girls.

    Must not give in! Must like wife! 



  12. Haha, wow male virgin lol
    See google knows !
    Hmmm have some girlfriend thats just going to do my head in “like the last one” or peace and quite with no stress so I can enjoy dem gamez.
    Woman can be a nightmare and sex is overrated, I’ll take D3 thx :mrgreen:

  13. this hot gogo dancer at my work just gave me her number monday….gona call her today..see if she wants luch saturday or friday

  14. This guy is only talking about the fringe crazies, most people are already plenty balanced and know that spending time with real people is important.  I met my fiance through online gaming, and we play games together all the time.  This guy is just looking for free press.

  15. What a coincidence ! On this very same day I plan to go to a swinger party to tell them to stop fu ck ing and play Diablo III instead because socializing with other people is a plague to computer gaming, Dungeon crawling, spending our time as WE want and hoarding ultra phat and awesome loot.

  16. So the reason I am still virgin is because Blizzard…  Who need girl when I can use my hands to play video games and do other things..

  17. i didnt have shivers of hatred for … i dont know how long. but this i quite a shock…
    this world is a joke

  18. This binary world where men can only get laid or play video games interests me..
    To ASIA!

  19. The pro gaming is not the reason why people dont get laid, its just a normal consecuence of spending every single free minute infront of the PC. My gf promised me to give me a blow job while Im playing D3 so lucky me…

  20. this guy doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. crashing the irvine D3 release party? he will be chased out of there with torches and pitchforks. humans reproduce constantly, but there’s only one D3 launch date… and besides that, what kind of straight man would encourage other men to compete with him for girls? something’s off here

    • My thoughts exactly. Of all the opportunities he could have chosen to make his point –– it’s still not too late for him to rethink his strategy and start with a crowd that one could imagine to react somewhat less …uhm… ferocious.

      He can probably call himself lucky if it’s just torches and pitchforks when barbarian cosplayers with Messerschmidt’s Reavers are not only around but also his primary targets.

      I wasn’t interested in the Irvine launch event at first but now I’ll definitely keep an eye out for videos. Should be pure comedy gold seeing this ‘heretic’ being ripped into shreds. :mrgreen:

  21. I understand what this fella’s message is trying to get out, people waste alot of their time staring at a box with shinny pictures and loud noises.  That is pretty much what we are doing and engaging in nothing much else when we play video games or watch some TV.  However the key thing here like with anything in life is MODERATION!  Too many people cant put the controller down similar to a drug addict and waste alot of their time doing nothing more then their own addiction.  Keep an eye out for people like this Tran person because these are the motivated people that get shit banned and regulated, not that I see it being a problem for video games, but in all seriousness there is alot of people that would like to end video games and control peoples lives in a similar fashion with how drugs are illegal even in America.  Once again MODERATION is key and a lesson that most people haven’t grasped.

  22. Uh, has someone ever experienced Baal or Diablo saying “sorry no rush tonite, we suffer horrible headache” ?

  23. MMORPGs (at least the endgame) require life to be scheduled around them, Diablo is pick up and play even in the endgame. What’s the problem?

  24. The fuck is this guy doing telling me what’s productive? If I want to chase women futilely, I’ll do that. If I want instant gratification, Diablo 2 it is. The whole “pickup artist” business is bullshit anyway. Judging by my limited experiences with women, they’re not machines, you can’t just handle them by pressing a few buttons. That’s a pretty misogynistic way of viewing relationships.

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