A guy named JT Tran who has built a career as a male dating coach, is planning to attend the Diablo III launch in Irvine to try to convince men not to buy D3 and instead to spend their time/money chasing women. Note that the following is a quote from one of those “submit your own press release” spam sites, which means the guy wrote it himself. It’s still amusing enough to quote from, and thanks to Carlyle for the tip:

    <a hrefVideo games are destroying Asian men’s sex lives and relationships with women.

    At least that’s the viewpoint of JT Tran, America’s top Asian dating coach. Tran, referred to in TV, newspapers and magazines as “The Asian Playboy”, has taught thousands of men how to reclaim their love lives, but sees modern video games as a plague to their chance of finding happiness.

    “While we enjoy the fantasy-reality that these games give us, they keep us from socializing with other people,” Tran said. “I have found this is particularly true for Asian men, especially with regards to the Starcraft and Diablo franchise and it’s stranglehold in the Korean social life.”

    I’d never heard of the guy, but he does seem to be a real person who has made this his career; he’s got a wikipedia page and a long list of media appearances at least, though apparently only one change of clothing.

    I know nothing of his recommended techniques so I can’t comment on them, and he’s obviously doing this as a publicity stunt, but where’s the logic of his approach? Pretend all Blizzard games vanished from the Earth tomorrow, or even all video games — the men (and women) who enjoy playing them rather than going out in socializing wouldn’t instantly turn into party animals. They’d just find some other hobby or electronic activity to enjoy from the privacy and comfort of their own homes…

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